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The 40 Best Bodyweight Exercises [For All Fitness Levels]

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Who says you need to run on a treadmill or lift heavy weights to get your workout in? There are numerous ways to challenge your body and build strength muscularly and cardiovascularly with just your body itself. 

After all, your body isn’t exactly light. Here are the 40 best bodyweight exercises you can start today. 

Bodyweight Exercises to Build Muscular Strength


  1. Squat (modification: box squat)
  2. Forward Lunge (modification: reverse lunge, stationary lunge)
  3. Pistol Squat (modification: single leg box squat)
  4. Single-Leg Deadlift (modification: staggered stance deadlift)
  5. Step-Ups (modification: use a step lower in height)
  6. Lateral Step Ups (modification: use a step lower in height)
  7. Wall Sit
  8. Sumo Squat
  9. Lateral Lunge (modification: stationary lateral lunge)
  10. Curtsy Lunge
  11. Hip Bridge
  12.  Single-Leg Hip Bridge


  1.  Push Up (modification: elevated push-up, knee push-up)
  2. T-Push Up (modification: drop knees to floor)
  3. Plank Commando (modification: drop knees to floor)
  4. Lateral Plank Walk (modification: hold plank + tap shoulders)
  5. Down Dog Push Up
  6. Hand Release Tricep Push Up (modification: drop knees to floor)
  7. Tricep Dips (modification: bend knees, draw feet closer to hips)
  8. Dolphin Push Up
  9. Bear Crawl
  10. Plank Toe Touch
  11. Plank Corkscrew

Workout Idea: Choose 4-6 exercises from the lower body and/or upper body lists above. Perform 10-15 repetitions of each—complete 3-5 rounds. 

Bodyweight Exercises to Build Cardiovascular Strength


  1. Squat Jump (modification: no jump, lift heels instead)
  2. Lunge Jump (modification: alternate reverse lunge)
  3. Sumo Squat Jack (modification: no jump, step out side to side into squat)
  4. Burpee (modification: remove the push; remove the jumps)
  5. Skater Jump (modification: no jump, step side to side)
  6. Fast Feet to Tuck Jump
  7. Mountain Climber (modification: slow down, march knees to chest)
  8. Runner’s Skip (modification: don’t step back as far in lunge, remove jump)
  9. Donkey Kick (modification: make the jump smaller)
  10. Jumping Jacks
  11. In-Out Squat Jump (modification: no jump, step out and in)
  12. Plank Jacks (modification: no jump, step out side to side)
  13. Pike Hops (modification: no jump, walk feet forward and back)
  14. High Knees (modification: march knees to chest)
  15. Forward Jump (jog back)
  16. 180 Squat Jumps
  17. Side Shuffle

Workout Idea: Choose 4-6 exercises from the list above. Perform each for 30 seconds, resting for 15 seconds in between each exercise. Complete 3-5 rounds.


Whew! What a line-up. If you aren’t already aware, you will soon realize, it takes loads of effort, strength and endurance to move your body without equipment. 

Enjoy these 40 exercises and have fun changing up your workouts with you, yourself and your body.

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