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Are you having a hard time finding a gift for the little one in your life, but Thanksmas has left your brain in a jumbled mess? 

Or maybe you just need help to maintain your title as the coolest aunt/uncle?

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here are 21 great gift ideas for toddlers to make it look like you never miss a beat. 

1. Mr. and Ms. Food Face Plates

Three plates with faces on them so kids can play with their food.

Mr. or Ms. Food Face Plates from Uncommon Goods are great for toddlers and fun for adults! 

Everyone has to eat, right? 

Even the pickiest eater will enjoy mealtime with these super cool plates that turn mealtime into playtime. 

2. Melissa & Doug Sushi Slicing Wooden Play Food Set

Toy sushi set.

While we are thinking about food, how about this Melissa & Doug Wooden Sushi Set

It’s never too early to introduce them to fine dining and train them to be a great future lunch date. Plus, there’s a personalized version where you can put their name on it for an extra special touch! 

3. Rocket Organic Cotton Pillow

A pillow shaped like a rocket ship.

This Rocket Pillow will help ease your little one into the wonderful realm of deep sleep.

Or at least keep them happy during nap time while Mom has a mimosa. 

4. Personalized Night Before Christmas Book

A customized Nightmare Before Christmas book.

Christmas stories are magical! Personalized Christmas stories like this Night Before Christmas one are even better and make for a great family reading holiday tradition.  

5. FAO Schwarz Wood Castle Blocks

A castle made out of toy blocks.

Upgrade their current blocks with this awesome Wood Castle Block Set

These blocks are the perfect gift to give the little prince or princess in your life. 

6. Converse Beanie & Mitten Set

A red hat and mitten set.

Keep them bundled and stylish with this Converse Beanie & Mitten Set from Nordstrom. 

These are too cute to pass up and available in terra red and navy. 

7. Eco Stars Recycled Crayons

Stars made out of recycled crayons.

Sure all kids have crayons. But not everyone has these stellar Eco Stars Crayons

Bonus points for being made from recycled crayons and handmade in Colorado!

8. Melissa & Doug 20 Wooden Animal Magnets

An assortment of wooden animal magnets.

These Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets will be sure to entertain for hours, and since it comes with a case, you can take them wherever you go. 

Or at least, however long it takes to get dinner made.  

9. 100 First Words for Little Geeks

The book "100 First Words for Little Geeks."

100 First Words for Little Geeks, do I even need to tell you why this is a good idea? 

10. Frozen Holiday Olaf Fairisle Pajama Set

A family in matching pajamas.

These Frozen Olaf Jammies from Target aren’t just for little bodies. 

Buy a set for the whole family and say hello to some quality Christmas morning pictures. 

11. Playskool Sit ‘n Spin

A Playskool Sit n Spin is a great gift for toddlers.

Staying indoors during the winter months can be hard. 

This Playskool Sit ‘n Spin will keep them moving without worrying about wet boots and cold fingers afterward. 

12. Indoor Kid's Tent

A tent designed for kids.

And this Turtleplay Indoor Tent from Macy’s will make it hard to want to go outside. 

Can an adult fit too? 

13. Monster Soaps

Soap with monster faces.

Bathtime is much more fun (and efficient) with these organic Monster Soaps

No more digging around for dropped soap because these spooky monsters are very easy to spot!  

14. Taco Booties

Cute little shoes that look like Tacos.

These Taco Booties are perfect for my fellow taco-loving families. 

And if these don’t fit your little one anymore, I can’t imagine a doll or teddy who wouldn’t love to rock these booties. 

Not restricted to Taco Tuesday, you can rock these all week long!

15. Bundaloo Kids Bowling Set

Bowling pins that look like animals.

Playtime is way more fun when you combine rolling and knocking things over with this Bundaloo Kids Bowling Set

The best part? There are no tiny pieces to keep track of or clean up. 

16. Melissa and Doug Kids' Zoo Friends Hand Puppets Set

A set of hand puppets for toddlers.

These Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets are not only entertaining, but they are easily transportable. 

Just pop them in the diaper bag and make dinner reservations, soccer practice, or holiday concerts a little more manageable.  

17. Baby Signs Board Book

Baby signs book.

This Baby Signs Book by Joy Allen is a must-have for young ones. 

It’s always the right time to work on communication skills.  

18. Little Explorers Activity Set

Little Explorers Activity set.

Adventures don’t just happen outside. 

Load your kiddo up with this Little Explorers Activity Set and show them just how far their imagination can take them. 

19. Penguin Bubble Blower & Fubbles 

A bubble machine that looks like a Penguin.

Bubbles never go out of style or out of season. 

Choose between this Penguin Bubble Blower or spill-proof Fubbles to make indoor playtime just as exciting as outdoor playtime. 

20. ToToys Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop

A magnet board with letters that looks like a laptop.

This ToToys Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop is a better (and quieter) alternative to screen time. 

The laptop kit is complete with a cardboard smartphone, because what toddler can be trusted with the real thing? 

Please note: this product comes with small pieces, so it is not recommended for infants or toddlers who still explore with their mouth.

21. Zoo Ride-On Dog Toy

A scooter that looks like a dog.

This Zoo Ride-On Dog Toy grows with your child and has a light-up headlight and makes 5 different sounds. 

It’s sure to be a favorite long after Christmas is over. 

Ultimately, whatever is exciting to you is exciting to your toddler. 

And quality time is the best time. So pick out something you can enjoy together and make some great holiday memories. 

Just be sure to order soon, so it makes it under the tree in time.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping! 

20 Best Gifts for Toddlers this Christmas: 

  1. Mr. Food Face Plate & Ms. Food Face Plate 
  2. Melissa & Doug Sushi Slicing 
  3. Rocket Pillow 
  4. Personalized Night Before Christmas Book
  5. Wood Castle Block Set
  6. Converse Beanie & Mitten Set
  7. Eco Stars Crayons
  8. Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets
  9. 100 First Words for Little Geeks
  10. Frozen Olaf Jammies
  11. Playskool Sit ‘n Spin 
  12. Turtleplay Indoor Tent
  13. Monster Soaps
  14. Taco Booties
  15. Bundaloo Kids Bowling Set
  16. Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets 
  17. Baby Signs Book
  18. Little Explorers Activity Set
  19. Penguin Bubble Blower or Fubbles 
  20. Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop
  21. Zoo Ride-On Dog Toy 
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Dec 19, 2019
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