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Pretty much everyone we know loves beer. From hoppy IPAs to dark lagers to golden pilsners, there are dozens of flavors and varieties for everyone to enjoy! 

And buying a gift for a beer lover is a pretty easy thing to do. After all, a set of pint glasses always make a great gift.

But we have some better ideas…

Shopping for beer connoisseurs who can identify the notes and flavors in every craft brew? Need a gift for strictly domestic fan who sticks to Bud Light or Miller Lite cans? No matter what kind of beer drinker you’re shopping for, here are the best gifts for beer lovers of all types. 

In honor of the twenty-first amendment (which repealed prohibition), we’ve included 21 gift ideas on this list to suit every style and every budget. 

1. Spiegelau Beer Tasting Glass Gift Set

Spiegelau Beer Tasting Glass Gift Set

This is far from your generic set of pint glasses. The Spiegelau Beer Tasting Glass Gift Set features four different shaped glasses, each of which is designed to enhance the flavor and texture of different types of beer.

This beer glass set includes one barrel-aged glass, one stout glass, one IPA glass and one American wheat glass. It’s the perfect glassware set for the beer lover who always enjoys sampling new brews. 

Available at Amazon, $39.77 

2. Bear + Deer T-Shirt

Bear + Deer T-Shirt

What happens when you combine a bear with deer antlers? You get a beer. This funny Bear + Deer = Beer tee shirt is perfect for any beer drinker, and it comes in an easy, relaxed fit that makes it ideal for wearing in any season.

It’s a great gift for any beer-loving guy or girl with a sense of humor! 

Available at Etsy, $20.99 

3. Sling Beer Cooler

Sling Beer Cooler

Stash a six pack of craft, domestic, or imported beer cans in this sling bag, and people might think you’re on your way to do yoga. Perfect for a hike, a day of fishing or a day at the beach, the Sling Beer Cooler makes it easy to carry six of your favorite brews – and it’s insulated to keep them cold.

Available at Uncommon Goods, $25 

4. Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Mugs

Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Mugs

The only way to drink beer is to drink it icy, icy cold, which makes these mugs the ideal beer guzzler gift. The Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Mugs come in a set of two, so if you know a beer-loving couple, each of them can have their own beer mug without having to fight over who gets the cold one.

These mugs are great for beer, as well as sodas, juices and cocktails! Just pop them in the freezer, let them get nice and cold, and you won’t have to water your drink down with ice.

Available at Amazon, $23 

5. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

If you know a beer drinker that’s also a hot sauce fanatic, there’s no better gift than this Beer-Infused Hot Sauce Set. Perfect for BBQs and tailgating parties, this set includes three flavors: Asian sriracha, garlic serrano and roasty chipotle. Delish. 

Available at Amazon, $24.99 

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6. Beer Chilling Coasters

Beer Chilling Coasters

These Beer Chilling Coasters are as cool as it gets available in two sizes to fit beer cans or beer bottles. Made from stone and granite, these coasters are designed to be cooled in the freezer for thirty minutes, then pulled out and used when it’s time to drink your favorite brew.

Each one has a slightly different look, so if four people are drinking the same type of beer, it will be easy to identify which bottle belongs to which person. Make it an even more impressive gift by adding on a wooden caddy to stack and store them.

Available at Uncommon Goods, $45 

7. Outdoor Beer Table

Outdoor Beer Table

When it’s time to play corn hole or Frisbee at a backyard BBQ, the Outdoor Beer Table provides the perfect place to stash your beer. A fiberglass spike sticks into the grass, while the small wood table holds two beers and a bowl of snacks.

It includes a built-in bottle opener to make life even easier.

Available at Uncommon Goods, $58

8. Mermaid Bottle Opener

Mermaid Bottle Opener

Is there anything better than chillin’ on the beach on a hot day with a cold beer? We think not.

Our obsession with the sand and the saltwater makes us absolutely love this Mermaid Bottle Opener. Tuck this little lady into the pocket of your tote bag or cooler and you’ll have everything you need for an afternoon of day drinking on the coast.

Not loving the mermaid motif? Bottle openers come in just about every shape and style you can imagine. Just get on Etsy and start scrolling.

Available at Etsy, $12

9. Beer Cap States

Beer Cap State

Available in the shape of any state in the union, the Beer Cap States display board is perfect for the beer drinker trying to sample as many different bottled brews as they possibly can. 

This wall mount has a rustic look made from Baltic birch plywood. Every time you sample a new beer, just place the bottle cap in an open slot and, over time, you’ll create your own one-of-a-kind wall art.

Is it the kind of art you want to display in the living room of your country home or chic city loft? Probably not. But we love it for dorm rooms and man caves. 

Available at Uncommon Goods, $35

10. Beer Log Book

Beer Log Book

If you know a beer lover who’s on a quest to sample every brew known to man, the Beer Review Logbook is the ideal gift. Perfect for beer connoisseurs and beer snobs (you know who you are), this book is for recording tasting notes, where you sampled the beer and what you thought of it.

Each entry offers a place to enter the appearance, taste, aroma and overall impression of each brew you try. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket, so it’s easy to carry on brewery tours.

Available at Amazon, $8.99

11. Personalized Wood Beer Caddy

Personalized Wood Beer Caddy

Need a cool way to carry a six pack to a party or a BYOB? The Personalized Beer Caddy is the way to do it! Sized to fit six beer bottles, this rustic wood caddy includes a bottle opener on the side and can be personalized with the recipient’s name or monogram. 

With this carrier in hand, you’ll never have to feel the shame of walking into a fancy BYOB with a cardboard six pack again. 

Available at Uncommon Goods, $26.99

12. Yeti Rambler 16 Oz Colster Tall Can Insulator

Yeti Rambler 16 Oz Colster Tall Can Insulator

There’s no question that Yeti makes the best cups and coolers, but did you know that they also make can insulators? The Yeti Rambler 16 oz Colster Tall Can Insulator is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall insulation to keep tall cans cold even in extreme heat.

Place your favorite 16 oz. craft beer can inside, hike a trail or hit the beach and enjoy sip after sip nice and cold. This is not your average beer koozie – this one is far superior.

Available at Yeti, $29.99

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13. Custom Beer Flights

Custom Beer Flights

Classic and customizable, the Custom Beer Flights With Glasses are ideal for any home bar. This unique set features a rustic wooden board plus four glasses. 

It’s made for sampling four new brews you’ve never tasted before. And if you’re having a friend stop by, it’s a stylish way to serve them four of your most recently discovered brews that you want them to try. 

Available at Etsy, $45 and up 


14. Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker

Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker

While we don’t recommend it (tubs can be slippery), some people do drink in the shower. For the beer lover who needs to keep a cold one nearby at all times, the Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker is a fun and useful little gift.

With a water-resistant design, this speaker/beer holder attaches right to your shower wall. You can play your tunes while you shampoo then have a few sips of your favorite brew while you let your conditioner set in. Shower drinking is not a great idea, but this little gadget lets you do so with ease if you insist.

Available at Urban Outfitters, $30

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15. Beeropoly


Looking for a fun drinking game that isn’t beer pong? 

Beeropoly is it. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s nothing like Monopoly. Instead, it’s full of funny challenges, like showing off your dance moves, rhyming words and creating crazy rules for the game. 

Available at Uncommon Goods, $38

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16. Mobile Breathalyzer

Mobile Breathalyzer

We certainly hope that your beer-loving buddies know when they’re past their limit and need to call a Lyft. But just in case they haven’t figured that out yet, the BACtrack Mobile Pro breathalyzer is the gift they need.

Unlike all of the other beer gifts to make this list, this is the one that doesn’t encourage drinking. This is the one that could save their life (and others).

This portable breathalyzer plugs into any iPhone or Android phone. Just blow into the tube and your smartphone will display your blood alcohol level. If your BAC is too high, you can use the app to call an Uber instantly.

Available at Amazon, $99.99


17. Refrigerator Bottle Loft

Refrigerator Bottle Loft

Don’t have room in your fridge for a fresh six pack? The Refrigerator Bottle Loft maximizes space by allowing you to store beers on the ceiling of your fridge rather than on an already crowded shelf.

Attach these magnetic strips to the top of your fridge and you can suspend your beers above your fruit bowls, water bottles and refrigerated leftovers. Each strip has three magnets, and they come in sets of two, perfect for holding an entire six.

Available at Uncommon Goods, $30 

18. Brewery T-Shirt

Brewery T-Shirt

Most diehard beer fans have their favorite brewery. And there are thousands of them in the U.S. alone. Give your beer lover a chance to rep their favorite brewery with a t-shirt of their favorite brew or the logo of their favorite local taproom.

One of our favorite East Coast breweries is the Cape May Brewing Co in south Jersey. (They make a damn good IPA!) But our personal preference isn’t what matters...

Just Google your beer lover’s favorite brewery, and you’re sure to find an online shop full of tees with brewery logos, beer logos, and fun graphic prints.

19. Copper Growler

Copper Growler

Bring some authentic, vintage brewery style into the home with the Ukeg 64 Copper Growler. This beer growler is essentially a mini-keg made from stainless steel with a CO2 regulator cap and CO2 cartridges. 

No matter what your favorite beer is, just pour it inside and it will stay fresh, cold and carbonated for up to two weeks.

Available at Amazon, $169

20. Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Know a homebrewer that loves the hoppy deliciousness of an IPA? The Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit includes all sorts of equipment needed to brew IPAs at home. It even comes with the grain, hops, and yeast needed to brew your first batch.

Making beer at home is no easy feat, and some additional equipment is required. But if your beer lover has patience and is always up for a challenge, this makes a great gift! 

Available at Williams Sonoma, $49.95 

21. BEER

Beer in a tub

We can’t wrap up our list of the best beer gifts without including the most obvious gift of all: BEER!

If you want to send the gift of actual beer, there are lots of online retailers who sell beer gift baskets packed with craft brews, snacks, glasses and all sorts of other goodies. 

Beer and alcohol delivery laws vary from state to state, but in some locations, you can even send a gift on ice so that the beer arrives super cold and ready to drink. 

Available at BroBasket, $39.95 and up 

What Are the Best Gifts for Beer Lovers?

Whether you’re looking to spend $12 or $200, gifts for beer lovers are easy to find, fun to shop for, and always appreciated.

So forget the traditional gift of pint glasses. Those are great, but if your beer lover is really a beer lover, they probably already have a set. 

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The 21 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers: 

  1. Spiegelau Beer Tasting Glass Gift Set
  2. Bear + Deer T-Shirt
  3. Sling Beer Cooler
  4. Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Mugs
  5. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce
  6. Beer Chilling Coasters
  7. Outdoor Beer Table
  8. Mermaid Bottle Opener
  9. Beer Cap States
  10. Beer Log Book
  11. Personalized Wood Beer Caddy
  12. Yeti Rambler 16 Oz Colster Tall Can Insulator
  13. Custom Beer Flights
  14. Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker
  15. Beeropoly
  16. Mobile Breathalyzer
  17. Refrigerator Bottle Loft
  18. Brewery T-Shirt
  19. Copper Growler
  20. Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit
  21. BEER
No items found.
Nov 3, 2020
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