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15 Best Anniversary Gifts For Her [Shopper’s Guide]

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So, you’ve got an anniversary coming up? 

Looking for the perfect way to say, “I love you?”

Gift-giving is not always easy. And as a woman who has also been married to a woman for the last ten years, I happen to basically be your expert on women’s anniversary gifts. 

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, a dating anniversary or another special day, we’ve got the best anniversary gifts for her all in one sweet location. 

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She’s You’re Girlfriend

These anniversaries are your opportunity to show her you are learning who she is and what she’s interested in. 

When you’re dating, celebrating even the small things can be exciting thanks to the newness of the “honeymoon period.” Now, if you’ve been dating long enough for your relationship to be starting Kindergarten, you may want to check out some ideas in the next section.

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Keep date night fun and exciting with this Date Night Poster. Each week try a new date on the poster. Challenge yourselves to pick the ones you aren’t initially interested in, as trying something new together is a great relationship builder.  

Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

We know they sound somewhat cheesy and would almost never recommend something heart-shaped, but this photo collage makes killer wall art. Plus, it’s a thoughtful memento of the memories you choose to shared and doesn’t look like something leftover from Valentine’s Day.

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Locket Necklace

Locket Necklace

Locket necklaces are such a classy and traditional way to show your love is true. Fill with a photo or small memento from a special day, and it’s sure to be her first pick from the jewelry box. With an optional monogram charm and chain length up to 30″, this can truly be a personalized gift she’ll love.     

She’s Your Wife

Shopping for the best wedding anniversary gifts is going to become a skill you hone. Well, if you want to keep having anniversaries, that is. Nail that one-year anniversary, and the things will be infinitely easier the following year. 

A Couples Journal

A Couples Journal

This Couples Journal says more than Happy Anniversary. It says you look forward to discovering each other over the next three years, and that is the real gift here. 

My wife and I have one similar, and it has made an excellent keepsake to look back during our ten years of marriage. 

Custom Reel Viewer

Custom Reel Viewer

Do you remember these from being a kid? The Custom Reel makes such a unique way to look back at your favorite wedding photos! Personally, this is my favorite for one-year anniversaries. Pair with a romantic dinner in and take a stroll down memory lane to that most magical day you said, “I do.”

Birth Month Flower Gift Set

Birth Month Flower Gift Set

I offer this as an alternative to buying cut flowers, though I have no issues with flowers being a part of an anniversary present.  With this flower gift set, she can watch something grow as a symbol of your ever-growing love for her. 

She’s Been Your Wife, Like, Forever

She’s been your wife for so long it is hard to think of what to get her this year! We’ve got you covered.

Anniversary Band

Anniversary Band

The Anniversary Band is traditionally added to her wedding set. It should not be confused with an Anniversary Ring, which is commonly worn on the ring finger of her right hand. Visiting the jeweler that supplied her wedding ring set may be a good place to start as there may be coordinating options available. 

Don’t feel like you have to stick to diamonds either. If your wifey has an eclectic or nontraditional style, a bright gemstone may be the perfect gift for her. 

Custom Family Portrait

Custom Family Portrait

These custom family portraits from Etsy are the perfect, just-stylized-enough-to-be totally-unique, alternative to traditional family portraits. With the framing and sizing options available to fit any home decor and customization to say, “I love you,” however, those words flow for you. She will truly be touched by the personalization and thought that went into your anniversary gift. 

Timeless Classic –  The First Date Remake

Couple laughing with ice cream

This one will take some planning and organization, but the payoff is well worth it. 

Start by recreating the location of your first date, decide if this is something you can feasibly do in your own home or better yet if the location still exists, maybe it’s time for a little getaway?

Next, add the details. Take her back in time to that first date when she laid her eyes on you and knew you were the one. Amazon is your friend in this one. Look for specific props and accessories for you and her to wear and fill the space with.

Finally, get the ambiance right. Lighting, music, smells, put in the effort to really get all her senses activated in this trip down memory lane. 

She’s Your Mom or Mom’s Mom.

At some point in your life, you will need to celebrate the anniversaries of your parents and their parents if you’re lucky. Selecting gifts for the matriarchs of the family can be a little daunting. What can you get women who gave you everything?

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Watch her face light with memories from her past with the New York Times Custom Anniversary Book. This keepsake book features every New York Times front page from the day she said “I do” to her most recent anniversary. 

Wine Subscription

Winc wine subscription box

If Mom or Grams imbibe, seriously consider gifting a Wine Subscription and keep the celebration going every month. This is a great gift for all of the siblings to go in on together and continue to renew for years to come. 

Send Her to the Spa

Woman getting facemask at a spa

Most women can find some treatment they want at the spa. Massage, polish-free manicure and entire beauty day, spa treatments are varied, and it feels so good to be pampered.

We’ve Got You’re Back

As long as you put in the effort and show her you’ve considered and paid attention to her basic likes and interests, you should be fine.  Just in case you go astray or feel unsure, here are some general rules to follow:

General Rules

  1. Gift Cards and Cash are bad ideas, save the Gift Cards for her birthday
  2. No Fitness Equipment or Kitchen Gadgets
  3. Shop for her yourself. She will know if you let her best friend pick out her “perfect gift.” Ask suggestions, but ultimately it should come from you. 
  4. Try to get creative –  Etsy  & Uncommon Goods are perfect for searching unique anniversary gifts for her. 
  5. …but flowers are still appreciated.

We do have one notable exception.  As Jane Austen said, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a well-loved kitchen, must be in want of a KitchenAid Mixer.”  

Well, it was something like that, at least. This is considered by many to be an heirloom appliance that she may even fantasize about passing to her kids someday, and totally allowable as an anniversary present. 

Make it a more romantic gift by pairing it with a fancy apron and tucking in a note or letter her know how much you look forward to watching her cook in this. Dare we say, and only this?

Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget

The bottom line, there’s never a good excuse to forget an anniversary. You can’t even use pandemic as an excuse anymore, thank you 2020. Pop your wedding date in your calendar app and schedule a reminder. Easy.

While you’re at it, do the same things for your parents and grandparents’ wedding dates. We’re scoring points here, remember?  

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The 15 Best Anniversary Gifts for Her: 

  1. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster
  2. Heart-Shaped Photo Collage
  3. Locket Necklace
  4. A Couples Journal
  5. Custom Reel Viewer
  6. Birth Month Flower Gift Set
  7. Anniversary Band
  8. Custom Family Portrait
  9. Timeless Classic –  The First Date Remake
  10. New York Times Custom Anniversary Book
  11. Wine Subscription
  12. Send Her to the Spa
  13. Flowers
  14. KitchenAid Mixer
  15. Fancy Apron

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