The 7 Best Indoor Bike Racks for Small Apartments and Homes

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One of the greatest benefits of living in a city is that you can easily commute to work and run errands using your bicycle. One of the downsides is that many city-dwellers live in apartments or small homes that make bike storage a little bit of a problem.

If you lack the storage space to house your trusty stead, don’t fret because there are many utilitarian, space-saving and eye-catching indoor bike racks that can help free up some space in your living room without being a major eyesore.

In this article, we will showcase some of the best bicycle storage solutions on the market. So whether you’re looking for a wall mount to free up some floor space or a freestanding rack to fit your mountain bike and your road bike, we’ve got your covered.

When curating this list, we made sure to pay special attention to each bicycle rack’s aesthetics. Because if you live in a small apartment, your bike (and rack) will be on full display. So why not opt for a storage system that also doubles as a work of art?

CLUG Bike Clip by Hornit

Hornit claims that the CLUG Bike Clip is the “world’s smallest bike rack,” and we have no reason not to believe them. This minimalist indoor bike storage solution takes up practically no space and looks just like a cool coat hook when not in use.

The CLUG works like a traditional bike hook but looks a whole lot cooler. The small clip can be set up as a wall hanger to store your bike vertically or you can place it lower to stand your bike up on the ground using the rear wheel. Besides the super sleek design, we also love the ultra-low price (just $20).

One thing to note, like with all vertical bike racks, the tires will leave marks on your walls, so if you’re renting, we suggest you put up a protective barrier to reduce scuff marks. Also, be mindful of what size you get. Since this clip grabs on to the front wheel of your bike, you might need to size up for bigger bike tires (like mountain bikes or cruisers).

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Delta Cycle El Greco Bike Hoist

If you have a small apartment with high ceilings and not a lot of floor or wall space, then you should consider a bike lift like the Delta Cycle El Greco Bike Hoist. This unique way to store bikes actually elevates your bike in the air using a heavy-duty pulley system.

The El Greco has a weight limit of up to 50 pounds, so unless you’re riding an absolute tank built in the early 1900s, you shouldn’t have any problems. From reviews that we read, this is an extremely popular garage storage option, but we don’t see any reason that you couldn’t use this bike holder in your apartment (especially if you live in a loft with high ceilings).


Delta Cycle Michelangelo

If you’re a true cyclist, then you’ll need a bicycle stand that can hold more than a single bike. The Delta Cycle Michelangelo can fit two bikes (or up to four with this model) and has a weight limit of 80 pounds. Like a few other racks on this list, you place the bike frame directly on the rack, so if you’re really worried about scuffs on your frame (you shouldn’t be, bikes are meant to been ridden hard), then I would suggest you put some tape on your gram.

The two bike version is not a true freestanding bike rack since it has to lean against a wall, but in most instances, that’s how you would store it anyway. If you do want something completely freestanding, then the four bike model fits the bill.

Bradley Keys, Marketing Director of PatchMD also adds, “The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is a great option because it’s easy to assemble and has a very sleek design that not only looks good but also doesn’t require too much space or drilling multiple holes in your wall.”

“It also offers a few extra hooks for your bike accessories which are definitely handy in keeping your stuff organized and in one place,” Keys continues.

Bonus: If you need a freestanding rack for just two bikes, check out the Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack

Cycloc Solo

The Cycloc Solo is the first traditional bike wall mount on our list, but the Cycloc’s looks are anything but traditional. Unlike a normal bike gravity stand, the Solo wall rack allows you to rotate the rack so you can store your bike in almost any direction. It also has an asymmetrical design so you need to balance your bike to make it work. It sounds complicated but it’s actually breathtakingly simple.

We also like that the Solo features a whole in the bottom designed to fit a chain or U-lock so you can keep your bike secure (which isn’t an option on similar bike shelves).

Our biggest complaint is that it is relatively narrow, meaning that this won’t work if you have wide handlebars. But if you have a narrow road bike, this might be the bike wall hanger for you!

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Play Haus Wood and Steel Indoor Bike Wall Mount

Rustic meets industrial with this Wood and Steel Bike Shelf from Play Haus. This simple yet elegant design turns your bike into a centerpiece. The biggest downside of this minimalist design is that, like the Cycloc Solo, it doesn’t look like it would work with wider handlebars. But other than that, we’re in love.

Bonus: If you don’t like the steel from the Play Haus model and want to go with solid wood, check out this similar alternative from Pureboo.

Saris The Hottie Two Bike Home Storage

Looking for a freestanding bike rack that also doubles as a coat rack and work of art? Then look no further! The Saris “The Hottie” is without a doubt one of the coolest bike stands on the market.

This made in the USA bike storage rack can hold up to two bikes (up to 35 lbs each) and also features a shelf for storing your keys, wallet, bike lock or anything else you want close by.

Beware, it can be really tough to find The Hottie on Amazon.

Steadyrack Classic

Ok, ok… We know the Steadyrack Classic is not the sharpest looking storage solution out there, but if they’re just going up on your garage wall, who really cares? This foldable walls mounts can fit almost any bike, from kids bikes to mountain bikes, making them perfect for a family. They also swivel nearly 180 degrees from side to side, saving a ton of space if you still need to park a vehicle in the garage.

If looks aren’t a concern, you can’t go wrong with the Steadyrack.


Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to storage and aesthetics. Pick up any of these design-friendly indoor bike racks and you’ll not only save a bunch of space, but you’ll also be able to display your prized chariots with pride.

Words of warning: Just because these bike racks looks awesome, doesn’t mean that your significant other will be happy when you buy another new bike. I learned this the hard way…

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The 7 best indoor bike racks:

  1. CLUG Bike Clip by Hornit
  2. Delta Cycle El Greco Bike Hoist
  3. Delta Cycle Michelangelo
  4. Cycloc Solo
  5. Play Haus Wood and Steel Indoor Bike Wall Mount
  6. Saris The Hottie Two Bike Home Storage
  7. Steadyrack Classic

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