12 Things For People Who Basically Live at Their Desk

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There are people that work a lot and then there are people that work a lot.

Are you in the office at the crack of dawn? Do you work through lunch? Do you rarely take a break? Are you one of the last people to leave each night?

If so, we’re talking to you!

The more time you spend at your desk, the more that desk starts to feel like a second home. And, just like your actual home, it should be as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Ready to make your desk a more comfortable, more efficient space?

Here are 12 things for people who basically live at their desk.

1. Computer Monitor Riser

Computer Monitor Riser

The ideal position for a computer screen is directly in front of you at eye level. You shouldn’t have to bend your neck down, hunch over, or lean forward to get a good view of your screen. Yet a lot of us do exactly that.

Angling your neck for hours a day can cause neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. To prevent that discomfort, add a monitor riser on your desk to elevate your screen and make it eye level.

A riser can be used with a separate monitor or a laptop, if you pair it with a wireless keyboard.

2. Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar Pillow

Back pain can make you feel absolutely miserable. And while there are all different types of back pain, lower back pain is the most common.

To ease your back while you’re sitting for long periods, add a lumbar pad to your desk chair. A memory foam pillow positioned at the small of your back can provide the support you need and help you maintain the proper posture while sitting.

3. Yeti Rambler Mug

Yeti Rambler

You’ll never have to drink lukewarm coffee or tepid water if you have a Yeti Rambler Mug nearby. This travel mug is designed to keep hot things hot and cold things cold for hours. It also includes a MagSlider lid, which adds an extra barrier that prevents heat and cold from escaping.

This travel mug is sized to hold 20 ounces of liquid, yet it’s slim enough to carry in your tote bag or messenger bag when you’re making your commute.

4. Mini Desk Fan

Holmes metal mini desk fans

Unless you have your own office with a door that you can close, regulating the temperature at your workspace might be impossible. If you’re someone who always feels hot (or needs crisp cold air to keep you motivated), add a mini fan to your desk.

The smallest fan is USB powered, so you can plug it into your computer or laptop. It’s also super quiet, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your coworkers with any excess noise.

5. Cashmere Cardigan

Gentle Herd Cashmere Cardigan

Offices can get heated, but they can also get really cold. When the air-conditioning is blaring, don’t ask to turn it down (your coworkers may like it that way). Instead, have a chic wrap on the back of your chair that you can cover up with.

This cashmere cardigan is super soft and luxurious, but if you don’t want to splurge on cashmere, don’t. Shawls and caridgans are easy to find in all different fabrics and at all different price points.

6. Mini Desk Vacuum

Mini desk vacuum

In the midst of hours and hours of work, stopping to clean your desk never seems like the most productive use of time. But it is important to keep it clean.

This mini vacuum has great suction to pick up all of those scraps of paper, crumbs, eraser shavings, and other little nuisances. The miniature size makes it super easy to stash inside any desk drawer.

7. Sanitizing Wipes

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes

There’s one thing that exists in every office: germs.

By sharing things, borrowing things, and passing things back and forth, germs spread, so having sanitizing wipes on hand is an absolute must.

Have some Everyone Hand Sanitizing Wipes at your desk for cleaning your hands. Get some Seventh Generation Sanitzing Wipes to wipe down the top of your desk, drawer handles, and doorknobs. Keep a supply of Endust Anti-Static Wipes nearby to clean computers, phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

8. Keyboard Cover

Keyboard Cover

The more time you spend at your desk, the more likely it is that you eat at your desk too. A waterproof and dustproof keyboard cover is a great way to protect your keys from spills, crumbs, and all sorts of unwanted particles.

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9. Cell Phone Stand

Phone stand

How many times a day do you pick up and put down your phone? Probably dozens. Eliminate that annoyance from your daily routine by adding a phone stand on your desk.

This cell phone stand can be adjusted to a variety of different angles. The next time your phone rings or you get a text or email alert, all you’ll need to do is glance at it to see who’s trying to get your attention.

10. Desk Organizer Set

Desk organizer sets

Unless you like working in a mess, it’s time to get the top of your desk in order with an organizer set. Available in all sorts of colors and materials, a desk organizer set makes it easy to assign a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

With a great desk set, you’ll have a way to organize everything from incoming memos and outgoing mail to pens, staples, and paperclips.

11. Motivational Stress Balls

Stress relief balls

No matter what type of job you have, stress is bound to creep in from time to time. And when that happens, it can be really helpful to have a squishy stress ball nearby. When your anxiety kicks in, or you need to relax for a few minutes and think about your next steps, grab one of these little guys and start squeezing.

Plus, the motivational messages printed on each one may be exactly what you need to push forward!

12. Adhesive Cable Clips

Cord holders

Is your desk a tangled mess of wires, cables, cords, and chargers? You can straighten those cords out and direct them where you want them to go with a set of adhesive cable clips.

They’re easy to attach and remove, and they’re perfect for preventing cords from slipping down the side or disappearing behind your desk.

What Are the Best Gifts for People Who Basically Live at Work?

Whether you’re a workaholic or know someone who is, all of the items listed above are perfect gifts for yourself, a colleague, or a friend.

The more time you spend at your desk, the more comfortable, organized, and efficient it needs to be. And many of these items can even help you be more productive.

If you can become more productive, you might even be able to leave the office an hour or two earlier at the end of the day!

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