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The 7 Best Wallets For Any Man In Your Life [Shopping Guide]

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Whether you like to carry a wad of cash or prefer to leave the house with nothing more than your debit card, there’s one thing that every man needs: a great wallet!

But buying a wallet online is sort of like shoe shopping. The options are endless, they’re available in every price point imaginable, and they come in all sorts of shapes, fabrics and colors.

Need a new wallet but aren’t in the mood to scour endless websites to find the right one? Here’s our list of the seven best wallets for men, regardless of your style.

What’s Your Wallet Style?

Like all things fashion-related, we all have our own preferences as to what we like and what we would never use or wear. And wallets are no different.

With so many options to choose from, the easiest way to narrow your search for a new one is to know the shape and style you like.

There are billfolds, tri-folds and bi-fold wallets. There are zippered wallets, sporty wallets, leather wallets, ridge wallets and fabric wallets. There are RFID blocking wallets, card cases and minimalist wallets that can fit in your front pocket.

And if you happen to be a “less is more” type of guy, maybe you prefer a simple money clip over a wallet altogether.

Regardless of the shape you like, the fabric or look you’re going for, or the features you need, here are seven options to suit every different wallet style.

Tumi ID Lock Global Double Billfold, $95

The Tumi ID Lock™ Global Double Billfold wallet is a modern classic. Made from durable ballistic nylon, this slim wallet features five credit card pockets, an ID window for your driver’s license and two slip pockets to hold little things, like dry cleaning tickets and receipts.

This wallet is sleek and sophisticated, and it features Tumi’s ID Lock technology. It will protect against those identity thieves that try to steal your info with card readers from across the room.

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Thom Browne Credit Card Holder, $380

Prefer a super slim card case that you can slip in your front or back pocket? This Thom Browne Credit Card Holder is all you need. Crafted from pebbled leather and detailed with a signature grosgrain stripe loop, this cardholder is made for the guy who likes to travel light.

It features an ultra-slim design, six card slots, and a center compartment in case you need to stash a few bills so you can tip the valet.

And yes, we realize that $380 for a card case is a bit steep, but Thom Browne is one of the most important menswear designers of our time. If you can’t afford his $1,000 trousers or $2,500 jackets, this card case is a great way to enjoy a tiny taste of his super-cool craftsmanship.


Ettinger Capra Mini Wallet, $240

In goat leather, the Ettinger Capra Mini Wallet features classic bi-fold construction with six card sleeves, two slip pockets and a note compartment to hold bills and receipts.

It’s ultra-elegant with a logo-stamped interior, and it’s the kind of wallet that you can pull out of a back pocket of your jeans or out of the breast pocket of your most fabulous tuxedo, (if you happen to have one).

Acne Studios Kei S Wallet, $210

Are you the guy that goes home every night with change jingling in his pocket? The Acne Studios Kei S Wallet is for you.

Made from smooth, supple leather, this wallet features what many men’s wallets don’t: a zipper.

This baby unzips all the way around for easy access to two credit card slots and a compartment for cash. It’s a sleek, contemporary look and the zipper makes it great for the guy who wants a unique style and needs a way to keep his change contained.

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Levi’s Trifold Leather Wallet, $22

Prefer the classic tri-fold silhouette? If you’re looking for a great trifold wallet on a budget, this Levi’s Faux Leather Wallet from Amazon is it.

With six credit card pockets, an ID window, a cash compartment and two hidden pockets, this wallet is ideal for the guy who likes to carry lots of extras. There is plenty of room in this wallet for some business cards too if you want to have those handy. Embossed logos on the inside and outside add a touch of signature, all-American style.

Herschel Hank RFID Wallet, $37.99

Casual and cool, the Herschel Hank RFID Wallet is a classic bi-fold available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and prints. Detailed with RFID-blocking technology to protect against identity theft, this wallet features a signature Herschel logo label on the front, a mesh ID sleeve, multiple card slots and a pocket for cash. This is the perfect travel wallet to bring for your next vacation.

It’s super affordable at $37.99, and it’s perfect for the guy who likes a classic look with a modern twist. Choose from crosshatch denim options, solid colors or cool, camo prints.

Like Herschel bags and backpacks, this RFID protection wallet is equal parts fashion and function.


Leatherology Magnetic Money Clip, $40

Hate the thought of having to carry a wallet in your pocket all day? If you’re the type that always carries cash, a simple money clip or a minimalist wallet may be all you need.

The Leatherology Magnetic Money Clip is one of our favorites. It comes in a range of colors in full-grain Italian leather, and the magnets are super strong so you’ll never have to worry about your money falling out.

Sized to hold ten folded bills, this full-grain leather money clip is easy to carry in any pocket. If you’re looking to be extra-sophisticated, Leatherology will customize it with your monogram for an extra $10.

What Is the Best Wallet For a Man?

The best wallet for you all depends on your style, what you like, and what you feel comfortable with. Maybe you are a front pocket wallet guy or maybe you like the look of a leather bi-fold or all you need is a money clip wallet, all that matters is finding the right wallet for you.

Not in love with any of the styles on our list? Here are some other great wallets that might be more your style.

And do yourself this favor: keep your budget in check. There’s no greater irony than maxing out a credit card to buy an expensive wallet that will hold nothing more than maxed out credit cards!

You’ll notice none of these wallets have little bottle openers or multitools attached, these are wallets for men. Say goodbye to your duck tape or aluminum wallet and invest in an adult wallet. A good wallet will last for years, all you have to do is decide what style to get for your everyday carry.

After all, the best wallet to have is one that’s filled with spending money so you can treat yourself to lots of nice, new things.

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