Our 9 Favorite Home Items From Uncommon Goods [For Any Style]

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Finding the perfect home decor can be a challenge. You might have a Pinterest board, a favorite social media influencer or a go-to catalog where you find your home good inspiration.

Shopping is also very time consuming, and it’s extremely easy to get lost down the rabbit hole and forget what you were even looking for when you started your search.

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone it can be even more challenging to find something that will match their home and their style. You want to find a unique and memorable gift, but at the same time, you want to person to actually use this new gift!

If you haven’t looked at the Uncommon Goods website yet, you are missing out!

This online shop was founded with the idea of creating a marketplace full of items you might see at a local craft show. Fast forward 20 years and Uncommon Goods now works with thousands of independent craft makers from all over the world so you can find something cool and unique for any type of gift you are looking to give. From hot sauce kits to toddler gifts, Uncommon Goods has it all.

Uncommon Goods checks off all of the boxes and to help save you some time and energy, we have rounded up our 9 favorite home items that make great gifts or additions to your home!

Terrarium Candle 

You can never have too many candles! And these handmade Terrarium Candles are so cute and an added bonus, you can’t kill these pretty plants.

These soy wax candles come in two different scents. The cactuses are a decedent pine and vanilla and the poppy candles are a refreshing jasmine and white tea scent.

These are great to add to a nightstand, end table or brighten up a bathroom.

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Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

The Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit is great for beginner and veteran home cooks.

Not only can you try out different flavors from around the globe, but you can also create your own personalized blends.

This kit comes with staple flavors for five different cuisines with 15 different herbs and spices giving you tons of options depending your mood. Grab some tasty bread and olive oil and you will be all set!

Birthstone Mineral Soaps

Celebrate a birthday with a different kind of bubbly! These Birthstone Mineral Soaps are truly one-of-a-kind and a guaranteed conversation starter.

These small-batch handmade soaps aren’t made with molds creating realistic angles for a true gemstone shape. Each soap is approximately 4 inches wide and between 4.5 -5 ounces and made with shea butter and goat’s milk.

Here is the soap list with the corresponding birthstone from the artist:

January: Garnet – Cranberry & Cedarwood

February: Amethyst – Lavender

March: Aquamarine – Fresh Rain

April: Diamond – Crisp Water

May: Emerald – Green Tea

June: Moonstone – Tulip Bouquet

July: Ruby – Red Roses & Burgundy

August: Peridot – Water Lily & Jasmine

September: Sapphire – Blueberry

October: Opal – Apple & Jasmine

November: Citrine – White Tea & Ginger

December: Turquoise – Grapefruit & Lily of The Valley

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

Adding a little spice and sizzle to your BBQ never hurt anybody! With a hand-carved Himalayan Salt  BBQ Plank, your taste buds will be very thankful.

This is a great addition to any dinner party. From sushi night to a vegetarian feast, a salt plank will elevate every meal. Himalayan salt gives you a more in-depth flavor than traditional table salt, and it is easy to wipe clean after you use it.

Make sure to not put a Himalayan salt plank in the dishwasher or leave it in standing water because it will ruin it, and if taken care of correctly this plank will last many years!

Long Distance Friendship Frame

The Long Distance Friendship Frame is a great way to show someone you love them even if they live across the globe.

This handcrafted pine wood frame lights up and changes colors when you touch it. It’s sold as a single or as a pair. If you buy a pair and touch your frame the other frame will light up, no matter where it is in the world, letting your friend or family member know you are thinking about them!

If you want to get a frame for the whole family each member can have a different color, so when they touch their frame you know who is thinking about you, making it a pretty neat keepsake.

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Hand-Carved Heart Serving Spoon

Can you really ever have too many wooden spoons? These Hand-Carved Heart Serving Spoon’s make it so you can almost taste the love that is going into whatever you are making.

These handmade wooden spoons are made by a collection of artists in Kenya and carved out of African wild olive. This is the perfect gift for your mother, grandmother, mother in law or any special hostess in your life.

World Traveler’s Cork Globe

The World Traveler’s Cork Globe is a great addition to an office or on top of an entry table at your home. Pin places you’ve been or pin the places on your bucket list.

Another fun way to personalize your globe is to add old train tickets, museum tickets or photos from past adventures. This allows you to relive the memories every time you walk by it.

Deep Sea Sand Art

This therapeutic handmade Austrian Deep Sea Sand Art can go in pretty much any room in the house. Put in your nightstand, mantel, coffee table, bookshelf or office, and it will catch your eye every time you see it.

You will find yourself or your guests getting lost in the memorizing ever-changing shapes the sand makes as it moves from mountains to sand to clouds and oceans.

Pressed Birth Month Flower Art

It doesn’t get more beautiful than hanging pressed flowers. The Pressed Birth Month Flower Art is one of our absolute favorite items at Uncommon Goods.

You can enjoy the beauty of real flowers forever when you press them and this handmade item from Columbia is also molded with an eco-resin that seals them in place so they will stay set and smooth fully capturing and preserving their beauty.

Just like the birthstone mineral soaps, there is a flower for each month of the year.


It can be hard to find the perfect home decor to tie a room together. It can also be hard to shop for a friend or family member that has different style than you do.

But, with Uncommon Goods, there are thousands of unique and handmade items for everyone to enjoy!

Whether you are looking for something for a home cook, an old soul or a sports fanatic, you can find a unique item they will love and cherish.

Our 9 Favorite Home Items from Uncommon Goods:

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