The 17 Best Home Decor & Interior Design Subscription Boxes From Crate Joy

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Everyone wants a beautiful, comfortable, well-decorated home, but creating that home is sometimes far easier said than done. After all, not everyone has the taste or imagination of an interior decorator. Even fewer people have the time to browse endless websites, in-person boutiques and decor stores for that perfect item to really make a space in their home pop.

Thankfully, subscription boxes are here to keep you covered yet again. In the same way that subscription boxes keep you clothed, stocked on your favorite makeup and trying new foods and drinks, they can also keep your home fresh and exciting, with contemporary, high-quality decor and interior design pieces.

One of the first places to look for the best subscription boxes out there? Cratejoy.

Here are 17 of the best home decor and interior design subscription boxes from the brand.

Best for the Utterly Interior Design Clueless

If you have no idea where to get started when it comes to interior design, and turning your space into something adult-friendly (versus just buying some basic furnishings at Target), check out some of these boxes that can help.

Habitation Box 

Starting at just under $60 per month, the Habitation Box is a little on the pricey side, but you get a lot for your monthly fee. Choose from subscriptions that include either four to six items per box or seven to nine items per box. Items include decor and home accessories ranging from seasonal goodies (for holidays like Easter and Christmas) to all-year decor (such as candles, lighting, planters, rugs and throw pillows).

All items are eco-friendly and socially conscious, with items handpicked by professional interior designers continually looking for things that will work with just about any current decor or style.

Plus, you can purchase one box at a time if you want to scope out the currently available packages before deciding on a subscription purchase. For example, the February 2021 box included a wooden cake stand, wall hanging basket, ceramic pot, Valentine’s Day wall hanging, throw blanket and cement gnome figure. Customers had several weeks to decide whether they wanted to receive that box.


If you don’t think you need new decor every single month, maybe a quarterly plan is better for you. Starting at $45 per quarter, MyRenovar is an excellent quarterly pick. Each box comes with four to six curated and themed home decor items to match the season.

Past boxes have included tea towels, wine glasses, oven mitts, decorative ceramics, throws, placemats for the dining room, potted plants and more similar goodies.

Posh Home

If your idea of home decor is luxe, luxe, luxe, try out Posh Home. Starting at just over $60 per box, each monthly shipment includes three to five stylish, unique pieces that have been featured in top publications like Elle.

Past boxes have included photo frames, lighting fixtures, glassware, cocktail shakers, candles, kitchen utensils and more.

The Home Box

The Home Box starts at $135 per month and focuses on handmade, American-made, artisan items. Each box includes three to five pieces, with each package valued at over $100, with past boxes having coasters, candle holders, glassware, shelving, rugs, wall art, tabletop games, cookware and more.

Each box is themed, too, and past box themes have included bumblebees, American traditions, game night and summer cabins.

Sundae Home

Another seasonal, quarterly box, the Sundae Home subscription starts at $70 per box. Each box is themed after the season and includes four to six contemporary home decor or accessory items, with items sourced from independent boutiques and luxury department stores.

The recent winter box featured a Winter Wonders theme and included martini glasses, a candle, a cheese board with a knife, placemats and even some cookies.

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Best for DIY Decor Fans

Do you love to put time and effort into your home goods and decor (you just don’t want to spend that time and effort traveling from store to store)? Do you like to get a little crafty and then display your efforts where all your guests can see?

Then check out some of these subscription boxes that equip you with everything you need to craft a beautiful new piece of decor or an interior design accessory for your home.

Home Made Luxe

Create Pinterest-inspired home decor pieces with this subscription box that makes all your Pinterest dreams come true. Starting at $26 per month, you receive all the craft materials you need for a large DIY project, as well as a smaller craft. You’ll additionally receive video and written instructions for the crafts, plus a recipe that’ll stretch your creativity (because we all need a snack when we’re crafting).

Past crafts have included jewelry dishes, holiday signage, wall hangings, floral displays and more.

The Adults & Crafts Crate

This trendy, craft-centric subscription box won a Cratejoy Best of 2020 award. The packages start at $30 per month, and each pack includes everything you could need to create a craft geared toward adults. Each craft is also designed to teach you a different crafty skill, from embossing to woodworking.

Past projects have included wine caddies, candles, house plant holders, clocks, charcuterie boards and more.

Poppy’s Hobbies

Poppy’s Hobbies is another DIY decor subscription box based on popular Pinterest crafts. Starting at just under $40 per month, the packs include beginner-friendly projects with all the items you need to complete the craft (except for scissors and a hot glue gun, which you will probably need at some point).

Past crafts have included door hangers, holiday mantelpiece accessories, wooden garlands and more. You can also get a free extra gift if you purchase your first box as part of a six-month or year-long subscription.

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Best for the House with White Walls

Not sure what to hang on your walls, so you end up hanging a lot of nothing? One of these boxes could help.

Art Crate

Very affordable at just $20 per month, Art Crate offers eight different subscription options and sends you one print per month, from small to extra-large. You’ll get access to a curated and handpicked group of up-and-coming and well-known artists alike and receive your prints on fine art paper and contained in beautiful frames.

Your art isn’t just a surprise, though. After you sign up for a subscription, your curator will reach out to you and give you a small selection of prints to choose from, and then your choice is shipped within a week.


If you prefer canvas prints to framed prints, LavaBox can help. Starting at $21 per month, LavaBox sends you a small, medium or large print each month, based on a theme of your choosing (along with a few surprise gifts).

You might get a canvas that’s more humorous in nature (think an illustration of a coffee cup chasing a donut) or one that features a dramatic landscape or some eye-catching urban photography. It all depends on the theme you choose.

Best for the Home that’s More Rainforest than House

House plants and other greenery are an essential part of any decor. Add to your plant collection with a monthly subscription.

Monthly Succulent Studios

This subscription plan, which starts at $10 per month, sends you two succulents sourced straight from a family-owned nursery. The succulents arrive ready to pot and are extremely easy to care for, even if you have limited experience with plants.

Past featured plants include Pachyveria Empress, Chocolate Drop, Black Rose, Blue Spruce, Dragon’s Blood and Lemon & Lime succulents.


If you’d rather just enjoy beautiful flower arrangements than growing the flowers yourself, BloomsyBox might be a good pick for your home decor and interior design subscription box.

BloomsyBox sends you a hand-tied bouquet every two weeks for $41 per bouquet (though additional options are available for weekly or monthly orders, and you can choose your bouquet size).

Bouquets follow a seasonal trend, and past boxes have included a Thanksgiving collection of flowers that carried mini callas, roses and gerberas, as well as a holiday bouquet made with pine cones, red roses, white snapdragons and red hypericum berries.

The Cactique

The Cactique sends you a monthly cactus and succulent arrangement but takes things a step further than Succulent Studios by including the potting material that you need, so everything’s right in one box.

At under $20 a month, you get one arrangement plus the pot or planter/container, along with a related gift. Past related items have included tote bags with a cacti theme, cactus vinyl stickers, a succulent duster brush, soap, lip balm and a holiday ornament. Each box provides plenty of information on the plants themselves, too, including all the care instructions you’ll need.

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Best for the Home That Always Smells Great

If you can never have enough candles, skip the mall trip and have your candles shipped straight to your door regularly.

Candle Therapy

Starting at just over $14 per month, the Candle Therapy subscription sends you one candle per month. Each candle is made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and steam-distilled pure plant extract. The 100% soy candles boast a 50-hour burn time, so one candle could really last you all month long until you get your next Candle Therapy shipment.

For a sneak peek as to what you can expect, the January 2021 candle featured a Happy New Year theme and a Champagne scent. The candle is described as “cozy, true and enchanting,” with cedarwood, champagne, and vanilla notes.

The Burlap Bag

If you like your candles with a bit of whimsy, The Burlap Bag might be the best subscription for you. A Cratejoy 2020 Editors’ Pick, The Burlap Bag subscription starts at around $15 per month, and each box gives you one limited-edition, uniquely-named candle, room spray, wax melt or all three (depending on the subscription you choose).

Past scents have included Unicorn Puke, Crazy Cat Lady, You’re a Wizard and Cupid Toots.


If you don’t want to take a chance on getting a candle you absolutely despise, try Wickbox, which always sends you a candle based on your personal preferences. Subscriptions start at $27 per month, and you get either a medium or large candle, which will burn between 30 and 100 hours, depending on size. Each candle matches both your favorite scents and the season, and after the candle is used up, the pretty candle containers are great for up-cycling.

Past available scents have included Peony & Salt, Oakmoss & Leather and Smoke & Embers.

And a Subscription Box to Take Care of It All…

Of course, once you have your home looking (and smelling) lovely, you’ll want to care for your space properly. Luckily, there are even some subscription boxes for that, too.

Essentials Crate

The Essentials Crate starts at $39 per month and includes eco-conscious and sustainable household products. This subscription is a Cratejoy 2020 Editors pick, with an average box valuation of $75 or more. Each product is non-toxic, full-sized, from trusted brands and eco-friendly.

Past boxes have included clean dish soap, organic cotton towels and sage for your house, as well as a few products for you, like wellness shots, a jade roller and an all-natural facial toner.

Can a Subscription Box Make Your Life Easier?

Subscription boxes can make shopping for your home that much more comfortable, as there are no trips to the store, no endless browsing of aisles and no tough decisions on whether or not you should make a purchase. Additionally, subscription boxes can add a little fun to your daily routine, giving you something to look forward to in the mail each month. And if you’re looking for a housewarming gift, look no further.

From wall art to cleaning supplies, plants to Pinterest projects, these subscription boxes will all make your home just a little more homey.

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The 17 Best Home Decor & Interior Design Subscription Boxes From Crate Joy:

  1. Habitation Box 
  2. MyRenovar
  3. Posh Home
  4. The Home Box
  5. Sundae Home
  6. Home Made Luxe
  7. The Adults & Crafts Crate
  8. Poppy’s Hobbies
  9. Art Crate
  10. LavaBox
  11. Monthly Succulent Studios
  12. BloomsyBox
  13. The Cactique
  14. Candle Therapy
  15. The Burlap Bag
  16. Wickbox
  17. Essentials Crate

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