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14 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas [That The Bride Will Love]

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When you receive an invitation to a bridal shower, you instantly know three things.

One, you’ll probably be spending a Sunday afternoon in a room full of (mostly) women. 

Two, you’ll need a cute outfit because there will definitely be some photo ops. 

And three, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift.

Don’t want to buy something off the couple’s registry? 

If you want to go rogue and choose your own gift, we’ve put together a list of bridal shower gift ideas that any soon-to-be-wed couple will love!

When in Doubt, Follow the Registry

Couples register for gifts that they really want, especially if they already live together and have most of what they need. If it’s on the registry, it’s a no-brainer – you know they’ll love it. So if you don’t know the couple all that well, sticking to the registry is a safe bet.

On the other hand, if you do know them well, feel free to buy them anything you want!

If you intend to buy a gift from the registry, decide on your budget before you look at their wish list. If everything they’re requesting costs more than you want to spend, it’s perfectly okay to choose your own gift.

On the flip side, you might find that the registry is full of small, inexpensive items. (Some couples actually feel bad about registering for things that are on the expensive side). 

In that case, you may want to get them an assortment of a lot of inexpensive things. Or, you can toss the registry aside and buy them one big gift that costs within your budget.

Either way, the gift you choose should be a thoughtful one.

Don’t Forget About the Groom

The bridal shower is not all about the bride – it’s about gifting the COUPLE things they need and want to incorporate into the home they’ll share together. So please, don’t overlook the groom. 

Sure, the mother of the bride or the maid of honor may gift the bride with lingerie for the honeymoon or a special keepsake for her wedding day. But for the most part, gifts should be bought with the couple in mind.

If you’re going to choose your own present, here are 14 bridal shower gifts that any couple is sure to love!

Tumi Passport Cases

Get them something they can use on their honeymoon and for a lifetime – a set of coordinating Tumi passport cases.

Tumi travel accessories are timeless and stylish, and they’re made from durable and luxurious leather. They’re understated, they’re chic, and they’re easy to coordinate with any type of luggage or tote bag. 

They’re perfect for any couple, whether they travel on occasion or jet-set around the world regularly.

Custom Map Serving Tray

Do you know where they met? Do you want to commemorate where they’re getting married? 

A custom map serving tray can be personalized to highlight any intersection in any town in any part of the world.

Just let the artist know what intersection you want to highlight and they’ll customize a map that includes that location as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

Crafted from mango wood, this tray serves two versatile purposes. It can be used to serve snacks and beverages or used as a catchall to hold things like phones, wallets, and keys.

Jonathan Adler Canisters

Jonathan Adler is known for his modern, chic and unexpected decorative items. And his current collection of canisters is a great representation of his unique aesthetic. 

Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, Jonathan Adler canisters add major attitude to any home.

Whether you buy one or splurge on a collection of coordinating designs, they’re perfect for the couple that has a sense of humor and a bold sense of style.

Georg Jensen Barware Set

Georg Jensen makes some of the coolest barware, flatware, and glassware on earth. If your couple has a chic and elegant sense of style, they’ll love this set for entertaining, if they don’t like to drink themselves.

This bar set includes a cocktail shaker, a jigger for measuring the right amount of liquor, and a stirring spoon. In mirror polished stainless steel, it will turn any bar cart or serving table into the most stylish area of the home.

GoPro Hero 7

If the happy couple is the adventurous type, you can be sure they’ll be excited to get the GoPro Hero 7 camera. Rugged and waterproof, this camera is perfect for the couple who wants to document their adventurous life together.

They can live stream their next surfing adventure. They can record themselves snorkeling. They can capture the thrill of their first white water rafting experience together.

Whatever they like to do outdoors, this camera is THE best way to record moments, create time-lapse videos, and take amazing photos.

Velvet Ring Box

This is the one gift on this list that’s strictly for the bride, and that’s because we know she’ll need it, and we know she’ll love it. If she decides not to wear her engagement ring when she walks down the aisle, she’ll need somewhere to put it!

The Mrs. Box Velvet Ring Box comes in a variety of pretty colors and offers vintage-inspired beauty in a small square shape with a removable lid.

It’s a great gift, but only if the bride is someone you’re really close to, like a sister, a daughter, or a best friend. 


We can think of a million things that a newlywed couple will want to do together – and cleaning the house surely isn’t one of them. 

If they don’t already have a Roomba, this is THE perfect bridal shower gift. Not only will it get used on a regular basis, but it will free up time so they can focus on enjoying their days and nights as a newly married duo.

iRobot vacuums can cost several hundred dollars, but the 600 series starts at just $249. It can clean multiple surfaces, including carpet, wood, and tile, so all they’ll have to do is push the button and let it do its job.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

The Le Creuset Dutch Oven is the kind of gift that they’ll use tomorrow, next year and forever. 

Available in tons of cool colors, this cast iron pot is a favorite among home cooks and professional chefs all around the world. 

It comes in a variety of sizes and it’s safe for use on the stovetop and in the oven, making it a versatile (and super stylish) addition to any couple’s kitchen.

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheets

Brooklinen makes a range of sheets and sheet sets, all of which have rave reviews, but their Luxe Sateen Sheets are their number one bestseller. 

Super soft in smooth cotton sateen, these are the kind of sheets that make you long for the moment when you can crawl into bed at the end of the day. 

Give these to a newlywed couple and you can be sure they’ll spend some extra-long and lazy Sunday mornings in bed!

Faux Fur Throw

Ultra-plush, super soft and oh-so-cozy, the Faux Fur Alpaca Throw from Pottery Barn is the ultimate way to cuddle up with a loved one. 

The happy couple can get cozy on the couch while they’re watching a movie or use it as an extra layer on their bed on extra-chilly winter nights. It has a chic and luxurious feel, perfect for the couple who wants to rest and relax in total style. 

This blanket is made from sustainably sourced materials that make it healthy and safe for the environment, so it’s a gift that you can feel good about giving for several reasons!

Kate Spade Wedding Photo Frame

Aptly named the “take the cake picture frame,” this Kate Spade frame is a great way to display a special photo from the wedding day. With a polished finish and enamel blue trim, this silver-plated frame boasts a chic look with a small engraving that reads “happily ever after.”

The look is clean, modern, and timeless, making it easy to hang on any wall or prop up on any shelf in any room, regardless of the type of décor.

Smeg Toaster

A toaster is pretty much the most traditional bridal shower gift you could ever give a couple. 

But the Smeg toaster is anything but expected. This retro ’50’s-inspired toaster features wide slots to fit four slices of bread, so the happy couple and cook and eat their breakfast at the same time.

The Smeg toaster comes in all sorts of cool, neutral hues and retro colors and it’s part of an entire collection of countertop appliances. 

Make your gift even more amazing by adding a matching tea kettle, mixer, blender or juicer! 

His & Hers Robes

Who doesn’t love a cozy, fluffy bathrobe? The answer is no one. 

And as practical and useful as this gift may be, what’s really special about this set is that it can be customized with a special monogram on the back.

Mr. and Mrs. His and Hers. King and Queen. You can choose from a variety of classic or quirky names and words to put on the back, making this gift as fun as it is functional from Wrapped in a Cloud.

An Experience

A bridal shower isn’t the best time to give a gift card – unless the gift card is for an amazing experience.

Not sure what to give the happy couple? Instead of champagne flutes, cookware, or whatever else is on their registry, give them the gift of an experience.

Do they like to cook or do they need to learn how? Give them a gift card for a local cooking class. Do they love going to concerts and festivals? They’ll surely love a gift card to Ticketmaster or Live Nation.

If they like to travel on the weekends, an Airbnb or VRBO gift card might be just what they need! Want to keep the honeymoon going even when they get back? A gift card for a couples massage at a local spa is always a welcome idea.

Think about the things they like to do or the things that might enjoy doing together for the first time. The actual gift won’t be the gift card – it will be the memory of the experience they get to enjoy together.

Tips for How to Pick a Great Bridal Shower Gift

Ready to start shopping? 

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when looking for a great bridal shower gift.

Save the gifts on the registry for people that don’t know the couple all that well. If you’re really close with them, step out and show them that you were able to pick out an amazing gift that you knew they would love!

Just because you don’t buy a gift from the registry doesn’t mean you can’t use the registry as a way to gauge their sense of style. Look at what they registered for to get a sense of the colors and styles they plan to decorate with. 

Don’t ignore the groom! The bridal shower is for both of them. Except for a few special items that a mom or a best friend might buy the bride, buy a gift with the couple in mind.

Always include a gift receipt, just in case. Someone else might come up with the same amazing gift idea as you … and regardless of how great it is, they probably won’t need doubles.

What are the Best Bridal Shower Gifts?

The best bridal shower gifts can be anything that the couple registers for or anything that you know they would love. If you’re really stuck on a gift idea, there’s one we didn’t include above that never disappoints: towels.

It may not be that unique, that unexpected, or even that personal. But when in doubt, a set of fluffy and luxurious white bath towels always makes for a great gift!

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