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Top 7 Reasons to Go On a Yoga Retreat

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Have you ever contemplated going on a yoga retreat but aren’t quite certain of what they entail? You see pictures on social media and they look so relaxing and refreshing.

Want to know if attending one is the right fit for you? Here are the top 7 reasons and benefits of attending a yoga retreat.

1. It’s a Vacation you Don’t Have to Plan

I mean, can you beat that? Your daily lodging, accommodations, meals, daily yoga classes and excursions are typically all planned and included in the retreat price. You simply need to book your flight and show up.

If you are someone that loves to travel or is ready for a refresh, but the thought of planning a trip gives you anxiety, retreats may be just your thing!

2. It’s an Opportunity to Disconnect

Yoga retreats offer a unique opportunity to disconnect from reality.

Based on the vibe, itinerary or even the remote location, you are forced to disconnect from the outside world for several days. You disconnect from your habitual phone use. You disconnect from your work and the people back home. You disconnect from your list of to-dos and responsibilities.

This disconnection is so freeing and by the time you return home, you feel refreshed and recharged!

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3. It’s an Opportunity to Reconnect

Two blonde women squatting and meditating by the water

Attending a yoga retreat helps you disconnect from your typical stimuli (technology and to-dos), while simultaneously reconnecting you to yourself.

The days you spend on a retreat are filled with yoga, self-reflection, adventure, connection, peace and relaxation. And most of us don’t implement these things in our daily routines enough.

This reconnection to yourself may help you clarify your life circumstances, give you space to assess your needs moving forward, allow you to be creative and declare new ventures, and will likely become a reset button for your head and your heart so you can return home with a deeper understanding of yourself.

4. You will be Surrounded by Like-minded Humans

The people you meet at yoga retreats become new friends and may even feel like family.

If yoga, wellness, self-love, adventure, nature and spirituality are important to you – the connections you make with the other attendees will feel “like home.”

5. You will Grow

Blonde woman doing a lunge with prayer hands in the water

Retreats are meant to be fun, relaxing and fulfilling, yet there may be an element of discomfort or vulnerability – especially if you attend solo.

This is to be embraced, and you will leave stronger for it. You may be visiting a location you have never been, while also giving over control of your schedule to the retreat leader. You may even try new things on excursions (zip lining, white water rafting, new foods, experience new cultures, etc). This can be uncomfortable but is all part of the experience.

You can perceive this as stressful or as freeing. Regardless, you are going to leave a different person because of your transformational experiences.

6. You will Learn New, Healthy Habits

Yoga retreats are run with your whole well-being in mind. Because of this, your daily schedule will include habits that you may not be used to, but get to be exposed to. Most retreats incorporate daily yoga classes, meditation, fresh and healthy meals and built-in relaxation time.

By practicing these things each day, you may feel empowered to implement these habits back home. What a gift that would be!

7. You Deserve it

Two women doing yoga poses together

When was the last time you invested in your mind, body, and soul? Retreats are tailored to spoil you; at least that is how we run ours. It’s about time you treat yourself!

Yoga retreats are unique, adventurous and healing experiences. If you are thinking about joining one, we fully support it!

We do suggest you do a little research on who is hosting, what style of yoga they offer and what is included in the retreat pricing. This does vary. If you are curious about our upcoming retreat, click here.

The Top 7 reasons to attend a yoga retreat include:

  • It’s a vacation you do not have to plan
  • It’s an opportunity to disconnect
  • It’s an opportunity to reconnect
  • You will be surrounded by like-minded humans
  • You will grow
  • You will learn new, healthy habits
  • You deserve it

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