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If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself in a predicament walking into a “no shoes” household. I hate the no-shoes rule. What if I stub my toe?  What if there is a fire?  I get that you don't want dirty shoes to scuff up your clean floor, but I need something on my feet that is going to allow me the agility and safety that I so require. I need a rubber sole handy, so I can run through life, ready for any situation that may be thrown my way.

Now while there are many different types of men’s slippers, we’re going to keep it fairly modest in this list. You won’t find anything too over the top, and please don't shriek if you hear the word Ugg. There are plenty of options beyond what comes to mind when you think of those mid-2000s sheepskin boots that every girl and their mom had.

A nice pair of houseshoes is the key to the ultimate life of leisure. 

As a man of leisure myself, I've dabbled with many different pairs of house shoes, slippers, slipper socks and the like. In this article, I’ll be able to walk you through some of the finer things in life. Pick up a pair from this list and you will never have to obey a “no-shoe” policy ever again.

Clogs VS Loafers 

Clogs are a slip-on style shoe, typically with a thicker sole. They don't cover your heel, making it that much easier to kick on and off. Because of their more open and spacious design, you might lean towards this type of slipper in warmer months. But, if you aren’t really a sandals person, you might not be a clogs person either. 

The loafers on this list tend to be mostly wool and sheepskin lined making them a fantastic option for a winter slipper. A closed heel in the back, to me, means a comfier fit, perfect for some epic indoor hang sessions. 

It mostly comes down to personal preference between the two styles. But, for good measure, I would pick up a pair of each variety, so you are ready for any season. 

Here are the 9 best men's slippers you can find. 

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SOREL - Men's Falcon Ridge II House Slippers

Sorel is becoming a favorite in winter aesthetic, and what they are doing in the leisure department is unmatched. You can tell the quality by just glancing at the Falcon Ridge slipper. Complete with cushy EVA material footbed (a high-quality durable foam), and a wool/polyester lining, these will turn heads at the next movie night. With a lower collar, these offer more of a slip-on, slip-off vibe. Pick these up in Sage, Black, Quarry, Tobacco, or Camel Brown.

Tamarac by Slippers International Men's Cody Sheepskin Slipper

The Tamarac Cody slippers are my personal favorite. I’ve been using mine daily for nearly 5 years with minor wear and tear. 

Although I’m getting close to needing a new pair, 5 years is a time frame that proves the quality of these sheepskin slips. These start at $25 and have a range of colors including allspice, navy, rootbeer, black, driftwood, charcoal grey and birch. You can catch me in those rootbeers shortly!

Acorn Men’s Moc with Premium Memory Foam

This moccasin style slipper offers much more than a great price tag. Acorn uses a multilayer memory foam that's proven to help with pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and flatfeet. Good for year-round use, the moisture-wicking liner keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Another incredible feature is that these are safe for the washing machine!  Pick these up in a multitude of colors and patterns, my favorite is the plaid!  

Glerups Unisex A-02 Slipper

Glerups are an incredible, all wool option on the higher end of the price spectrum. Complete with a leather sole and eco-friendly dyes to complete their color spectrum, this bootie option will turn heads. 

You can go for a simple look with black or gray, or really spice things up with their orange or forest colorways! 

Ugg Tasman Slipper

Ugg is an absolute staple piece in the footwear industry. Few knew they had an Ugg men's section either!  Men can finally see what all the fuss is about after the years and years of endless endorsement from their female friends. The Tasman slipper has some really nice design details including a wool liner and EVA outsole. The braid really spices up the collar of this slipper; giving it a nice touch. Ugg keeps it simple with 2 colorways: chestnut and chocolate. 

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Acorn Slipper Socks

I thought these were a fun option, and a chance to kill two birds with one stone. Forget putting socks on and then house shoes, those days are over!  

Simply throw on your Acorn slipper socks and be done with it. Grab them on Amazon starting at $19! 

RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

This is Amazon’s number 1 pick with nearly 8 thousand 5-Star reviews. The RockDove memory foam cushioning slips boast extreme comfort with their two-tone memory foam and simple step-in design. Their most popular colors are lime, yellow and blue which is a nice change of pace from some of the more modest colors on this list. 

Haflinger Wool Hardsole Slippers

This impressive all wool clog is great for anyone with back or feet issues. These rubber outsole slippers also have a wool felt insole, but are still incredibly breathable. They come with very sturdy arch support that is being praised all over the internet. No shame in coming to terms with your age, if you need extra support around the house, so be it!  

Their speckled color options are definitely my favorite on this list. Check them out!

Minnetonka Men's Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

You really can't go wrong with any moccasin slippers made by Minnetonka, but these suede hardsole slippers are incredibly comfy. These are the best slippers on this list as far as versitility because they are meant for indoor and outdoor use with their durable rubber sole. With a plush shearling pile lining they will definitely keep your feet warm on the coldest of days. You'll feel stylish when grabbing the newspaper on Sunday morning with these suede slippers. Choose between brown, chocolate and tan.

Up your lounging game and start investing in your feet! Whether you are looking for a new pair of suede house shoes or a pair of memory foam house slippers finding a pair that fits your feet and offers you some comfort after a long day is all that really matters. 

Remember, certain house slippers are not meant for outdoor use. It never hurts to have an indoor and outdoor pair of good slippers! 

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Jun 24, 2020
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