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The 11 Best Hot Sauce Gifts [For Your Extra Spicy Friends]

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We all have that one friend that loves to douse their food in as much hot sauce as they can, no matter what they are eating.

Hot sauce is a great gift to give family members, coworkers and friends. Below we will share the 11 best hot sauce gifts out there!

The spicy food addicts in your life will be very thankful.

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

For a true hot sauce lover, it’s important to allow them to make it just the way they like it! With a DIY Hot Sauce Kit, they can add a personalized kick from habanero to guajillo chilies. This kit comes with a variety of peppers and spices, funnel, strainer, instruction card and four different hot sauce bottles.

This customizable gift is a great way to spice up food at home, no matter what you are cooking! Plus, you can reuse the bottles, so it is sort of like the gift that keeps on giving. Pro tip: make sure to wear gloves when making your own hot sauce.

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Hot Sauce of the Month Club delivers not one, but three new hot sauces every month! The experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop hand curate the best artisan hot sauce from mild to extra hot and a few in between.

This gift can be given as a monthly or quarterly subscription and you can choose between one or three sauces to be delivered.


Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio

You can infuse booze into pretty much anything these days, and that includes hot sauce. This Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio pair with a nice bourbon, moonshine or tequila depending on your mood.

The liquor adds a unique flavor and a more in-depth flavor than your traditional hot sauces without added sugar.

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box

Give the gift of hot sauce from around the world with the Global Hot Sauce Gift Box. From herbal to tangy and earthy to sour, this gift set will spark flavor profiles from a variety of cuisines and regions.

This set includes five 5-oz. bottles: Chesapeake Bay, Ethiopia, Assam, Kerala and Virginia. This set will help anyone spice up their cooking game and rumor has it, adding a dash of hot sauce to your Moscow Mule or Bloody Mary is quite tasty!

The Scorchin’ Hot Box

The Scorchin’ Hot Box is for a friend that loves everything spicy all the time. This box is a sure-fire way to get your taste buds going.

This box comes with hot sauce and snacks! There are 5 different subscription box options to choose from:

  • The Original Scorchin’ Hot Box – 1 hot sauce and 3 fiery snacks
  • Mini Scorchin’ Hot Box – 1 hot sauce and 1 fiery snack 
  • Biggie Scorchin’ Hot Box – 2 hot sauces and 4 fiery snacks
  • All Sauce Scorchin’ Hot Box – 2 hot sauces 
  • All Snacks Scorchin’ Hot Box – 4 fiery snacks 

Past boxes have snacks like Tabasco jelly beans, cayenne taffy, “dirty” jalapeño chips, ghost pepper gumballs and more!  

Beer Hot Sauce Duo

The Beer Hot Sauce Duo combination is basically a party for your mouth.

This subscription gift touches on every flavor palette with a smoked porter and a tropical shady blend of hot sauce that are packaged in recycled beer bottles. All that is missing from this gift is a 6-pack and some meat to throw on the grill.

Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce

The Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce is Sarah and Dirk Mitchell’s specialty blends. These handmade and hand-bottled sauces are local, seasonally and extremely addictive.

You get a fresh-farm flavor with a kick with this subscription! The variety of flavors makes it very easy to pair with a wide range of home-cooked meals. From BQQ to dips and dressings, these hot sauces won’t last long in your pantry.

Whoop Ass Hot Sauce Gift Set 

For your spicy and sassy friend the Whoop Ass Hot Sauce Gift Set is perfect! This set comes with a bottle of green habanero, bacon and roasted garlic.

Add these hot sauces to steak, pizza, tofu and more for a whoop ass leveled up that flavor!

The Spicy Goods Gift Set

This is another great variety pack to level up any dish. The Spicy Goods Gift Set comes with 3 different hot sauces, Riza, Zana and Hot Hive. Two hot sauces and one honey hot sauce so you can mix and match between savory and sweet dishes.

The Hot Hive is known for taking your chicken and waffles to the next level.


Truffle Hot Sauce 

The Truffle Hot Sauce is for the bad and boujee hot sauce lover in your life. This extra decadent hot sauce is not only spicy and delicious but it has the bold and earthy flavors you get from the truffles.

Is your mouth watering yet? Just imagine how tasty this would be on top of some french fries. You might have to get one of these for yourself too, because your friend is not going to want to share this gift!

Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce

The Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce has 800,000 Scoville units of pepper extract, which makes it in the ghost pepper heat range. Making this one of the hottest hot sauces in the world.

This blood vial shaped hot sauce was made on Friday the 13th during a full moon, making it extra spooky.

Sriracha Keychain

The Siracha Keychain is, without a doubt, the cutest hot sauce on this list. This gift pack comes with a 1 ounce and a 1.7 ounce keycahin as well as a bottle of siracha.

Take your sriracha wherever you go. Leave the extra one in your car so you will never be without your spicy sidekick. This makes anyone feel hot, hot hot.


Some people live for a spicy condiment, and these gifts won’t disappoint.

If you know someone that needs a little extra fire in their routine grab one of these spicy hot sauce gifts and help them celebrate their love for heat.

The Best Hot Sauce Gifts:

  1. DIY Hot Sauce Kit
  2. Hot Sauce of the Month Club
  3. Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio
  4. Global Hot Sauce Gift Box
  5. The Scorchin’ Hot Box
  6. Beer Hot Sauce Duo
  7. Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce
  8. Whoop Ass Hot Sauce Gift Set 
  9. The Spicy Goods Gift Set 
  10. Truffle Hot Sauce
  11. Siracha Keychain 

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