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Leggings, also known as the sacred staple in every women’s closet, and if they aren’t they should be! 

There’s no denying leggings are great for athleisure, but they can also be dressed up and are incredibly versatile.

It can be challenging to find a pair of black leggings that won’t fade, a pair of workout leggings that won’t show butt sweat and the most difficult part of all is finding a pair of leggings that are suitable for the office. 

You can style leggings with just about anything, and we want you to feel confident no matter where you wear these glorious pants. We will go into the details about the fit, seams, fabric and sweat-wicking features.  

We have rounded up our 7 favorite high waisted leggings to get through the winter months for every occasion. 

Favorite Faux Leather Leggings

Spanx faux-leather tummy control leggings are a must-have for winter! They are great for pretty much any occasion and will last for years. Some of our favorite features are they flatten the gut and give you a tight butt. 

Could you really ask for more? 

Spanx leggings also do not have a front seam. Cameltoe isn’t a great look, but with these leggings, you can wear a crop top with no worries. 

Depending on the shoe that you wear with these leggings can change your look completely. Pair them with sneakers for running errands, boots and a sweater for date night or flats for a work atmosphere; you’ll look great and feel great in them for any activity. 

Favorite High Waisted Seamless Leggings 

It’s no surprise a pair of  Lululemon’s made our list. Lululemon’s are slightly more expensive than your average legging, but they are totally worth it. The Lululemon Align Leggings will soon become your favorite pair if you do not already own some. They are as soft as butter, and you won’t even be able to tell you are wearing anything. Rumor has it they also lift your booty. 

They also offer a no-dig high waisted band which great for food babies or pregnant mamas out there looking for a pair you can wear for your entire pregnancy. The stretch capacity will blow your mind and like said before they are so soft you might even forget you are wearing pants. 

Favorite High Waisted Animal Print Leggings 

Let’s be honest; we all have a little cheetah girl or cheetah sister in us. Let that fierceness speak through your leggings, and hey, a matching bra never hurt anyone either. These Core Strength Good American high waisted leggings are you go-to for many reasons. They have an extra comfy mesh waistband, a back zipper pocket and are moisture-wicking. 

Plus, Good American leggings are available in size 00 to size 24; meaning all shapes and sizes can rock this look. We also love the fact that a black sweater and boots can quickly turn these leggings into a fierce date night outfit. 

Favorite High Waisted Dress Pant Leggings 

We’ve all had those mornings where we do not want to wake up, get dressed and wear something fancy and tight to work, well now, you don’t have to worry about that! 

These High Waisted Zip Detail Leggings from Express are perfect for the office. They have tons of pockets and zippers, a button closure and belt loops. No one will have any idea these are leggings.  

We also love the Snakeskin and Plaid Ankle Leggings for office attire if you need a little bit more of a pop. 

Favorite High Waisted Jeggings 

Our favorite jeggings say it all in the name. The Madewell Roadtripper’s are probably our favorite pair on this entire list and any jeans from Madewell will last you a lifetime. They are high quality, and like Good American, they come in a wide range of sizes; 000 to 24 in most styles. 

The Roadtripper jeggings are high waisted, available in short, regular and tall, and have front and back pockets. As the name suggests, you can travel across the country in comfort. 

These pants are so stretchy you can freely practice yoga poses and stretch out your lower back at a rest stop and strangers passing by will think you are in jeans. 

Favorite High Waisted Workout Leggings

We acknowledge leggings were created initially for athletic purposes even though they have been adopted for everyday wear, so we had to throw in a pair or two in for the gym. 

Our favorite workout leggings are Alo Moto Leggings. The panels and mesh accents elevate your standard all-black legging look. This durable activewear is breathable and flattering for any activity. 

Alo is known for its yoga gear, and if you have ever owned anything from them, you know it is exceptionally comfortable and flattering. Their items are geared towards movement, but with fashion in mind, so you can transition straight from yoga to brunch without stopping home.

Favorite High Waisted Fleece Lined Leggings 

Our final pair of must-have leggings this winter are the Under Armour ColdGear Leggings. These fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm if you want to run a marathon in January. Personally, we think that is crazy talk, but these bad boys will keep you very warm. 

The Under Armour leggings are dual lined, so they still provide the same dry-wicking benefits and have a fast dying exterior in case you get wet. 

Fleece-lined leggings are also essential for attending cold football games, tailgates or any other outside activity with winter temperatures. They can easily be worn under jeans to keep you warm too. 

So there you have it, the 7 best high waisted leggings for this winter. Did you notice we offered the same number of leggings as there are days in the week? We will let you decide how you want to spend your winter days. 

Don’t forget leggings can be worn for any occasion, you just have to have the right pair. 

Here are the 7 best high waisted leggings for your everyday needs and where to buy them:  


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Dec 5, 2019
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