Are you trying to turn your tiny spare bedroom into a home office? Need to carve out space in your studio apartment so you can work from home? If you’re like most of us, your work involves the use of a laptop…and that means you’re going to need a desk.

The good news is this: lots of manufacturers and retailers design and sell desks for small spaces. And to save you hours of online shopping, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wall desks, floating desks, and secretary desks for small spaces.

If you’re on the hunt for a small desk for your tiny office or crowded apartment, check out this list of the 7 best desks for small spaces.

Cb2 Avalon Narrow Desk, $699

A modern looking gray desk in a room with a blue rug.

We’re starting off this list of the best small desks with our absolute favorite, the Avalon Desk from Cb2. This art deco-inspired design features a narrow silhouette and nickel-plated hardware. With its minimalist design and slim profile, it can be floated in the center of a room or pushed up against a wall in the smallest of spaces. 

So why did this design make the top of our list? Because it can do double duty as a vanity.

The narrow drawers are as perfect for holding cosmetics and makeup brushes as they are for holding pens and paper clips. If you spend as much (or more) time doing your makeup as you do working, this style offers the perfect blend of elegant style and purposeful function. 

Varidesk Small Standing Desk, $175

A Varidesk on top of a small table to create a standing desk.

If you’re looking for desks for small spaces, you might want to buy one that’s not even a desk at all. 

The Varidesk Small Standing Desk is a tabletop option that you can put on any flat surface. It offers nine adjustable height settings, so you can use it flat or make it 30” high. With that type of flexibility, it’s perfect for use in a small space that doesn’t offer the room for a permanent desk of any size.

What’s great about the Varidesk is that you can store it beneath your couch or bed when you’re not using it. Then, when you need to use your laptop or hand-write notes, just open it up and create the workspace you need.

Put it on your coffee table, on your kitchen countertop, or wherever you need to set up a workstation. The flexibility that comes with this standing desk is well worth the price.

IKEA Bjursta Wall Mounted Desk, $68

A small table that folds out from the wall.

The IKEA Bjursta wall-mounted table was made for two different types of people:

Minimalists who can’t tolerate clutter and people who need to squeeze a desk in a teeny, tiny space.

At a price that anyone can afford, this little tabletop is ideal for use in any small space, as it takes up almost no space at all. As long as you have three feet of empty wall, you can mount the Bjursta wall table with a few screws and a few minutes of your time.

IKEA sells this design as a dining table, but we love it as a makeshift desk. And if you’re living in a tiny space, this design can do double duty as an impromptu dining table and a laptop desk.

What’s great about this design is that you can mount it as high or as low as you like. IF you like to work while standing, mount it at counter height. If you have a favorite chair, you like to sit in, mount it to work with that chair. The possibilities are endless.

West Elm Mid-Century Mini Secretary Desk, $399

A wooden hutch style desk.

Embrace the beauty of mid-century modern design with this small secretary desk from West Elm. With slender, tapered legs, and a flip-down door, this petite desk doubles as both table and work surface, depending on how you use it.

The top shelf is perfect for displaying decorative accents. Flip down the door, and you’ll find a workspace with a little cubby to hold journals, notepads, and other office essentials.

This design requires minimal assembly. Plus, it's easy to coordinate with a variety of other West Elm pieces, many of which are designed to add style and function to the smallest of spaces.

Suave Floating Desk, $185.99

A desk that doubles as a book shelf.

The smaller your space is, the more important it is to choose multi-purpose furniture. And this floating desk is designed for exactly that. You can use it as a dining table to eat breakfast. You can use it as a place to do arts and crafts. You can use it as a place to write your first great novel, a series of love letters, or invitations and thank you notes. 

This floating desk form Birch Lane doesn’t just include a flat surface for your laptop or your notebook paper. It also boasts slotted shelves, cubbies, and a chalkboard front. The chalkboard turns this style into an instant message board so you can jot down daily reminders, love notes, poetry, or recipe ideas.

Ladder Desk, $159.99

A ladder desk.

When space is limited, you’ve got to make the most of it. And there’s no better way to do so than with a leaning ladder desk that offers lots of storage.

With two shelves and a pull-out drawer, this ladder desk from Smart Home is perfect for use in any small space. As long as you have three feet of wall space, you can incorporate this simple table/shelving unit into any space.

Multipurpose Writing Desk, $94.99

A very small writing desk.

For under $100, you can create a mini home office or workspace in the tiniest of spaces. Measuring just over 31” inches in width, this small multipurpose writing desk from Ashley Homestore is perfect for any apartment or small home office. With clean lines and without drawers, it’s the epitome of simple and chic design. 

So What Are the Best Desks For Small Spaces? 

The ones that fit your budget capture your personal sense of style, and fit where you need them to fit.

When you start shopping for a desk for your small space, remember this one thing:

The smaller your room, the more important it is to find furniture that serves multiple purposes. So when it comes time to buy your next desk, look for one that functions as a desk, vanity, and dining surface all in one!

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Nov 22, 2019

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