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When I Started Doing These 3 Things Daily, My Whole World Changed

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Like you, we get the “Sunday Scaries,” play the comparison game on social media and struggle to juggle all the various hats we wear.

It appears most of us have accepted a default setting, relying on external validation. We want recognition for our hard work, likes on social media and prove to the world that we can do it all.

The problem with focusing on these outside factors is that our happiness and worth lies in someone else’s hands. The fact of the matter is, you can’t control anyone else’s thoughts or actions but your own.

Read that again – you can only control your own thoughts and actions.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Life moves fast, and our to-do lists are never-ending. But remember that your time is fleeting, valuable, and deserves to be spent mindfully. Making time to slow down and tune in has a significant impact on your wellbeing.

It allows you to fuel yourself with love and positivity (rather than on coffee and chaos), and it can change your entire worldview!

What if we told you that three daily actions could create space for more joy and direction in your everyday life?

Yep, only three things!

If you’re like most humans, you are likely already thinking you don’t have time for more daily to-dos. To that, we kindly remind you that these everyday actions are non-negotiable.

If you make time for them daily, you will gain clarity, shift your priorities and no longer feel like you are drowning.

Is that worth it to you?

Daily Action #1: Word Vomit for 5

This is the action that we were most reluctant to start but has had the greatest impact on our lives.

Sit down with a pen and paper, the notes app on your phone, or hop on to Penzu (an online journaling site) and write for 5 minutes – no filter, no judgment.

This may feel super foreign at first, and you may be at a total loss for words.

This is a very normal feeling.

The most natural prompt to get you going is to reflect on the question, “How am I doing?”

Every day different things arise that may help you build-up stress, emotion or resistance in your life. The deeper you go and the more time you spend, the more a-ha moments you will have.

This has been our experience, at least.

Yes, you can find 5 minutes during any part of the day. But, we suggest you do it first thing in the morning before you look at your phone or consume any outside information.

Journaling is a great tool to work out personal problems.

Take time to reflect on situations in a way that may not come naturally to you in daily thought and even a way to open channels of creativity.

Word vomit writing offers a way to clarify what is happening in your brain and enables you to work through (or let go of) things to continue moving forward!

Daily Action #2: Identify the Highs 

Your brain is capable of rewiring and learning new ways to function. This is epic.

Practicing gratitude is the simplest way to change your mind. It supports your mental health and changes your worldview.

Identify three things that you are grateful for every day. 

We like to do this throughout the day, but it may be easiest to designate a time at the end of your day. Take this time to reflect on everything good that happened over the last 24 hours.

Share your highs around the dinner table. Make a growing gratitude list on your phone or notepad beside your bed. We challenge you never to repeat any of them. Instead, identify different things every single day that went well felt good or made you happy.

You may always feel grateful for your significant other, child or home. But the more specific your gratitude moments are, the more impact they have on your brain.

Recognize your gratitude for a hot cup of coffee. Celebrate not being late to a meeting, the sun peeking out, a phone call with a friend, dark chocolate — identifying these grateful moments trains your brain how to process your world in a new way, with new rose-colored lenses.

The more you acknowledge the good in your day, the more you will continue to see the good.

Wins all around!

This daily activity will help you shift your mindset from “I have to” to “I get to.”

After all, some people would do anything for the life that you have. Don’t let your busyness take away the joys every day holds.

Daily Action #3: Water Yourself

You are basically a plant, after all – with more complicated emotions!

Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every single day. If you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water. If you weigh 210 pounds, drink 105 ounces of water. Okay, you get it, but why is it so important?

Water makes up the majority of your body.

It lubricates your joints, aids in digestion, improves your brain function and focus and flushes out toxins. It also keeps your skin plump and hangovers less jarring in case these facts are more convincing for you.

Have you ever had brain fog? Ever felt bloated? How about achy or low energy?

Drinking more water can minimize these, if not remove them altogether.

How can you function at your best if you don’t give your body enough of the one thing that your body uses for, well, everything?

Go on – drink up, buttercup.

We hope you feel inspired to try these simple daily actions that have the potential for a significant impact on your life.

It is time to stop chasing life without direction. We’re cheering you on as you discover the sweet spot in slowing down and soaking in the present moment.


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