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35 "Friends" Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Think you know everything about Friends? Think again. Here are 35 facts about Friends that will blow your mind. We're willing to bet at least a few will shock you.

The Battle Of The Best Disney Villains

They’re evil. Twisted. Maniacal. Malevolent. And highly entertaining. They’re the bad guys we love to hate. That's right, we're talking about the best (or worst) Disney villians. Welcome to the cartoon showdown.
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Why You Need To Get An Air Fryer

Healthier fried food isn’t the only reason buying an air fryer is a great idea. As it turns out, this nifty little machine has a lot to offer. So here’s a little 411 on the “It” appliance of the moment. 

What To Do in Mexico When You’re Not Partying [Hidden Wonders That Will Amaze You]

From underground sinkholes to hidden jungle ruins, Mexico will wow you with its natural wonders and ancient civilizations. And it’s all right next door to the USA. Here are 6 things you shouldn’t miss when traveling south of the border.
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Why Vegetarians From the '60s Are So Much Tougher Than You

So you think it’s hard being a vegetarian sometimes, huh? Well, it was a lot harder back in the day. Here are 14 reasons why vegetarians in the ‘60s had it so much tougher than you.

The Definitive Guide to TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check will change the way you travel and make getting through airport security a breeze. Check out our complete guide to TSA Pre-Check to learn about the benefits, the application process, alternatives and more.

The History of Blackout Wednesday (Featuring the First Official Drinksgiving Holiday Poem)

Blackout Wednesday is the annual night before Thanksgiving when thousands of people descend on the bars to celebrate the start of a 4-day holiday weekend. Let's look at the history of this debaucherous holiday and celebrate with a poem.