You’re an adult now. You work hard; you take care of the kids; you’re always doing things for others. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. 

Get the appetizers ready, mix up the cocktails and invite your friends over. It’s time for an old-fashioned adult game night.

Here are some of our favorite games for your next adult game night.

Cards Against Humanity

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You’ve been politically correct, pleasant and respectable at work and around your kids all week— enough of that. Pack up the kids and ship them out to grandma’s; it’s time to let loose.

If you don’t already know about Cards Against Humanity, you should. It’s raunchy, wrong and fun all at the same time. Think Apples to Apples, but dirty and offensive. There is one main topic, and you have to select the card that applies best to that topic.

The answers can be funny, dirty and even non-sensical. One thing they are not is boring.

Some of the cards can be pretty bad, so it’s best to play with friends that you are really comfortable with. This is not the game to bring to your next office party.

Drink A Palooza

Just when you thought your drinking game days were over. We found a board game that combines all of your favorites into one.

Drink A Palooza features some of the classics like Pong, Flip Cup and Quarters. The game comes with ping-pong balls, a deck of playing cards, dice, six-game pieces and mini bottles that you have to collect to win the game.

You may choose to heed the manufacturer’s warning: “DRINK-A-PALOOZA can be played with any type of drink such as soda, water, juice and IS NOT INTENDED for alcohol,” or then again you may not.

What Do You Meme?

Even though this is an adult game, it will make you feel like a teenager all over again. Well, a teenager in today’s world anyway. 

The object of the What Do You Meme? card game is to create the funniest Meme by pairing different combinations of caption cards with popular pictures from the web cards.

While not as inappropriate as other games on this list, it should be reserved for that 17 and older crowd due to some adult-targeted content.

Telestrations After Dark

If you are a big Pictionary fan, you will love Telestrations After Dark. It’s like a visual version of the old kids game telephone, except the subject matter is a little more risqué, and instead of whispering your phrase, you draw it. 

The drawings tend to lean more towards the NSFW category. Of course, if you are a lousy artist, then most of your Pictionary entries probably look like that too.

Included in the game box are whiteboards and dry erase markers so you have everything you need to play the game, except, of course, that bottle of wine you’ll have to chug to help your mind unsee what your friend just drew.


You have that friend that always has to take an argument to the next level or brings up the most absurd scenario that you could ever imagine. Well, invite them over, you’ve got a game for them.

Superfight creates ridiculous characters with ridiculous attributes like Abraham Lincoln with laser eyes and Darth Vader in a force field bubble and pits them against each other in a battle to the end. You have to convince the others why your character would win the fight.

This game involves a lot of yelling and a lot of twisting of reality, so if you have teenagers, you’ve had a lot of preparation for this. 

Nasty Things

Nasty Things is the more “grown-up” version of Scategories. You write down a response to a topic such as “things you shouldn’t put in your mouth.” Be aware, everyone’s answers are read out loud to the group.  

How could your friends honestly think you would say something like that? Maybe it’s because you would.

Wits End Trivia Game

If your group typically finds board games boring and mind-numbing, then liven it up with Wits End, a mind-challenging game. This game combines trivia, riddles, brain teasers and more into one game.

You basically just move your piece through the board and try to answer the questions correctly along the way. The questions and riddles will test your knowledge of pop culture, history, geography, arts, science and more. 

Show off your smarts (or your not-so-smarts) with this highly intellectual game. It’s very challenging and also very fun.

It’s Time to Party

Stock up on your games. You are now ready to host the best adult game night ever!

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Dec 23, 2019

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