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15 Healthy Breakfasts on the Go [Sweet, Savory and Heart Healthy]

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Eating a healthy breakfast can start your day off on the right foot. However, it’s difficult to always find time to prepare and then enjoy a healthy breakfast as you simultaneously get ready for work and send the kids off to school.

Luckily, there are a few go-to quick, healthy breakfasts on the go you can add to your recipe repertoire.

Easy Healthy Breakfast on the Go

Don’t have potentially hours to spend meal prepping on a Saturday or Sunday? You can easily put together a quick healthy breakfast on a weeknight, for the next day, if you have the right recipes.

Chia Pudding is one healthy breakfast you can take on the go, which comes together with just four ingredients and five minutes of prep time. Make your pudding in a pint jar with a lid for an easily transportable breakfast.

These Banana Oat Bars are likewise just as easy and only need four ingredients — bananas, oats, dates and chopped nuts. Of course, you can get creative and add extra ingredients for more flavor, but it’s totally up to you. Once the bars are finished baking, you can cut them and store them in an airtight container, easy to take along in the car the next morning.

Granola Wraps come together in five minutes as well and need no overnight refrigeration time, so you might argue that this quick healthy breakfast could be made in the morning, on your way out the door. All you need is a piece of flatbread or tortilla, peanut butter, apples, raisins, cranberries, granola and cinnamon.

Heart-Healthy Breakfast on the Go

If you’re watching out for your heart health, breakfast is the perfect time to add some heart-healthy ingredients to your diet. But there’s no need to sit at the kitchen table and chow down on a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. You can enjoy a heart-healthy breakfast on the go, no bowl required.

Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwiches are a healthy breakfast option everyone in the family will love, heart-healthy diet or not. A multigrain sandwich thin is topped with eggs, spinach, tomato and feta, for a flavorful and light start to the day.

You can enjoy your fruit and oatmeal without the spoon, thanks to this Fruit and Oat Breakfast Bake. The recipe from the oat experts at Quaker Oats includes whole grains, fresh fruits, low-fat dairy and plenty of fiber.

And if you love breakfast burritos, upgrade to Healthy Breakfast Burritos, with this option that includes veggies, eggs and turkey sausage wrapped in a whole grain tortilla.

Healthy Breakfast at Work

Do you find yourself often waiting to eat breakfast until you’re at your desk?

Don’t settle for a donut, then. Eat healthy breakfast while checking your email, thanks to these highly portable options that won’t look messy or unprofessional when your boss swings by to ask you about those spreadsheets.

For example, these pretty Berry and Yogurt Parfaits come together in pint jars, so you can make them whenever you have time, pop them in the fridge and then grab one on your way out the door. They’ll sit snugly in your work bag until you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Overnight Oats are likewise a healthy breakfast on the go. This vegetarian and gluten-free option comes together in only a few minutes and also works nicely in a glass pint jar.

If you have a microwave in your office, you can easily whip up a tasty, healthy breakfast on the go, with a Microwave Quiche between meetings. All you need is a coffee mug and the pre-mixed ingredients (spinach, egg, milk, cheese and chopped bacon), which you can put together at home and bring along to work in a spill-proof container.

Savory Healthy Breakfast on the Go

If something savory will hit the spot, try one of these savory healthy breakfasts on the go, no fork or knife needed.

Who thought ham and cheese could be healthy? These Ham and Cheese Cups contain quinoa, zucchini and cheese for a scrumptious, quick healthy breakfast that bakes in a muffin tin and then can be eaten right away or frozen for a quick breakfast at a later date.

Similarly, Egg Muffins cooked in a muffin tin are highly portable. While this recipe calls for eggs, crumbled bacon, cheese and diced tomatoes, you can easily adjust the recipe to contain your favorite omelet ingredients.

And if you thought cookies could only have a sweet side, think again. Savory Breakfast Cookies brighten up your morning, as sausage, cheese, peppers, onions and almond flour come together in a low-carb, gluten-free cookie.

Sweet Healthy Breakfast on the Go

If you have a sweet tooth, but still want to eat healthily, you can do so every morning at breakfast time.

Berry and Yogurt Smoothies are a quick healthy breakfast option that’ll fit right in your cup holder as you ferry the kids to school. A protein-packed blend of ingredients will keep you energized till lunch.

Ditch the sugary muffins tempting you at the gas station and opt for these Paleo Muffins instead. Mashed sweet potatoes, coconut, raisins, honey, carrots, walnuts and other ingredients combine for a filling, tasty treat that you won’t feel guilty about later.

Lastly, because there’s no bad time for cookies, enjoy some Breakfast Cookies that mix several classic breakfast ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, oatmeal and apples. If you’re a bit adventurous, you can even add in some chocolate or carob chips.

Getting a Healthy Breakfast on the Go Doesn’t Have to be Hard

It doesn’t take a lot of time, ingredients or even skill to put together a healthy breakfast that you and your family will enjoy. So, throw out your toaster pastries and packaged donuts and serve up something that’s better for everyone.

Whether you want something quick, heart-healthy, sweet or savory, there’s a portable breakfast option for you.

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