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How To Start A Doggie Dental Routine

Just like humans, dogs are prone to plague, tartar and tooth decay. Keep your pet's teeth pearly white and in good health by starting a good dental routine.

10 of the Top Life Jackets For Dogs

To help you and your best bud enjoy the dog days of summer, we’ve put together a list of some of the best life jackets for dogs. Long live summer fun!
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Why You Need A Jade Roller

Whether you are into crystals or not, you should seriously consider adding a jade roller to your skincare routine. And here's why.
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8 Of Our Favorite Lululemon Leggings (And The Lowdown On Which Fabric Is Best For You)

To help you find the Lululemon leggings that are perfect for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite styles. Here are 8 options, with a special focus on fabric.

What Is Pretty Litter?

Upgrade your litterbox with pretty litter. Designed with your pet in mind, pretty litter helps you keep a tab on your cat's health. Happy cat, happy life.
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The Top 10 Mystery Subscription Boxes Like Hunt A Killer For Master Sleuths

Have you dreamed about being an investigator or venturing into the head of a serial killer? These 10 mystery subscription boxes are your creepy dream come true.

Gas vs. Charcoal: The Ultimate Summer Grill Battle

It’s a matter that’s been dividing bbq masters for years, and the argument is as heated as ever: gas or charcoal? We'll help you find the right one for you.

How To Clean A Shower Head

Cleaning your shower head–it's a thing. If this is news to you, don't worry. Here are two foolproof ways to clean yours and keep it running like a champ.