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When decorating a new home, it’s so easy to underestimate the cost of home decor. 

Those throw pillows on the couch? Easily $30 or $40 each. The cute knick-knacks on the coffee table? They can add up to $50 or $100. And then the picture frames on the walls? That’s an entirely separate cost from just getting your photos printed and shipped to your home. 

An array of picture frames or even a gallery wall can add life and a personal touch to your home, but you don't want to break your home decor budget by purchasing expensive picture frames at high-end prices. 

Here are 21 places online to find a picture frame (or a few!) for a budget-friendly cost.

1. Walmart 

Walmart Picture Frames

Walmart offers a ton of picture frames on its retail website. Whether you’re looking for a frame set, tabletop frames, collage frames or just about any picture frame you can think up — you can find it here. 

Many of Walmart’s picture frames are simple, but if you aren’t looking for anything particularly fancy, that’ll suit you best. Many are just a few dollars each. 

You can find cheap, black picture frames in various sizes, from 5X7 to 8X10 picture frames; they've got it all whether you want something to hold a tabletop photo or a large poster from a memorable event.

2. Wayfair 

Wayfair picture frames

If you want something a little more upscale, but still relatively affordable, you might want to check out the picture frame selection over at Wayfair. 

You can find classy, tabletop frames with large borders and matte backgrounds starting at as little as $15 per picture frame, but you can also find larger sizes and even picture frame sets to outfit an entire gallery wall, with frames in multiple sizes and shapes. 

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3. Framebridge

Do you need a custom picture frame? 

Maybe you have a photo or other item (even ephemera, if you’re into hanging interesting pieces of your life on your walls) that just doesn’t seem to work with any of the frames you find in the store or online. You’ve even gone to local framing shops, but the options seem way out of your price range.

Enter Framebridge. This online retailer offers custom framing services for just about everything, beyond photos and artwork to items for shadow boxes. If it can fit in a box up to 3/8 inches deep and 32x40 inches, then Framebridge has a frame for you. 

You can choose to order your frame right away, or you can ship your item to be framed straight to Framebridge; they’ll frame it for you, and then they’ll ship it back, ready to hang. 

The best part? These specialty frames start at as little as just $40.

4. Anthropologie

Anthropologie frames

Okay, okay. So, Anthropologie isn’t exactly known as being a budget-friendly retailer. However, give their home decor section a look every once in a while and keep your eyes peeled for good deals on picture frames. 

The store really has some interesting and unique options that you won’t find elsewhere. For example, try this frame set with its transparent backing and gold border. This is not your standard frame set, and is a perfect solution for not only photos but any flat item you want to show off, from pressed flowers to postcards. 

A similar tabletop option is available, too, for a more affordable price. 

5. Amazon

Amazon picture frames

Why wasn’t Amazon the first place you looked for a cheap picture frame? 

Amazon offers tons of picture frames in every size, configuration and color. Tabletop to gallery wall, frame set to standard cheap and black, you’ll find it all on Amazon. 

However, just note, that some of Amazon’s photo frames are cheap for a reason. They’re just not great quality. Some are flimsy and weak, made of brittle plastic and thin cardboard. 

As you likely would with any Amazon purchase, read the reviews before making your final decision. You want to ensure that your cheap picture frame purchase is actually a good deal. 

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6. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters picture frames

More known for its clothing, Urban Outfitters also offers some cool and unique home decor items, similar to what you might find at Anthropologie, but often for a much lower price. 

In addition to traditional, gallery wall, tabletop and standard photo frames, Urban Outfitters also offers some non-traditional ways to display your photos, such as dowel hangers for large prints, wooden clip print hangers and whimsical photo stands perfect for the desktop. 

7. Michaels

Michaels mini picture frame

While Michaels might be more well known for its craft goods, the retailer also offers a wide selection of decor items, including frames. 

Find wall frames, poster frames, tabletop frames, frame collections, shadow boxes and display cases and more. If you can frame it, you can probably find it at Michaels. 

Plus, if you go into a physical retail location versus just shopping around online, one of the associates can likely help you pick the best frame for your budget (and some locations additionally have framing professionals on-site to frame your most valued items for you, whether that’s a piece of memorabilia or favorited piece of art). 

Frames start at as little as $12. 

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8. Shutterfly

Shutterfly picture frame

Did you know that you can just streamline your photoshopping experience and purchase your frames from Shutterfly when you order your photo prints?

The price point is a little higher, with most options around the $50 mark, but you get a unique print with your photos, framed and shipped to your house, ready to hang, which some shoppers might like just because of the convenience. 

Of course, Shutterfly also offers your photos in a variety of other formats, in case you want to go beyond a simple frame. 

You can have your favorite photos printed on your throw pillows, throw blankets, tea towels, calendars and more. 

9. H&M

H&M picture frame

H&M is known for its super-cheap fast fashion, but what about home decor? Turns out the retailer also offers home furnishings for super-cheap as well, for just about every room in your house.

Check out the selection of affordable picture frames, all under $20. 

10. Snapfish

Snapfish picture frame

Snapfish is an alternative to Shutterfly, offering you the ability to order your prints and your frames at once. 

You’ll find a varied selection at Snapfish, from your plain, black tabletop frames to gallery-style frames with fancy matte backgrounds, suitable as a focal point for any well-designed space. 

11. Overstock

Overstock picture frames

You can find a huge selection of frames on Overstock, with something for every style and every budget. From gallery wall sets to unique tabletop options, there’s a little bit of everything. 

The value really varies, though. Some items aren’t a spectacular deal, while others are. In general, though, you can find the best discounts for large, poster-size frames. 

12. Etsy 

Etsy picture frames

Etsy is THE place to go for unique finds for any budget. While you may think of Etsy as more of a place to shop for unique gifts or crafts, the online marketplace also boasts a large array of home goods, including picture frames. 

From customized to classic, you can find a little bit of it all on Etsy, with many options under $15. 

13. Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is another place to find affordable, gallery-style frames. You can buy your prints and your frames simultaneously with Artifact Uprising, and the fun doesn’t stop there. 

Artifact Uprising also offers unique photo display options, such as photo display blocks, wooden calendar displays and more. 

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14. Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market picture frames

Find unique, cheap frames at Cost Plus World Market. This online retailer is the place to go for a cheap frame set, with multiple options for a number of frames and frame sizes within a set. You can find sets starting at just $5. 

There are also unique photo display options available beyond traditional frames, such as gallery wall clips and wire photo displays.

15. CB2

CB2 picture frames

If it’s gallery-style frames you’re after, then CB2 is the place to go. While the prices you might pay at CB2 are certainly higher than what you’ll get at Walmart or Target, you’re paying for quality, and you’re getting a pretty good deal on that quality.

Frames start at $40, but they truly turn your photographs into artwork suitable for any setting.

16. T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx wood picture frame

Consider yourself a “Maxxanista”? Then you already know T.J. Maxx is the place to go for great, cheap finds, from fashion to, yes, frames. But did you know that you can buy a lot of T.J. Maxx items online without ever setting foot in the store?

Check out T.J. Maxx’s photo frames that are available for online purchase, and save as much as 50% on some options.

And, just like with all of T.J. Maxx’s products, the online home decor selection rotates regularly, so you can always find something new. 

17. Minted

Minted picture frame

Minted offers beautiful artwork, but also a small selection of picture frames. The high-quality options are meant to display only your finest moments and come with luxurious finishes such as brass, copper and leather. 

Compared to some other luxury picture frame options, the Minted collection is relatively affordable, at around $30 per tabletop frame. 

18. Pier 1

Pier 1 Dog picture frame

With Pier 1 locations shuttering around the nation, now’s the time to take advantage of reduced prices. You can find Pier 1 frames starting at just $6 online.

Many of the frames available have some sort of extra messaging on the frame itself, to match your displayed photo, such as a poem about motherhood or a cute saying about friendship. 

19. Target

Target wood and metal picture frame

Target is a fantastic cheap option, because the retailer offers a level of quality just a hair over what you’ll find at Walmart, but still at a great price. 

Plus, you’re already probably buying a good deal of stuff at Target anyway, so why not just add some photo frames to your online shopping cart while you’re at it?

Find frames starting at as little as $3.

Most of Target’s frames are on the simple side, with a black, gold, white or faux wood border, but if it’s simple you want, you’ll have no problem with these minimalistic options.

20. West Elm

West Elm Picture Frames

West Elm falls under the same umbrella as such favorited brands as Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, so if you like shopping with either of those two brands, then you’ll probably enjoy the West Elm experience, too.

When it comes to picture frame shopping, West Elm offers a little bit of everything, from cheap, minimalistic options, to more decorative and eye-catching selections. While the prices can get up there for certain items, you can also find frames with reasonable sale and clearance prices.

If you’re not in dire need of a picture frame right this second, then West Elm is a good site to keep on your radar and check back in with every once in a while, to see if they’ve added a new sale item to their selection. You never know when you’ll find the perfect picture frame for the perfect price.

21. Ikea

Ikea Pictures

Ikea truly does have it all. 

The picture and photo frame selection is wide, ranging from traditional designs to more modern selections, with large frame sets that can hold up to eight photos. You can find frames in a bunch of different colors, too, from classic black and white to more vibrant hues. 

One of the favorited Ikea frame lines is the RIBBA series, which are minimalistic in nature and feature a small black or white border around a white matte background. They’re only $8 per 12x16 inch frame. 

Discover the Perfect Picture Frame for Your Space

Whether you need a photo frame for your living room tabletop, a gallery wall to hang in your hallway or just a cheap black frame set to round off your home decor, you can find exactly what you need — on a budget — at any of these 21 affordable frames online and in-person retailers. 

From wood picture frames to acrylic picture frames and collage picture frames, your wall art, entryway or tabletop can be elevated without a hefty price tag. 

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21 places to find cheap picture frames: 

  1. Walmart 
  2. Wayfair 
  3. Framebridge
  4. Anthropologie
  5. Amazon
  6. Urban Outfitters
  7. Michaels
  8. Shutterfly
  9. H&M
  10. Snapfish
  11. Overstock
  12. Etsy 
  13.  Artifact Uprising
  14. Cost Plus World Market
  15. CB2
  16. T.J. Maxx
  17. Minted
  18. Pier 1
  19. Target
  20. West Elm
  21. Ikea
No items found.
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