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It’s freezing out!  You bundle up before heading out, but your four-legged best friend is hopping at the door, ready to go. Should you bundle him up too? He has all that fur, does he really need a coat?

The answer depends on what type of dog you have and how long they will be exposed to the freezing air. Some dogs are more fragile in cold weather than others. Some dogs, such as German Shepherds, Retrievers, Pomeranians, and Huskies, have a warm, soft undercoat that serves as an added layer of protection. But others such as Poodles and Terriers do not. 

It’s hard to believe, but just like humans, dogs can get hypothermia. The cold weather can be particularly tricky for smaller breed dogs. However, any dog that’s outside for extended periods in the extreme weather should be watched carefully for signs of hypothermia.

Signs of hypothermia include shivering, cold ears and feet, rapid breathing, increase in urination and hair standing on ends. If your dog is showing these symptoms bring them inside and dry off their paws and bundle them up. Let them get warmed up. 

If your dog isn’t getting better, call your vet immediately.

So even though you may laugh at those people who put their dogs in froo-froo frilly sweaters in the winter, they may actually be onto something. 

Here are our recommendations for coats your dog will love when it’s cold out.

Your Hunter Wanna Be Dog

A dog in a plaid coat.

There’s nothing froo-froo about this jacket. This British Style Plaid Dog Vest Jacket is adorable, but sporty at the same time. It's water and windproof, so your dog will be protected in the next blizzard. 

She will be comfortable too. It has a soft fleece lining with a fitted belly area that covers the whole belly to protect from those muddy splashes that always seem to get right up in there. The jacket is secured and adjusted with velcro at the neck and belly. 

This jacket comes in a variety of colors and sizes for any dog, whether large or small. it's reversible, too, for those times when Fido just really wants a different look.

Your Puddle Jumper Dog

A small dog in a red rain coat.

Does your dog love jumping and playing in the rain? 

It may be fun for him, but not so much fun for you when you are toweling him off and mopping all the mud off the floor. The Good2Go Reversible Dog Raincoat is a stylish, water-resistant raincoat that will protect your dog and your home from the dampness and brighten up any rainy day. 

The raincoat can accommodate large or small dogs and fastens securely with velcro. If the cute hood isn’t his thing, you can snap it in place and out of the way. The reflective details are great for visibility in the evenings for those after-dinner walks.

Your Running Wild Dog

A wiener dog in a camouflage coat.

The second your dog gets out that door; she is off. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with her. 

Many dog owners prefer to use harnesses when walking their dogs to eliminate the choking and wheezing from all the tugging and pulling on the collar. The downside to using a harness with a jacket is the leash attachment doesn’t always line up well with the slot that is provided in the jacket. 

The Mountaineer Harness Dog Coat by Puppia has a great solution for that. The harness is actually built into the coat. 

No need for a separate harness!

Just in case your speedster pup manages to take off without you and leave you in the dust, it also is fitted with a Puppia Smart Tag. The tag uses a QR code to provide your pet's information to anyone that finds her.

This jacket is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. The harness jacket is waterproof and has a sturdy zipper closure, so it’s guaranteed to stay in place to keep your pup safe and warm. 

Your Practical Dog

A small white dog in a padded white vest.

Your dog isn’t impressed by fancy outfits or gadgets; he just wants to stay warm. Our friends at Gooby make all kinds of wonderful dog jackets and harnesses, but this  Zip Up Padded Vest is our favorite practical winter jacket for small to medium dogs.  

Instead of velcro, which sometimes can get loose when your dog is frolicking in the snow, it stays secure with a zipper closure. The handy D rings for the leash attachment solves the harness issue as well.

The vest is water-resistant to repel the snow and rain and comes in tons of colors. It's cut at an angle that will keep it away from your dog’s business, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it getting that sort of mess on it. But, if it gets muddy, you can just throw it in the washing machine. 

This is a jacket that you will love as much as your dog does.

Your Adventure Seeking Dog

A mountain dog with a big red coat.

The Hurtta’s Expedition Dog Parka is made for the dog that is always exploring. If you take her out for hikes or long walks through the park, through puddles, or maybe even through the stream, then this is the jacket for her. It's available in larger sizes so it can accommodate those bigger short-haired dogs that do not have an undercoat. 

It’s easy to put on and take off and stays put with just one very secure buckle around the waist. The jacket is water and windproof, and the neck and back length are totally adjustable for a better fit. 

It's also machine washable, so there’s no need to worry when she tracks through the mud hot on the trail of that squirrel.

Your Trendy Small Dog

A fluffy dog in a fluffy coat.

Shearling is trending for the winter. Not just in human coats but in dog coats too. 

RYPET’s Small Dog Winter Coat is as adorable as it's on-trend. This jacket is made for smaller dogs and would look fabulous on a toy poodle or chihuahua. It's lightweight and windproof with velcro closures and a soft, comfortable belly. To make it even better, it's machine washable.

Your Always Cold Small Dog

A dog in a fur-lined coat.

Your small short-haired dog seems to be extra fragile in the winter. He’s always shivering and cold. Get him this super warm and cozy Alaskan Army Parka from Canada Pooch. It's water-resistant, has a velcro closure and is lined with faux down. 

The hood has faux fur trim for added luxury too. He’ll be so warm and cozy; he’ll feel like he’s out for a walk wrapped in his favorite blanket.

The Sporty Night Run Dog

A husky in a reflective jacket.

Do you like to take your dog for a run at night after work? During the winter months, it gets dark so early. The ThinkPet Soft Touch Waterproof Jacket is equipped with night-time reflectors to protect you and your dog from cars that might not otherwise see you.

It's made from a light and breathable fabric that is comfortable and flexible and doesn’t restrict movement when he is running. The fabric is quick-drying, so you can even go out in the snow and won’t need to worry about it being wet when you come back in. The jacket uses velcro closures and is water, wind and snowproof.

Slush Protection for Your City Going Dog 

A golden retriever in a full slush suit.

Sometimes walking your dog in the city can be such a nightmare, especially right after it snows. The nasty brown slush is everywhere and gets on everything. Sometimes you just wish you could put yourself and your dog in a plastic bubble. Well, we can’t help you get into a bubble, but we found the next best thing for your dog. 

Check out Canada Pooch’s very clever Slush Suit. Yes, it's what it seems. Keep your dog and your home clean by sliding her into this full-body waterproof suit. 

We can’t attest that it will be easy to get her into it, but if you can, it’s definitely worth it.

Keeping Your Dog Safe While Also Being Stylish

There’s no question about it. Dog coats keep your dog warm and protect them from the elements. 

With all of these wonderful jacket options, there’s no reason why your dog can’t be safe and stylish all at the same time.

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Dec 12, 2019

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