The 10 Best Cooking Shows To Watch Right Now

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Cooking shows are not what they used to be. What once started as video recipes from well-known chefs has now evolved into cooking-related game shows and competitions, like who can create something edible using these 5 questionable “ingredients.”

These days it seems we don’t need to be looking for new recipes to try or learning how to cook to be watching food TV… We are perfectly happy observing people stuff their faces! Watching Adam Richman take down a 5-pound burger could inspire hope and belief that truly anything is possible, or make you feel really good about yourself.  Either stance is a positive one.

With so much to choose from in the network of food, it really depends on the mood you’re in. History, comedy, gameshow, travel;  It’s all here for you to consume!

Here are the 10 best cooking shows to watch.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain is an icon chef and extremely trustworthy in terms of knowing where to go and what to eat. If cuisines around the world interest you (and they should), Parts Unknown has most likely been on your recently watched.

If you happen to be traveling anytime soon, check and see if Bourdain has filmed an episode at your destination. Chances are that he has been there and done that, and has some incredible insight on the must-eats around that city.

Watch Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on Amazon Prime Video 

Nailed it

Feeling down about your latest Tasty-inspired at-home creation? You’re certainly more skilled than 99% of the contestants on Nailed It!  This show takes 3 people with little to no experience in the kitchen and puts them to the test with numerous challenges designed for absolute failure.

This Netflix series has 3 seasons and 16 hilarious episodes.

Watch Nailed It on Netflix

Ugly Delicious

Celebrity chef David Chang goes all-in on his show Ugly Delicious, showing various dishes and how they have evolved. This show brings to light certain things that most likely never really crossed your mind when you were eating.

It isn’t always pretty either, my personal favorite, an episode about all things “Fried Chicken” that dives deep into the dark past of my favorite food.

With a second season coming out very soon, it’s a good idea to start streaming season 1 immediately.

Watch Ugly Delicious on Netflix 


Netflix documentary Cooked explains how each element is used, particularly in the cooking process.  Humans have a primal need to cook and create new flavors, and Cooked does an excellent job of representing just how that’s done, from the beginning of time to now.

You can enlighten yourself with a rich cooking history mini marathon of all 4 episodes on Netflix.

Watch Cooked on Netflix

The Great British Baking Show

American cooking shows should take notes from this one. The Great British Baking Show might just be the only show where you will see contestants cheering each other on! We need this kind of positivity in our lives.

You can now enjoy 10 seasons of the binge-worthy Great British Baking Show. With quirky contestants and hosts, it’s easily one of the most adored cooking shows!

Watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix


Chopped is a fast-paced and dramatic cooking game show.

After 40 seasons they are still going strong with a bigger fan base than ever.  As you probably know, in this show contestants compete against each other to make a dish using very particular ingredients given to them by the judges. Historically, there is at least one ingredient that is less than appetizing, but the rules of the show say every ingredient must be used.

Watch Chopped on Hulu

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Street Food

In parts of Asia, food stands are the most popular way to grab a quick bite. Street Food takes you on a trip overseas and shows you the real gems that are being cooked right there on the sidewalk. As an American, it’s easy to walk past something like this and say “no thanks”, but this show will quickly show you what a disservice that would be to yourself.

With 9 episodes in the first season, we can only hope season 2 is around the corner. Make sure you treat yourself to this deliciously exciting show.

Watch Street Food on Netflix

Fuck, That’s Delicious

Streaming now on Viceland, you can watch the edgy creation Fuck, That’s Delicious with your host Action Bronson. The man who has his hand in everything.

This show follows Action while he eats upscale cuisine, street meats, and everything in between.  If you’re familiar with him, you know his dialogue is hilarious and he holds nothing back.

The series currently has 3 seasons and has already been renewed for a 4th. We’re ready for the next!

Watch Fuck, That’s Delicious on Vice 

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

If you have learned anything from this list, it’s that David Chang is consistently putting out binge-able food-related content. In this particular series, he travels to 4 different destinations, each with a different celebrity friend.

4 episodes just weren’t enough for me; I’m ready for season 2!

Watch Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Netflix

The Mind of A Chef

Each season follows a well-known chef and shows you their ideas of what it is to be in the culinary industry.  Everyone from David Chang to April Bloomfield, and a ton more star in this series. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s narrated by Anthony Bourdain himself.

Now you’re curious, right?

Watch all 86 episodes on Netflix.

A word to the wise:  Don’t watch cooking shows on an empty stomach!

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