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Food & Beverage

What Your Drink Order Says About You [According to Bartenders]

According to bartenders, they can tell a lot from your drink order. We've done some investigating, and here’s what your go-to order says about you.

17 Images From the ‚Äė90s That Will Definitely Take You Back

From the pop stars to presidential scandals, the '90s had it all. Check out these dope images from the days of dial-up and be transported back in time.
Fashion & Beauty

How To Get Rid of a Hickey [10 Tips To Help Your Love Bite Disappear]

If it’s not turtleneck season and you don’t feel like flying your freaky-deeky flag in public, here are 10 tips that should help you with your hickey.
Fashion & Beauty

The Beginner’s Guide To Dermaplaning [Derma-What?]

With so many derma-something treatments, keeping up with every single beauty trend can make your head spin. Here’s the lowdown about dermaplaning, darlings. 

The 15 Best Movies of 2019 [And Where to Stream Them]

From classic period pieces to dark comedies and gripping dramas, it seems there was a little something for everyone. Here are the 15 best films from 2019.
Pop Culture

15 Ways Harry and Meghan Have Broken Royal Protocol [The Couple Formerly Known As Senior Royals]

Harry and Meghan are turning away from their royal family roles. Here are 15 instances when this pair of mavericks thumbed their nose at tradition. 

The Full List of the 2020 Oscar Nominations and WINNERS [And Where to Stream, Rent or Buy Them]

Time to catch up on your movies, fill out your ballot & stock up on popcorn. Here's the full list of Academy Award nominations, winners & where to stream them.
Health & Wellness

Colonoscopy Prep Tips For First-Timers [Don’t Sweat the Prep]

Getting prepared for a colonoscopy is a much longer process than the procedure itself. Here are colonoscopy prep tips for first-timers.