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Amazon’s 7 Best Yoga Mats [For Channeling Your Inner Yogi]

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A good yoga mat can truly transform your practice. From home practices to hot studios and everything in between – finding the right yoga mat for you is key.

We’re breaking down our favorite Amazon yoga mats by their features and price points!

But first…

A common confusion lies in the ideal thickness of a yoga mat. Many mats are advertised as “yoga mats” but are greater than ¼” in thickness. These thick mats are actually not ideal for your yoga practice and would be more suitable as a workout mat for ab exercises or for pilates.

A yoga mat that is approximately 6mm thick (or less) will allow you to find stability in your practice, especially when performing balancing postures – without sacrificing comfort!

6mm will give you more cushion for your knees and hips, while the thinner mats (down to 2.5-3mm) will offer a lighter and more travel-friendly option.

Okay, back to our top picks!

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Carrier Sling 

This mat is a great option if you are brand new to yoga and don’t want to spend a lot of money. It doesn’t have the same incredible grip and durable material as other mats, but it is certainly a great starter option! It is also a great yoga mat for using on the go or as a travel mat.


  • Non-toxic
  • Non Slip (we suggest for non-heated yoga)
  • 72″L x 24″W
  • Thicker than most mats (6.35 mm)
  • Includes carrying strap
  • Textured and comes in various colors

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TOPLUS Yoga Mat 

This mat is great for beginners and can be used in heated yoga settings with it’s water-resistant and non slip material. This reversible mat has a two-tone color so you can flip it and use whichever side you are feeling in the mood for to really get into your downward dog.

This is another thicker mat option that is a great price point. We love that it comes with a carrying strap and can be used for other workouts, like pilates.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Sticky non slip texture
  • 72″ L X 24″ W
  • Thickness for comfort and balance (6.35 mm)
  • Carrying Strap included
  • Water-resistant material
  • 1-year warranty


Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

This is a great mat for the committed yogi. This yoga mat is made with certified TPE material, offers a non slip surface and offers optimal cushioning. We are super fans of this company for seeking out the best performance and durability while also tending to environmental needs – all at a reasonable price!


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Non slip material
  • 72″L x 26″W
  • Body Alignment markers
  • Extra large size (longer + wider than most mats)
  • 6mm thickness (great for stability + comfort)

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IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

This is our top pick for all of you hot yoga lovers, as well as anyone needing a yoga mat upgrade at a reasonable price. This mat is great for anyone practicing yoga, whether you are a new yogi or if you are a master yoga teacher.

This mat really ticks all of the boxes for us, it offers great grip, and you can rely on this mat for home workouts or in a yoga class. Plus, it is 100% eco-friendly and made from biodegradable natural rubber from trees.


  • Extra grippy – even in the hottest and sweatiest classes
  • No chemical smell, odor-free
  • Extra Large Size 72” L x 26” W
  • 5mm Thick (great for comfort and stability)
  • Carrying Strap Included

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Okay, now we’re into the queens of the yoga mat world.

This brand has various styles, and it is very common to see these mats stocked at your local yoga studio. This Manduka yoga mat has extra cushioning, making it great for yoga practice, pilates or any other gym activity requiring a standard mat.

While this mat is more of an investment, it will last you a lifetime – and has a lifetime guarantee!


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Non slip, extra grip (for hot yoga too!)
  • Offers standard (71” L  x 26” W) and extra-long sizes (85” L x 26” W)
  • 6mm thick (great for stability and comfort)
  • Gets better with use (the more you practice, the better the grip and texture)
  • Lifetime warranty

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

This brand has made a name for themselves via many of the top yoga-Instagrammers using their stickiness and alignment-focused mats.

If you are looking for a non slip yoga practice, this might be the best yoga mat for you. It is made with biodegradable natural rubber and comes with a yoga mat bag, making it perfect for portability as a travel yoga mat to bring back and forth from work and yoga class.

This mat is more of an investment, but we do believe it checks all of the boxes – especially for the hot yoga lovers out there!


  • AlignForMe alignment system
  • GripForMe material to maintain stability and grip even when dripping sweat
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Longer and wider than traditional mats (72.8” x 26.8”)
  • 4mm thickness (great for stability and comfort)
  • Yoga mat bag included

Jade Yoga – Harmony Yoga Mat

This brand is one of the most popular brands in the yoga world. You may even see these mats for rent or for sale at your local yoga studio after a hot yoga or vinyasa flow session. There are various styles of mats within this brand, but this is their most popular.

This Jade Yoga mat is made with natural rubbers and made in the United States!

We love that they are committed to protecting the environment and have planted over 1 million trees from their yoga mat sales.


  • Natural rubber offers a superior grip!
  • 4.8mm thick (great for stability and comfort)
  • Sustainable brand – partner with “Trees for the Future” (plant trees based on products sold
  • American-made

Whether you are a first-timer or seasoned yogi, your yoga mat makes a huge difference in the comfort, stability and overall experience of your practice. You don’t have to break the bank to meet your vinyasa flow or other yoga class goals.

Don’t forget to always practice safely, stay hydrated and keep a yoga towel on hand; trust us, you’ll be glad you have it.

Choose a yoga mat that suits your yoga practice needs and your budget; there are options to balance both!

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Our top 7 favorites yoga mats from Amazon are:

  1. Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat
  2. TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  3. Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat
  4. IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat
  5. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
  6. Liforme Original Yoga Mat
  7. Jade Yoga – Harmony Yoga Mat


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