Building A New Mom Care Package [29 Gifts Ideas To Show Her A Little TLC]

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When a new baby arrives, they’re usually greeted with a lot of oohing, aahing and (let’s just say it) swag. Sure, there’s no denying that little ones need a lot of stuff. And a gift for a newborn is always welcome.

But with so much attention focused on the new baby, the needs of their new mother often go by the wayside. Yes, she’s probably overjoyed with her little bundle. But she’s also probably overwhelmed.

Remember, her life has just undergone a seismic shift. And with all the exhaustion and chaos that comes in those months after giving birth, she barely has time to take care of herself.

That’s why a new mom care package is not only thoughtful but can also be an actual lifesaver. Gifts that make her life easier or that give her some much-needed pampering will make her feel loved and hopefully relieve at least some of the stress she’s under.

New mom care package infographic

Christina Bell, Owner of Mom in Six shares a good rule of thumb to go by when putting together a new mom care package. Bell says, “put in something 1. she needs, but probably didn’t think about. 2. Something she will need a lot of. 3. Something to make her feel seen – a lot of the attention is about to go on the baby.”

“It’s a hard transition to be the glowing expectant mom to the tired new mom,” Bell continues.

To keep the new mother in your life happy (or at least marginally sane), we’ve put together a list of great gift ideas just for her. We’ve also broken them down into four categories that are key to creating a new mom care package that’s all about her:

  • Gifts That Make Her Life Easier
  • Gifts That Soothe and Comfort Her
  • Gifts That Feed Her
  • Gifts That Pamper and Indulge Her

Some of these gifts are practical, some are indulgent and some are a little of both.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure any new mommy will appreciate these 29 tokens of TLC.

Gifts That Make Her Life Easier

Woman with her baby

You can never go wrong with giving a new mom a gift that will make her life easier. She has to worry about her new baby, and sometimes moms forget to take care of themselves.

Dry Shampoo

Time for a bath? You must be kidding. But with a quick spray of dry shampoo, at least she can keep her hair looking like she hits the shower now and again.

BPA Free Water Bottle

Did you know that breast milk is 90% water? That’s why it’s vital for new moms to stay hydrated. Having a cute water bottle on hand is a great way to remind her to drink up.

Cherry Lacsina, Owner of It’s All Cherry adds a little more insight on why a water bottle is a great idea for a new mom. Lacsina says, “if a mom is breastfeeding, it would be good to get her a sturdy and reusable water bottle. Moms need to drink a lot of water to make sure that they’re hydrated and to keep up with the supply of milk.”

NatureBond Suction Breast Pump

For nursing mothers, every single drop of milk is precious. Often when they’re nursing a baby on one side, they also experience a letdown or leaking on the other side. This suction breast pump captures that milk so they can store it in the refrigerator for later.

It’s a huge help for moms that breastfeed!

Organic Face Wipes

Again, a shower is often a luxury for new moms. These organic wipes from Rawganic will refresh her face when she doesn’t have much time for self-care. They’re also biodegradable and even take off mascara. Not that she has time to put any on. They also make great baby wipes and feminine hygiene wipes if you want to set mama up with wipes for anything!

Yeti Mug

It may be awhile before she can drink an entire cup of tea or coffee without getting interrupted by the baby.  But when she does finally come back around for a sip, at least her drink will still be warm with a Yeti mug.

Maid Service Gift

Even moms that are normally neat freaks have a hard time keeping up with the chaos of clutter that a new arrival creates. Take a load off of her very weary shoulders with a maid service like Merry Maids. She’ll love you forever with this gift!

Gifts That will Soothe and Comfort Her

New mom getting some much desserved sleep

It may be a long time before this new mama gets a good night’s sleep or any sleep at all for that matter. These gifts will help make those sleepless nights a little more bearable.

Nursing Pajamas

In those first few months, new mothers practically live in their pajamas. A luscious pair of PJ’s or a soft nightgown will keep her feeling cozy and make things easier when it’s time to nurse.

Hindi Zeidman, Mom and Founder of The Ollie World shares a little more about why pajamas are a great gift. Zeidman adds, “since pajamas often become a mom’s uniform during baby’s first month, she might as well look spectacular! A pretty pair of comfy P.J’s can keep her feeling special.”


This soothing oil is clinically proven to repair skin damage from stretch marks and surgery scars. Something a lot of new moms have to deal with!

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can leave mama feeling chapped and sore. A little nipple cream from The Honest Company will give any new mama some much-needed relief. And because this one is organic, it’s safe for babies too!

Ruth Gordon Martin, Mother of two and Founder of Coddle also adds, “no one mentions how breastfeeding will be. The first few times baby pulls on her nipple will leave it sore, cracked or blistered.” Martin continues, “you’ll need a balm to soothe – it’s what will make a difference with how long you breastfeed.”

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Woman in bed with a salt lamp

The soft glow of this soothing salt lamp creates the perfect atmosphere for rocking babies to sleep or setting the mood for late-night feeding sessions. So much better than cringing as you turn on an overhead light at 3 a.m.!

Organic Lavender Pillow Spray

Known for its calming and relaxing quality, lavender mist is another way to help moms unwind, whether it’s night-night or nap time.

A Pair of Comfy Slippers

Most likely your new mommy friend is going to be treading the floorboards day and night. Keep her feet comfy while she’s attending to her little one. These slippers from Ultraidea are soft and plush but won’t overheat her tootsies.

Weighted Sleeping Mask

New mothers usually get little sleep. And when they do get a chance, sometimes they have trouble drifting off. This comforting weighted eye mask will relax her by putting gentle pressure on the face.

Seems simple, but it has a deeply calming effect. Something all moms could benefit from!

A Postpartum Icepack

It may not be the swankiest gift, but a postpartum ice pack will help relieve some of the pain and discomfort that a new mom experiences after birth.

Gifts to Feed Her

New mom eating in bed next to her baby

Although they spend a lot of time covered in baby food, new moms can barely feed themselves sometimes. You can never go wrong gifting food!

Leigh Anne O’Connor, Lactation Consultant and mom of three also adds that the number one gift is food. O’Connor says. “Feed the parents. And these days gift cards for meal delivery services is a big winner. Gift baskets with healthy foods are good too.”

Healthy Snacks/Lactation Snacks

A quick, healthy snack will ensure she’s getting something to nurture her body even if she has to wolf it down in two minutes!

Snacks like Kind Bars, Bobos, nuts, dried fruit and lactation muffins (yes, those are a thing) all make quick and healthy snacks when she doesn’t have time to sit down at the table.

Michelle Meredith, Owner of Bright Color Mom, adds little might more on the gift of snacking. Michelle shares, “an absolute essential for every new mom care package is pantry snacks. Granola bars, fruit snacks, and mini muffins are perfect. Mama can carry them around in her pockets or stash them in the side table for a quick bite
on tough days.”

Postpartum Recovery Tea

Pregnancy and delivery tax a new mother’s body. This postpartum tea from Pink Stork will help her recover essential vitamins and minerals and also support lactation.

Food Services

For many new mothers making an actual meal can seem like a daunting, if not impossible, task. But there are a number of ways you can help her (other than making her a casserole).

A gift card to a nearby restaurant or to UberEats will help her get dinner on the table with next to no effort.

Sunbasket is another great service that delivers complete meals that only need to be heated.

And because grocery shopping can seem like an exotic unattainable adventure for new moms, you can also help her out with a gift card to Instacart, a grocery food delivery service.

Gifts to Pamper and Indulge Her

New mom relaxing in a chair with a cup of tea

New mamas are unlikely to make an appointment at a spa to treat themselves. Bring the spa to them with some gifts where they can pamper themselves in their own home. Anyway, to indulge a new mom will be endlessly appreciated.

Cucumber Eye Gel

Try as she might, there are those nights when new moms don’t get to sleep at all.

Some cucumber gel will soothe her eyes and help her feel a little more presentable in the morning.

Korean Face Masks

No, she may not have time to go to the spa, but new mothers still need to pamper their skin sometimes. These Korean sheet masks are a quick way to help her keep that new mommy glow.

Body Butter

A yummy body butter is another simple way to make a new mother feel pampered. This one is made from antibacterial neem oil and is great for sensitive skin.

Lip Balm

Sometimes it’s the little things a new mom appreciates the most. And since her beauty routine will probably be minimal, a little soothing lip balm may be just what this new mom needs.

Audio Books

A new mom listening to an audiobook on her couch

New mom’s log a lot of hours holding their little ones. And while it’s nice to gaze at their faces, she could probably use a little distraction now and again. An audiobook or an audiobook subscription is the perfect way to keep her entertained when she’s rocking a baby.

Wireless Headphones

Never wake a sleeping bear or (heaven forbid!) a baby. The perfect companion to an audio book? A pair of wireless headphones will ensure that baby’s Z’s go uninterrupted.

A Bottle of Wine

If she’s still nursing, this may not be the way to go. But some moms will still appreciate a nice bottle when it’s wine-o-clock. To give her a laugh, slip one of these new mom labels onto her favorite vintage to mark the milestones of new motherhood.

The label in this set says things like “First Full Night of Sleep,”  “First Mommy Meltdown,” and “Ladies Night Out – Pump and Dump.” Not everyone will get it, but new moms will!

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Pre-Made Mommy Gift Baskets

A little stressed and pressured for time yourself? These pre-made baskets for new mommies will simplify your shopping and still let your friend know you care.

Earth Mama New Mom Organic Gift Box

This organic gift set is perfect for those earth mothers in your life and includes bath herbs, body wash, nipple butter, bottom spray and lactation tea.

Munchkin Milkmakers Gift Set

This Munchkin Milkmakers gift set will feed the new mommy in your life and also help her feed her new baby. These lactation bites, bars and teas are packed with high-quality nutrients to support healthy milk production.

Blue Moon Elise New Mom Gift Set

This box of goodies from Blue Moon Elise will help indulge mama and hopefully help her relax. These adorable handmade, plant-based products include lavender soap and bath salts, lip balm, face mist and body oil. Your new mommy will feel good all over!

FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit

Glamorous, it is not. But this FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit definitely brings new mothers relief from all those special aches and pains after birth. Inside this kit, you’ll find postpartum underwear, cooling medicated pads and healing foam.

White ConfettiBox Tired As A Mother Gift Basket

Yes, she is tired as a mother and may stay that way for a long time. But this aptly named Tired As A Mother Gift basket will relax new mothers as well as give them a smile.

Inside is a “Tired as a Mother” tumbler, a sleep mask, a candle, a bottle of bath soak and more. And considering she just pushed another human onto the planet, she deserves it all! This new mom gift basket checks all of the boxes.

The Gift of You!

As nice as all of these gifts are, new mom’s really need the support of their entire community. Showing up for a visit that’s focused on her needs can be a great way to help her out and show her how much you care. Just be sure that it’s you fussing over her and not the other way around.

Other than showing up with a new mom care package in hand, you can also offer to hold the baby while she has a shower. Or you could make her a cup of tea or do a quick load of dishes. Any little task is a weight off of her overburdened shoulders.

Amy Wright, Founder of The Drunk Mom adds a little more insight on giving the gift of you. Wright says give time so the new mom can “shower, cry, nap and process. Give the gift of help. Remember that village we always heard about? That’s YOU!”

Wright continues, “Remember she probably won’t ask so you may have to send a text that simply says: be there in an hour so you can take a breather.”

Above all, you can lend a listening ear in this period that is so full of challenges for new mothers and new parents.

With a little TLC and a helping hand, she’ll soon find her balance again. And remember, even mommies need a little mothering sometimes!

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The 29 Best Gift For New Mamas: 

  1. Dry Shampoo
  2. BPA Free Water Bottle
  3. NatureBond Suction Breast Pump
  4. Organic wipes from Rawganic
  5. Yeti Mug
  6. Maid Service
  7. Nursing Pajamas
  8. Bio-Oil
  9. The Honest Company Nipple Cream
  10. Himalayan Salt Lamp
  11. Organic Lavender Pillow Spray
  12. Ultraidea Slippers 
  13. Weighted Sleeping Mask  
  14. Postpartum Ice Pack
  15. Healthy Snacks/Lactation Snacks 
  16. Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea
  17. Food Delivery 
  18. Cucumber Eye Gel 
  19. Korean Face Masks
  20. Body Butter 
  21. Lip Balm 
  22. Audiobooks 
  23. Wireless Headphones 
  24. Wine
  25. Earth Mama New Mom Organic Gift Box
  26. Munchkin Milkmakers Gift Set
  27. Blue Moon Elise New Mom Gift Set
  28. FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit
  29. White ConfettiBox Tired As A Mother Gift Basket

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