15 Of The World’s Best Nude Beaches [Sun’s Out, Buns Out]

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For many of us in the world right now, any kind of vacation may seem like a faraway fantasy. But quarantine will come to an end (hopefully sooner than later), and we’ll be free to roam the globe once again.

Hopefully, with it comes a new sense of appreciation and a willingness for adventure.

So whether you’re a naturist that already likes to put it all out there or just a cooped up soul fantasizing about a complete sense of liberty, we’ve put together a list of some of the world’s best nude beaches.

Here’s hoping that soon we’re all free to frolic on the beaches of our dreams in whatever degree of dress that makes us happy.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Columbia

If you’re looking for a truly faraway place to bare it all, this clothing-optional beach in Columbia draws backpackers and adventurous travelers from around the world.

Situated in a national park, you’ll have to hike for over two hours through a lush jungle or take a several hour boat ride to arrive.

But the long trek is worth it. Once there, you’ll be rewarded with stunning scenery and a genuinely laid back atmosphere.

Valalta Beach, Rovinj, Croatia

This award-winning naturist campsite on the Adriatic Sea seems to have it all. Its two miles of beaches feature secluded coves, plenty of shade trees and idyllic vineyards.

There’s also a pool with a water slide and an on-site brewery. When it comes to nude beach amenities and great views, Valalta definitely has you covered.

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

This picturesque beach got its name (not surprisingly) from the red sandstone cliffs that surround it. Hippies from around the world flocked to its cobalt waters starting in the 1960s, and it has remained a naturist haven ever since.

Oh, and those carvings of animals and faces you see in the limestone are not ancient works of art. They were actually carved by an eccentric Frenchman back in the ‘90s. C’est crazy, no?

One tip: be sure to bring some water as it’s a bit of a hike down.

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

This well protected cove is flanked by high shrubs and craggy volcanic rocks. And while not an officially recognized nude beach, the law hasn’t been enforced here for years.

The beach is part of Makena State Park and overlooks a national marine sanctuary which is home to dolphins, turtles, whales and tropical fish.

On Sundays, you’ll even find a drum circle and fire dancers. It’s definitely a little piece of paradise.

Neve Midbar, North Dead Sea, Israel

In this private resort at the north end of the Dead Sea, you can float in the ultra buoyant waters and smear yourself all over in the soothing black mud. Not an experience you can have at just any nude beach.

It’s also one of the few places in the Middle East where nudity is allowed. Definitely a unique location for going au natural.

Spiaggia di Guvano, Vernazza, Italy

Northfoto / Shutterstock

This gorgeous beach on the Italian Cinque Terre can only be reached by an old abandoned railway tunnel. It’s a stunning location, but also a bit primitive. The beach is made of pebbles instead of sand, but the water is amazingly clean and inviting. And you won’t find tons of tourists.

And while you won’t need a bathing suit, you will need supplies as there are no facilities (and a flashlight for the dark tunnel). Perfect for the naturist that doesn’t mind roughing it a bit.

Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

Of course Ibiza would have a nude beach! This one is located on the island’s southernmost point. And each part of the beach has its own special scene. There’s a party section, a gay section and a middle section where the nude sunbathers like to hang.

There’s even a section where flamingos like to chill. Yes, every form of wildlife has its place here.

Cap d’Agde Beach, France

If baring it all on the beach isn’t enough for you, you’ll want to visit the naturist village, also known as “Naked City.” It’s the world’s largest clothing optional beach, and you can go naked anywhere you like.

That’s right. Restaurants. Stores. The post office. It’s a big naked free for all. By the way, nudity on the beach here is actually obligatory here. So don’t bring any shy companions along.

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Although nude sunbathing isn’t legal here, this Pacific Coast beach has been a hangout for the clothing optional crowd since the 1960s.

The main beach is packed with hotels and restaurants. But you’ll find far more privacy at Playa del Amor on the eastern end.

Fun fact: The beach scenes from the movie “Y Tu Mamá También were shot here.

Lady Bay Beach, Sydney Australia

Known as “Lady Jane Beach” among locals, this clothing optional beach sits on a narrow strip of golden sand inside the south head of Sydney Harbor.

Despite being so close to the city, it still feels incredibly secluded. And though it’s a part of Australia’s national parks, no worries – nudity is legal here.

Tahiti Beach, St. Tropez, France

This world renowned beach is often frequented by celebrities. But don’t try taking any pictures. It’s bad etiquette, and they often travel with bodyguards.

Jet-setting crowd aside, this beach has a chill, private vibe and should definitely be on your list.

Haulover Beach Park, Miami, Florida

Haulover is Florida’s only legally recognized nude beach. This hotspot is absolutely packed with amenities and frequented by visitors from around the globe.

You’ll find concession stands, picnic tables, umbrellas, showers, restrooms and even security guards to keep out the gawkers.

No wonder it’s so popular for letting the sun shine where it normally doesn’t.

Banana Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Patryk Kosmider

Often called one of the best nude beaches in Greece, this natural haven is actually a collection of three beautiful bays. You’ll walk down a footpath lined with olive groves to find curved yellow sand beaches (thus the name Banana Beach) and pristine waters.

Tip: during peak season, nude sunbathers usually frequent Little Banana as the main beach is frequented by clothed tourists.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

No, it’s not exactly a tropical getaway. But this 3-mile long beach was nominated to be one of Canada’s seven natural wonders.

There’s no road access so you’ll have to hike to the beach by a forest trail and climb down over 400 stairs. Located near the University of British Columbia, it’s popular with students and certain sections can get pretty lively sometimes.

You’ll also find nude to semi-nude vendors selling refreshments, souvenirs and the ever important sunscreen

And while there are no swaying palm trees, you will be treated to a spectacular view of snow capped peaks across the water.

Les Grottes Plage, France

You’ll find this pristine beach on the island of Levant, the birthplace of nude leisure in France. Its white sand beach and calm turquoise waters make it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The best way to get there is by ferry from Le Lavandou. Once you arrive you’ll find plenty of accommodations. And while minimal clothing is a must in the village of Heliopolis, you can go au natural just about everywhere else.

Nude Beach Etiquette

Now that you know the best places to bare it all, here are a few tips about nude beach etiquette.

Don’t take pictures without permission.

Just because someone’s comfortable sans clothing in public doesn’t mean they want to end up in your vacation photograph. If you must, snap your selfie. Then tuck your phone away and enjoy the view.

Bring your own towel.

When using shared facilities like benches and lounge chairs, be sure to put something between you and the seat. It’s common sense and common courtesy.

Don’t stare.

This one seems obvious, but most nude sunbathers don’t like to be gawked at. Like you, they just want to chill as nature intended.

Don’t hassle people who keep their clothes on.

Yes, you find it liberating to bare it all. But not everyone may feel as comfortable as you. So be sure to leave other people free when it comes to their level of exposure.

Be appropriate.

Most people that go to a nude beach are there to relax, not to get erotic. Also, some resorts are family-friendly. So keep the PDAs to a minimum. Or get a room.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Yes, you hate tan lines. But you don’t want to burn those extra sensitive bits. So at least in this respect, be sure you’re covered.

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