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The 10 Worst Fashion Trends of the 2010s [For Men and Women]

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The 2010s brought us some interesting moments in fashion. Some great trends that will be around for years to come, and some not so great that in a few years, we will look back and say, “What were we thinking?!” 

Here are the worst fashion trends from the last decade.

The Male Romper


The male romper (which was actually created in the 1060s) surged in popularity in frat houses all across America, thanks to Romphim and their Kickstarter campaign. 

Hey, we get it, women love and look great in one-piece clothing items. Why shouldn’t men have that same option? 

While many designers embraced this trend on the runways, we think it’s best left in the decade.

Tiny Sunglasses

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The 2010s were a time where everything got smaller, even sunglasses. Celebrities were seen all over wearing the oh so popular ‘90s tiny sunglasses, but if it were up to us, these would retire along with the decade as well.


We don’t have a problem with joggers for exercise, but there is no reason your work chinos should have an elastic band at the bottom. Joggers became popular with sneaker culture to show off your new kicks, but as that trend fades, we hope the joggers go with it.

Colorful Skinny Jeans

Photo Credit: Denim Blog 

Okay, hear me out. We aren’t saying ALL colorful denim is terrible, in fact, white skinny jeans are here to stay and can now even be worn all year long. 

But, the boundary was pushed in the 2010s with the pinks, blues and even neon green skinny jeans that did absolutely nothing flattering to legs whatsoever.



Worn by frat bros across the country. Chubbies took shorts to a higher height revealing more leg than anyone wants to see.

We are desperately hoping they do not make an appearance when the weather gets nicer this year. The obnoxious patterns are only rivaled by the obnoxious personalities of their biggest supporters.

Wedge Sneakers


Before there was athleisure, there were wedge sneakers. 

The mash-up of a sneaker and wedge rose to popularity around 2012, which seemed like a good idea at the time. The problem was they were clunky and not the most comfortable. 

The Deep V 

Except for Cristiano Ronaldo, nobody should be rocking a deep v-neck shirt, ever. 

We can thank The Jersey Shore for men thinking that wearing a deep v-neck shirt was okay. 

No one wants to see your breasts, no matter how fit you are, that plunge isn’t helping you. Stick to a classic crew neck cut, you can’t go wrong, and it can still look sexy.  

Clear Shoes


Another nod to uncomfortable footwear, the clear shoe. 

Celebrities such as the Kim Kardashian could be seen rocking the PVC footwear all throughout the 2010s, and many people followed suit. It may have elongated your legs, but the inevitable foot sweat was not worth the blisters. It’s best to leave the clear footwear to Cinderella. 

Wooden Bags

Some may love them, some may hate them, but it’s undeniable that these wooden bags didn’t show up on any tropical vacation that you may have gone on in the last decade. 

The bags may look stylish with your tropical maxi dress and fresh tan, but the practicality of these bags just isn’t there. Instead in this next decade, opt for a wicker style vacation bag that actually conceals and fits your items and is easier to carry. 

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The Dad Sneaker 


First, there was the “dad-bod,” then the dad sneaker made an appearance on the runways and everyone from celebrities to trendy teenagers have been wearing these chunky sneakers. 

While they may be comfortable, there is no right way to style them, so it’s best to leave the dad sneakers to your old man.


Trends come and go, and while the 2010s gave us some great fashion moments, here’s hoping the worst trends on our list don’t make it into the 2020s.

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