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The Best Cardio Dance Workouts [To Burn Serious Calories]

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Fitness can be fun! One of the best ways to burn crazy calories without even realizing you’re working out is with cardio dance classes.

There are so many various styles ranging from aerobic dance to hip hop to African dance and everything in between.

Take a peek at the variety of top online videos and virtual dance parties! You really can “dance like nobody’s watching” from your own living room.

Oh, and who knew shakin’ your groove thing could burn over 500 calories in an hour!

Best YouTube Cardio Dance

YouTube is a goldmine for finding videos about anything and everything, and that includes dance classes! The best part is most of them are free to watch.

305 Fitness

305 Fitness classes are a total dance party! They offer an assortment of dance cardio and hip hop classes on YouTube you can access for free.

They also offer a free 14-day trial with their “305 At-Home Fitness” membership. Here, you will experience new classes daily with incredible themes and playlists. You’d be surprised how much toning can come from an everyday dance party.

Access YouTube classes here.

Access 14-Day Trial here.

SHiNE Dance Fitness

SHiNE classes help you see your worth and support everybody’s ability to move and let go. Their YouTube channel boasts 30- and 55-minute workout classes as well as short tutorials to learn dances to your favorite pop songs.

Whether you want a 3-5 minute brain break or a full solo dance party, SHiNE has you covered with there free dance workouts.

Access YouTube classes and tutorials here.


POPSUGAR has a YouTube channel packed with every type of workout, but their Dance FitSugar videos combine your favorite workout class structure with fun dance breaks.

Dance varieties include Latin, hip-hop, Caribbean and cardio dance. You can try a new workout every day for a week and figure out which dance routine is your favorite.

Access YouTube Dance FitSugar fitness channel classes here.

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Best Dance Workout Virtual Studios

With COVID still around, most of us still aren’t making our way to in-person studios these days. But there are plenty of on-demand workouts that you can stream from your TV or computer. Below are a few of our favorites.

Obe Fitness

Obe Fitness has over 4,500 online classes at your fingertips, including all workout styles. They have two specific dance class categories: Cardio Dance and Dance HIIT.

Access the full library for free with their 7-Day trial, and then choose to keep your access for as little as .50 cents a day. These high-energy dance home workouts will definitely make you break a sweat.

Access your 7-Day Free Trial here.

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WERQ classes are this generation’s Zumba class. They incorporate current hip-hop and pop songs, and in-person classes may even be held at your local gym. You can locate in-person classes near you here.

If you prefer to groove from home, they have virtual classes too. You get access to new classes each month for only $5 per month (after your 14-Day trial). WERQ is known to get your heart rate pumping.

Access your 14-Day Free Trial here.

Dance House Fitness

At DHF, you don’t work out. You “werk it out.” They are a total dance-based fitness studio based in Houston, Texas.

Luckily for non-locals, they have online workout routine classes too! Stream 3 days for free and then $39.99 a month for as long as you’d like. DHF is also known for its private workshops and events!

Access your 3-Day Free Trial here

Every single one of these dance workout videos supports everybody. There is no experience required.

The choreography and new dance moves you learn will keep your brain engaged for a full-body workout every time. The best dance workou

t videos are the ones where you get to let loose from the comfort of your own home.

You can find dance incorporated into pretty much everything from dance HIIT workouts to barre movements to pilates and maybe even a few kickboxing moves depending on your choreographer.

Leave your self-judgment at the door and give yourself permission to have fun and move in a new way, while burning some calories! Who knows, you might find these dance workouts become a staple in your fitness routine. Boogie on!

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