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If you ask anyone in my family, they will tell you I have an obsession with jigsaw puzzles. My husband will tell you once I start a puzzle, I am glued to the table and completely ignore the outside world until it is complete, which gives him plenty of time to binge some video games.

Finding a quality puzzle can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Sure, there are tons of puzzles at your local Walmart or Hobby Lobby, but will the pieces be hard to fit together? Will the backing start to peel off the pieces? With the scene be too easy to put together? The struggle is real! 

With many families staying home, there is even more time to spend together, and what better way to bond than doing a puzzle? Jigsaw puzzles challenge your mind, enhance your memory and are very therapeutic. 

Are Puzzles Good For You? 

While my entire family makes fun of me endlessly for loving puzzles, there are actually many benefits. 

Not only do puzzles allow you to unplug from the digital world and escape reality, but similar to a good book, they are also beneficial from a health perspective too. 

These are just a few benefits of tackling puzzles: 

  • Helps with short-term memory and problem-solving skills
  • Exercises the left and right side of the brain 
  • Great stress reliever 
  • Improves spatial and visual reasoning
  • Valuable family bonding 
  • Will make you live longer 

And in case you aren’t convinced that puzzles are good for you yet, a study was done by the Archives of Neurology and researchers discovered that adults who engage in activities that stimulate the brain like jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, etc. reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss. 

If you are looking for a new hobby for yourself or your entire family a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to improve your family communication skills, cognitive abilities and overall short-term memories! 

Here are the nine best Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles. 

Best Ravensburger Puzzle for the Whole Family - Frozen Friends 

Frozen Friends 

At this point, most families have seen Frozen at least once, but maybe a dozen times. The Frozen Friends puzzle is great for the whole family, and if you aren’t sick of the music yet, you can put on the soundtrack in the background while you do this winter wonderland puzzle. 

With only 200 pieces, kids won’t get too frustrated and is a great screen-free afternoon activity. The panoramic puzzle features all of your favorite characters and is recommended for ages 8+. 

If Frozen isn’t your favorite there are plenty of other Disney and Pixar classics in the Ravensburger collection. 

Best Ravensburger Puzzle to Escape Reality - Dragon


Can you even consider it a real fantasy without a dragon? The 1,000-piece Ravensburger Dragon puzzle is a sight to see. The attention to detail in this puzzle makes it a challenge. I would probably start with the borders and end with the dragon if I were to tackle this one.  

This puzzle is fierce and magically, just like dragons in any fantasy story. 

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Best Animal Ravensburger Puzzle - At the Waterhole

At the Waterhole

The At the Waterhole puzzle is definitely meant for a puzzle lover. You will need to carve out some time and space for this 18,000 piece puzzle. It is over 9 feet long and 6ft tall. I am not quite sure where you would have enough room to do this puzzle, but once you finished it, it will be quite a masterpiece. 

Not to mention it features all of the best safari animals all in one scene. 

Best Ravensburger Puzzle of a Puzzle - The Puzzle’s Palette 

The Puzzle’s Palette 

Have you ever done a puzzle of puzzle pieces? I can’t say I have. The Puzzle’s Palette is bound to leave any puzzler puzzled. Say that three times fast. 

I love the bright colors on this puzzle, but without a storyline, you might need to set aside a good amount of time to finish this 1,000-piece puzzle. I would probably try to knock out the puzzle trays and the go onto the pieces by color shade if I were tackling this bad boy. 

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Best Ravensburger Puzzle for a Wanderlust Escape - London


If you are anything like me, you are itching to travel. Quarantine has really made me stir crazy, and it seems like all I want to do is get out of town! Since we can’t just jump on a plane and head to Europe anymore, this London puzzle is a great way to try and escape. 

This 1,000 piece panorama puzzle offers the iconic locations London is known for like the London Eye, The Big Ben, Westminster Bridge, the beautiful Thames and more. Just make yourself a cup of black tea and a scone, and it will almost be like you are there seeing the real thing… 


Best Ravensburger Puzzle for the Aspiring Puzzle Master - Magical Bookcase 

Magical Bookcase 

The Magical Bookcase is an 18,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. You will get lost with all of the colors and characters in this puzzle. With surprising bookshelf objects and tiny houses hidden within the scene, this colorful puzzle comes to life.  

I own the Bizarre Bookshop 2, which is actually the same puzzle in the bottom right corner of the Magical Bookcase. Every time I start the 1,000 piece puzzle, I remember why it is so fun and challenging. The colors and weird objects you discover each time you put it together makes it exciting each and every time. 

Best Ravensburger Puzzle for Memory Training - Krypt Silver

Krypt Silver

As much as I love puzzles, I have to admit I have never dabbled in a monochromatic one. 

Just looking at the Krypt Silver, you can tell it is going to be a brainbuster. If gold is more your thing, they have a Krpyt Gold as well. You might need to bust out a bottle of wine when you take on this brain buster.  

In order to complete this puzzle, I think you just have to keep going and trust yourself! 

Best Ravensburger 3D Puzzle - Solar System 3D Puzzle Set 

Solar System 3D Puzzle Set 

I can’t be the only one who remembers making a solar system diorama in school. If you didn’t make a solar system, you most definitely made a dinosaur or rainforest-themed one. 

This Solar System 3D Puzzle Set is the adult version of dioramas. You can build out the eight different planets and create your own solar system at home. Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard, Pluto is no longer a planet. 

So your very eager mother can’t serve pizzas anymore. But instead, you can say, my very eager mother just serves us nachos if you are looking for a way to remember all of the planets!   


Best Ravensburger Puzzle for the Puzzle Master - Memorable Disney Moments

Memorable Disney Moments

The 40,000 piece Memorable Disney Moments puzzle is going to take you some time to finish. You will also need a pretty large space to put this jigsaw puzzle together since it is over 6 feet tall and 22 feet wide, making it the biggest puzzle in the entire world.

This magical Disney puzzle has ten different hand-drawn scenes from Cinderella to Peter Pan to The Lion King and more! 

And there is a hidden Mickey Mouse bonus in each scene, making it a puzzle within a puzzle. I told you this one is for the puzzle masters! 

Now you know puzzles are great for your brain and can help you live longer, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these Ravensburger puzzles and get lost in the magical world of puzzling. 

Whether you are diving into a new puzzle solo or with a family member, make sure to have drinks and snacks on deck, I know from experience, once you start it’s hard to stop! 

And remember, puzzles are great for all ages. From 8 to 88, puzzles will still challenge you, and that is a beautiful thing. 

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Sep 2, 2020

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