Our 11 Favorite Kid Toys From Uncommon Goods [Buyer’s Guide]

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What makes a kid’s great toy?

Is it one that inspires free, imaginative play, or one builds beneficial skills through discovery and curiosity? With toys from Uncommon Goods, you can have both.

Uncommon Goods is known for escaping ordinary and providing its customers with one-of-a-kind, unique finds you used to only be able to find in a boutique store. Luckily, for the kiddos, they carry this tradition right into their toy selections.

How to Choose a Toy?

Whether you’re picking a new plaything for your own offspring or buying a gift for someone else’s, it can be challenging to find the perfect toy in an endless sea of options.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) suggests that toys should match the child’s developmental stage and emerging abilities, which might not match the recommendation of a specific toy.

In young children, it comes down to keeping frustration minimal but still challenging their abilities. As they get older, there is more capacity to deal with challenges, and toys will become more sophisticated.

So, if you’re looking for more than the plastic and primary color nightmare of your average kid’s toys, may we present to you our 11 favorite uncommon toys from Uncommon Goods.

Wee Babes (Ages 0-12 Months)

With so many changes in that first year of life, toys that can grow with an infant are ideal. Pro Tip: it’s all going into their mouth, so make sure it’s washable and can’t pose a choking hazard.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Start your little scientist early with building blocks depicting the building blocks of life. This set includes all 118 elements found on the periodic table on 20 brightly colored blocks.

Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate

With adorable faces and soft organic cotton bodies, not only will your baby love the teething relief, they are making a positive association with vegetables at the same time.

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Toddling Toddlers (Ages 1-3 Years)

What a magical age the toddler years can be. Between meltdowns and tantrums, you need to use your imagination and creativity to keep them occupied.

Little Patient

Erwin or Rosi show your child that inside we are all the same. The Little Patient doll has six removable essential organs that sit on top of an embroidered skeleton for a quick and age-appropriate anatomy lesson.

Eco Stars Recycled Crayons

These recycled crayons are handmade in Colorado from the discarded ends of crayons gathered from across the country. Truly an inspiration for your budding Picasso, Maker LuAnn Foty says it’s the ends of the crayons that hold all the magic, making these crayons extra special.

Preschool? Still Cool (Ages 3-5)

Preschool-aged children are like little tiny scientists experimenting and working out problem-solving skills, all while asking you seven billion questions on repeat from sun up until sundown. They are curious about everything around them and want to explore their world in new and exciting ways.

Bedtime Sensor Sleep Pal

This is so not your average nightlight. The adorable dragon or unicorn’s horn lights up with a sensor to help your little one feel secure and makes the perfect companion for those late-night bathroom trips.

Glowing Bath Time Cubes & Mythical Creature Magic Bath Fizzies

Perfect for the kids that don’t want to take a bath anymore, the Glowing Bath Time Cubes light up when placed into bath water, throwing colors all around the tub. Rubber Ducky will think he went to a rave.

The Mythical Creature Magic Bath Fizzies dissolve into a mythical surprise just for your little one. Read the accompanying bedtime story featuring the new creature you’ve discovered before they drift off the sleep for a magical bedtime routine.

World Map Coloring Tablecloth

The whole family can enjoy the fun of coloring the wonders of the world every time they sit down at the table. This tablecloth is 100% cotton and 100% awesome. Bonus? Wash in warm water, and the ten included pens will completely wash out so you can start again.

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Tweens & Pre-Tweens (Ages 6-12)

They go to bed six and wake up 16. Engage your tween and pre-tween with an activity you can do together.

Video Game Creation Kit

Create real, playable video games with no coding skills required. Just use the specifically colored pens for each section of your level, photograph using the iPad App, and watch your game come to life. It can even be shared and played on social media.

Build Your Own Robot Kit

Kids can start by following the detailed instructions to build three different robots with each kit. Then, add other upcycled parts for a custom experience.

Global Adventure Cooking Kit

Turn dinner into an adventure with the Global Adventure Cooking Kit, each country-specific kit includes, “a country flag pin, collectible utensil, and a foodie passport with stickers to help kids commemorate each culture your family has explored, as well as shopping lists, key ingredients, and recipes for three family-sized meals (with vegetarian options).”

What time should we be over for dinner?

Not Toys, Still Needful

Okay, so these are totally not toys. But here’s the thing, Uncommon Goods is full of great items for kids that aren’t quite toys, but still totally worth a look at and can make seriously great gifts. Besides, kids do need more than toys.

Kids’ Sleep Training Alarm Clock

As one of our team members reported, this clock actually saved her life and broke her toddlers maddening 3 am wake schedule.  This adorable robot look-a-like and encourages your child to find a sleep rhythm set on your schedule with a series of colored lights and a friendly face showing time for sleep and time for waking.

While this is currently back ordered, it is worth the wait until July 2020.

Little Kitchen Helper

If you have a budding home chef on your hands, you can be sure no ”toy” cooking set is going to satisfy them. This set includes a knife, finger guard and peeler so your little one can actually help with the dinner prep.

Burrito Baby

If you have ever swaddled a baby, you know what’s up. Take the burrito to a whole new level with this breathable tortilla wrap and cap. Instagram will thank you.

Whatever the reason you find yourself shopping for toys, Uncommon Goods is the place for the most exciting items you can be sure they don’t already have at home. From newborns to teens, there’s a unique toy you can find for all ages.

These toys will also make the parents happy, which is a win-win.

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