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20 of The Best Star Wars Moments [Highlights From Our Favorite Space Opera]

In 1977, Star Wars grabbed us and took us on a mythic journey captivating us for over four decades. Here are the greatest moments of the three trilogies. 
Health & Wellness

How to Avoid Getting Razor Bumps

Shaving doesn’t need to be a bumpy ride. We’ll give you a step by step shaving guide to keeping your skin looking smooth and razor bump free. 

Tipping Etiquette In Europe

Part of being a good traveler is knowing how to tip, unfortunately it can get really confusing. Here are details about standard tipping etiquette in Europe. 

Academy Awards Preview: The Full List of the 2020 Oscar Nominations [And Where to Stream, Rent or Buy Them]

Time to catch up on your movies, fill out your ballot & stock up on popcorn. Here's the full list of Academy Award nominations and where to stream them.
Pop Culture

21 Images From The ‘80s That Will Instantly Take You Back

Let’s go back and look at some of the big trends, big fashions and big moments of the 1980s. Fasten your seat belts. It may be a bumpy ride!
Health & Wellness

Why Sleep Matters To Your Health [And How to Improve Your Sleep]

Just like breathing & eating, you literally cannot live without sleep. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of sleep - and how to get better sleep.

The 12 Top Moments in Women’s Olympic Figure Skating History

Often embraced as the darlings of the Olympics, here are 12 best performances in women's Olympic figure skating history that left the world in awe (& shock). 

10 '70s TV Shows That Changed Television Forever

The '70s were a time of huge social change in America. Let’s take a look at the '70s TV shows that launched us into the modern era.