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Trying to find the perfect stocking stuffers for your kids can be rather tricky. 

With school programs, holiday parties and Christmas shopping, stockings are often pushed to the back of your priority list. With Amazon Prime, 2-day delivery, have no fear we are here to help you out. 

Your perfect Christmas stocking awaits and below you will find a few ideas that will make your kids light up when they open their stockings this year! 

TeeHee Christmas Holiday Cozy Fuzzy Crew Socks 3-Pack

Three Christmas-themed socks.

Give the gift of fuzzy, festive socks; they keep your tootsies warm and have a fun Christmasy pattern for everyone to enjoy. These TeeHee Christmas Holiday Cozy Fuzzy Crew Socks are the perfect stocking stuffer to show off some holiday spirit!  

And let’s be real; no one can have too many socks because odds are, one will go missing sooner than later. We all know that the dryer eats socks from time to time.

Squishy Bubble Bath Bombs for Kids with Surprise Squishy Toys

Fun and colorful bathbombs for kids.

As a parent, we love any excuse to get our kiddos excited to get in the tub. These Squishy Bubble Bath Bath Bombs create colorful scented water with a secret toy inside, and did we mention tons of bubbles? 

Each one comes with a unique toy and a different, kid-friendly fragrance. These bath bombs are made with 99% natural ingredients. Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Phthalate-Free, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO, and Eco-Friendly, making them safe for sensitive skin and allergies for all to enjoy. 

Wooden Toy Block Puzzle Moon Balance Game

Wooden toy block game.

For little ones, this hands-on Wooden Toy Block Puzzle Moon Balance Game by FMRXK challenges kids’ fine motor movements and thinking skills. 

This game is a children’s Montessori toy and stimulates brain development, hand-eye coordination and imagination. 

Yomega Pro Model Kendama 

For the older children, a Yomega Pro Model Kendama – The Traditional Japanese Toss and Catch Skill Game is perfect for their hand-eye coordination and distracting them for hours. 

Plus, it’s fun for the whole family to get involved and see who can get the ball on the spike first. Who doesn’t love a little family competition?

Kicko Marbled Unicorn Color Slime - Pack of 6

Containers of Galaxy Slime.

Colorful, marbled slime makes a great stocking stuffer for hands-on kiddos. Squeeze, stretch, bounce and roll the Kicko Marbled Unicorn Color Slime to explore the galaxy and watch the colors ooze together. 

This slime is made up of high-grade materials that are BPA-free, hypoallergenic and 100% safe and non-toxic for kids. With a putty, stretchy, soft consistency, it makes slime easy to clean up and mess-free and mesmerizing. 

It’s My Year Glow Sticks

A large cylinder of glow sticks.

Let’s get real; if it glows in the dark, chances are your kiddo wants it. 

Even as a kid, after I got my braces, I requested my retainer be glow in the dark…  

Old or young, glow sticks are a win. Grab a Pack of 100 Glow Sticks from It’s My Year for the whole family to enjoy. From rings to necklaces to magic wands, they are just pure fun and fits perfectly into any stocking.

Ultra Brighter Glow in the Dark Stars  

Glow in the dark stars.

Add a little decor to your bedroom ceiling, Stardust Ultra Glow Stars brighten any wall and make kids excited to go decorate. 

Plus, this is a fun way to help brighten a room for those kiddos who are scared of the dark. 

Neon Nights Body Paint 

A person with glow in the dark paint on her face.

For your older ones, neon glow paint is sure to be a stocking favorite. 

Neon Nights Bodypaint comes with 8 neon colors that let them express their creativity. And just for you, it’s easily removable from all surfaces. Simply use soap and water to remove it.  

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

A small nerf gun

This Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster gun fits perfectly into a stocking, and the compact design creates the perfect super-stealth sneak attack while not compromising on its powerful performance. 

Take the Jolt with you wherever you go. 

Christmas Fun Mad Libs

The cover of a Christmas Mad Libs book.

Mad Libs are a perfect stocking stuffer to get everyone together and laugh. 

One each page, you create a unique story and bring out your family flair. This festive book is sure to get everyone cracking jokes while also sparking creativity. 

Girls Hair Clips Accessories Set with Gift Organizer

A pack of girls hair clips.

Perfect for the girly girl, this TAOU Girls Hair Clips Accessories Set with Gift Organizer features everything from bows to barrettes to hair ponies in a variety of colors!  

Each hair clip has been wrapped in a soft cloth material to prevent pinching and not hurt and tug on their hair.

Brusheez Kids Electric Toothbrush Set

An electric toothbrush that looks like a dinosaur.

All parents love when their kids get excited to brush their teeth. These Brusheez Kids Electric Toothbrush Sets not only come in a variety of characters but includes a timer and rinse cup to get your kiddos into a proper brushing routine. 

Melissa & Doug Temporary Tattoos 

Whether your 4 or 14, kids love getting fake tattoos. Melissa & Doug’s Temporary Tattoos come in fun metallics with peace signs and ice cream cones as well as adventures, creatures and sports for all to enjoy. 

These tattoos are easy to share and remove to ease parents’ minds because inevitably, they will put some on their foreheads.  

Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy 

If the name alone doesn’t sell you, this scrumptious treat is full of peppermint cotton candy and makes the funniest sweet treat around. 

Grab a few packs of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy your kids are not going to want to share this stocking stuffer! 

ROXENDA Speed Cube

A 2 pack of Rubix cubes

The classic puzzle challenges one’s memory and keeps your mind sharp. The ROXENDA Speed Cube is great for any age and will keep your children away from electronics for a while as they try to complete this challenge. 

From beginner to master, the Rubix cube is always a fun way to challenge one another and a great stocking stuffer for any age. 

Christmas Movies

Loved by the old and the young, Christmas movies are a huge part of traditions in many homes. 

From comedies to claymations, latest releases to the classics, there’s a movie out there that is bound to resonate with you. Movies make a great stocking stuffer that entertain kids while you finish up dinner or help them settle down as a family in the evening. 

Here are a few of our favorites: 

Let Santa score big this year with the best stockings yet! 

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids: 

  1. TeeHee Christmas Holiday Cozy Fuzzy Crew Socks
  2. Squishy Bubble Bath Bath Bombs
  3. Wooden Toy Block Puzzle Moon Balance Game
  4. Yomega Pro Model Kendama
  5. Kicko Marbled Unicorn Color Slime
  6. Pack of 100 Glow Sticks
  7. Stardust Ultra Glow Stars
  8. Neon Nights Bodypaint
  9. Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster
  10. Mad Libs
  11. TAOU Girls Hair Clips Accessories Set with Gift Organizer
  12. Brusheez Kids Electric Toothbrush Sets
  13. Temporary Tattoos
  14. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy
  15. ROXENDA Speed Cube
  16. Elf
  17. Home Alone
  18. The Polar Express
  19. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
  20. A Christmas Story
No items found.
Dec 16, 2019
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