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The 11 Best Laptop Backpacks For Men [Of All Ages And Sizes]

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There are tons of different laptop backpacks out there, and it can be difficult knowing which option is right for you. Laptop backpacks come with an array of various features and functions, not to mention different fabrics and fashions.

If you’re a man on the hunt for a new laptop backpack, whether to help you lug your laptop and other belongings across campus or just to the office, then you’ll want to check out these 11 best laptop backpacks for men.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop Backpack

But first, what should you consider when purchasing a laptop backpack? You’ll want to keep in mind a few things that will impact your overall experience and satisfaction with your final decision:

  • Size
  • Look
  • Price
  • Durability (including water-resistant)
  • Use (are you looking for a commuter backpack ? A travel laptop backpack?)
  • Any special features you want that aren’t standard on just any laptop bag you pick up

If you go into your laptop backpack shopping with these aspects in mind and what you want for each of them, you should come out of the shopping experience satisfied with your purchase.

Top Laptop Backpacks for Size

So you have a lot of stuff. Maybe you need to carry a bunch of files and folders on your back as you cycle to your office, or maybe you have a gaming laptop that you want to carry to a friend’s house for a gaming party. Whatever reason you need a laptop backpack that’s on the larger size, you can find it among these few options.

Take, for example, the Everki Titan backpack. It can hold a gaming laptop with ease, as it fits personal computers up to 18.4 inches in length and will still go through TSA with no issues. The heavy-duty, polyester exterior withstands the typical rips, scratches and bangs you might subject it to, making it the perfect travel backpack. If you happen to subject the backpack to something it can’t handle, you can rely on its lifetime warranty.

Similarly, the Alienware Vindicator 18-inch Backpack was made with gaming laptops in mind, so it can fit all your gear and your largest laptop. There are three interior compartments, and the exterior is rigid versus soft, for added protection for everything you’re carrying. There aren’t many exterior features, but the interior is quite organized and lined with a soft padding for more protection while you’re on the go.

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Top Laptop Backpacks for Look

Is style your primary concern overall? Then check out one of these head-turning backpacks.

You’ve probably seen intrepid travelers in some of the world’s top destinations toting the Fjallraven Kanken backpack. A favorite with travelers the world over, the brand screams that you’re a cosmopolitan wanderer who knows what he’s after. The backpack is on the smaller side, but it can still hold a laptop up to 17 inches in length in its own laptop compartment.

If your style is mostly minimalistic and you prefer the color black above all others, try on this sleek and stylish backpack from ISM. It’s comfortable yet still functional. It can hold a laptop up to 15 inches in size, as well as some books and notebooks if needed. A small phone USB charging slot allows you to safely and securely charge your phone on the go.

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If you want a leather backpack, try the stylish Knomo Albion pack. While on the pricier side at $200, it is made from full-grain, eco-friendly leather, and it certainly makes a statement. It can fit a 15-inch laptop, but it doesn’t have much in the way of internal organization, or exterior pockets; however, if you don’t need those functions, you won’t miss them.

Top Laptop Backpacks for Durability

Do you frequently tote around expensive equipment for work, or possibly end up in a lot of bumpy or wet situations where a little durability might be appreciated? Then you want a backpack that will stand up to even the harshest conditions or daily commuter use.

While the Thule Crossover 25-liter Daypack isn’t the largest laptop backpack, and can only fit a 15-inch MacBook Pro and one tablet, it does offer a high level of durability. The crush-proof compartment is great for storing travel gear at risk for being, well, crushed. Plus, there’s a 25-year warranty that will protect you if anything goes wrong.

The North Face Borealis Backpack can also hold a 15-inch laptop, and the water-repellent finish comes in more than 30 colors and patterns. With two side pockets for water bottles and a bungee cord for added storage, this backpack is designed with outdoor adventure in mind, but still low-key and professional enough for your commute to the office or in the classroom.

Another durable option is the SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack. This option is made with 1200D ballistic material for extreme use and harsh conditions and holds a 17-inch laptop. The ScanSmart features lay-flat technology and easy-open laptop-in-bag TSA scanning, making it a perfect carry-on for business travel.

Top Laptop Backpacks for Price

Have a limited budget? No worries. You can still find a laptop backpack that fits your style and function needs.

This JanSport backpack is less than $40 on Amazon and comes in several different colors. It’s a good fit for the high school student who doesn’t have too much to tote around and is ergonomically designed with s-curve shoulder straps. It can fit a 15-inch laptop, and there are a few pockets on the exterior, which make finding your cell phone or keys quick and easy.

Another budget-friendly option is this smaller backpack from Vaschy, also under $40. It can fit a 14-inch laptop and has a large main compartment, a few pockets for storage, an anti-theft compartment, and water bottle holders, making it an inexpensive travel backpack.

Lastly, if even $40 is out of your budget, go with the AmazonBasics Sports Backpack, which comes in at a mere $15. It’s a good quality for the price, and it comes with some handy features, such as a shoe pocket for going from your bike to the office or from the office to the gym. Of course, there is a laptop sleeve, which can fit a 15-inch laptop.


Ready to Shop?

Whatever your backpack needs may be, you can easily find a men’s laptop backpack that will take you from home to work or school and back again, while keeping all your tech safe and secure.

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The 11 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men:

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