The 6 Best Bookshelf Speakers [Mixing Books And Music]

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When it comes to home speaker systems you want the best bang for your buck.

If you enjoy entertaining at house parties, you definitely want music that will be loud enough for people to hear, but not overbearing for those wanting to have conversations. Or, you may be someone who likes to jam out to your favorite music while completing chores. Bookshelf speakers are also great additions to home theater setups.

In recent years, smart speakers have become the hot new thing, with Amazon and Apple creating the Smarthome model, many people like the convenience of having these linked systems. However, there are still those that enjoy the sound of traditional sound systems. Many older recordings need the stereo sound that single smart speakers can’t deliver.

While many wish for the loud bang of big stereo speakers, many people simply do not have the floor space. Luckily there are plenty of bookshelf speakers with hi-fi that will give you the prominent speaker sound while saving on space. These speakers are versatile enough to be placed on speaker stands or mounted on bookshelves, depending on your space.

An important thing to consider when buying new speakers is to decide what is most important in a home speaker system. You may be looking for the best, cheap option or you may want the high-end model. Also, you should consider shelf space, as making sure that your bookshelf speakers will fit where you want them; make sure you measure the shelving space and pay attention to the speaker’s dimensions. If you are in the market for a bookshelf speaker that connects to wifi or one that you can add a subwoofer to blast music, you are in luck.

And don’t worry, audiophiles, there are still plenty of top-notch bookshelf speakers to choose from. We will share the best bookshelf speakers for home theaters, living rooms and bedrooms with great sound. You can put your headphones away and upgrade to a quality in-home speaker system. Here are the 6 best bookshelf speakers of 2020.


Q Acoustics Concept 300

Q Acoustic is a European company that recently has made waves in the United States. They are a high-end speaker company, so they are more on the expensive side for bookshelf speakers. However, you will get what you pay for with these compact, high-quality speakers.

At around $4,500 these speakers have a lot to offer.

The speakers provide clarity and have a sleek design with their slightly horn-shaped silhouette to the tweeter’s front plate.  The high-end and low-end physics of the speakers allows for a good sound with many types of music. The speakers also come with a tripod stand, in case you do not have the shelf space for them.

On the downside, these speakers do not have a lot of dynamic punch. To really let them shine you will need a good amplifier. Even with this drawback, these are well-made, quality speakers for home audio.


PSB Alpha P5

PSB is a 40-year old company. They take pride in providing quality speakers at an affordable cost. While the speakers are compact, they offer an impressive degree of dynamics that customers will love. The speakers work well with all recording types and are versatile enough to give the best wireless systems a run for their money.

While these speakers perform well, there are a few drawbacks. They require a good quality subwoofer, which may offset their low cost. Also, when pushed to their limits the clarity can become fuzzed. If you are a fan of blaring heavy metal music, these speakers will not be ideal. But they would be a great addition to a home theater system for watching a movie with surround-sound.


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Wharfedale EVO4.2

As one of the oldest speaker companies in the world, Wharfedale prides itself on providing hi-fi speakers at a low cost. By outsourcing their production overseas they have low production costs, which the savings are passed on to the customer. The EVO series of speakers provide a sleek design along with a polished sound that rivals some of their higher-priced competitors. These speakers also have the upside of being versatile with your amplifiers, which can save you more money as well.

Unfortunately, these speakers require some heavy-duty stands, which can put you back $300-500 each. While these probably won’t break your budget, depending on your space it can be an issue. And they have an unparalleled bass reflex system.


Dali Spektor 2

These small speakers are perfect for the customer that does not have a lot of space but wants a lot of sound with even more bass. The speakers offer clear and dynamic sound and partner well with most existing setups. The speakers provide excellent acoustics as well as giving good high, mid and low-range sounds. The Dali Spektor 2 has a soft dome tweeter and the sound quality of a live performance.

Like some of the other systems on this list, the size and price of the Dali Spektor may make some buyers wary. These small, unassuming speakers are well made and will provide surprising enjoyment to any customer.


Elac Debut B5.2

The Elac Debut speakers are the perfect blend of low price with high performance. They are versatile and compact enough to fit most display situations. They have a robust and dynamic sound as well as an unfussy nature. You can add on a subwoofer that you can control from your phone. These speakers pack a mean punch in a small package and will give a lot of their higher-priced competition a run for their money.

With all of their upside, these speakers do have a lot of stiff competition. Their low price-tag may turn customers off with worries of low quality. However, if you give these speakers a chance, you will not be disappointed. These are great bookshelf speakers for a home office or living room.


Dynaudio Focus 20 XD

Dynaudio has become one of the leaders in wireless and active audio. The speakers come with 150-watt amps in each speaker so that there is no need for additional amplifiers. The speakers also support high-resolution digital audio streaming giving them a clear, crisp sound. Best for low to mid-range listening, these speakers can complete anyone’s home sound space. The speakers can be easily adjusted with rear control panels, as well as an app and connect to wifi so you can stream any music you want.

While these speakers offer a lot of nuances to explore the soundscape, they will not be for every listener. Those that want heavy, crunching music will not find these speakers ideal. They, unfortunately, they do not handle the heavy bass music well.


With these options, you can have a great speaker to fit your budget and lifestyle. From audiophiles to music enthusiasts, you can find the perfect home audio system for your needs.

If you want a large set of bookshelf speakers or something that will not take up too much room, there are many great affordable options for you to choose from. If you have the space for a bigger system, some of these options will be great for you as well.

As always, shop around and see what system best fits your spacing and budget.

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