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The 21 Best Mother’s Day Gifts [Show Your Mom Some Love]

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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th!

Whether you are a new mom taking care of your precious baby, a mom of a teenager, an empty nester or a proud grandmother, every mother deserves endless praise. And don’t forget about stepmoms and mother-in-laws on this special day.

How can you possibly thank the woman that gave you life? In all honesty, you should probably be showing your mother some appreciation all year, but especially on this mom specific holiday.

As a new mom myself, this holiday hits a bit different this year.

I have found a new and deeper appreciation for my mother, my stepmother and all my friends that are mothers. I thought I was a pretty good multi-tasker before having a baby, but wow, motherhood is the ultimate juggling act. Most days are spent trying to please your baby, your spouse and your pets. Ask a new mom if she remembers the last time she washed her hair. For me, that is a hard one to answer!

Although I have no idea what motherhood will look like in five, ten or thirty years from now, I can tell you every mom deserves some extra TLC on Mother’s Day, no matter how long they’ve been mothering. Biological or not, being a mother is hard work!

Show your momma you love her with a fantastic gift! Here are the 21 best Mother’s Day Gift ideas for any mom in your life.

‍Birthstone Necklace

Etsy is the perfect place to get something personalized. A birthstone necklace is thoughtful, personal and a true keepsake for any mother. This particular birthstone necklace comes in multiple finishes, and it’s easy to add on to. You can add up to eight different birthstones on this one necklace.

This personalized gift could also be the birthstones of your mother’s parents or even your mother, father and all of your siblings. Just make sure you remember everyone’s birth month! That would be a very embarrassing question to ask a family member.

Thank You, Mom Candle

You can never have enough candles. Homesick makes a candle for just about any occasion, and that includes Mother’s Day! This natural soy candle is bound to make mom happy. With notes of bergamot, ylang ylang and lily, the whole family will feel relaxed.

But, if you are more the DIY type, you can always use those scents and make your own candles together.

If mom isn’t a candle lover, or lives in a warmer climate but likes her space to smell nice, you can always snag her a diffuser with specific essential oils.

24/7 Nursing Bra 

While this really only makes sense for new moms. A great nursing bra is worth a million bucks. The 24/7 nursing bra from Third Love is made out of Pima cotton and incredibly soft. It looks like a regular bra, but has drop down straps for nursing or pumping; triple win for new mamas.

The new design will give her some momfidence is whatever she is tackling. Plus, with the tagless design, memory foam cups and pleated no slip straps, she might even forget she is wearing a bra!

Starling Loafers

If mom loves style and comfort, she’ll love the Starling Loafers from Birdies. These aren’t your average bedroom slippers. These slip-on flats are ready to be worn on the street, yet they’re so comfy mom will want to wear them around the house too.

In addition to memory foam insoles and incredible arch and heel support, these slippers are detailed with a quilted satin lining, making them super chic inside and out.

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Bamboo Bath Caddy

Bamboo Bath Caddy

The next time mom wants to pamper herself with a soak in the tub, this Bamboo Bath Caddy will make the experience even better.

Made from natural bamboo wood, this adjustable tub tray features a non-slip design, so it stays in place while she’s in the bath. Multiple compartments and trays offer storage for a phone, a book, a glass of wine, candles and all sorts of other things that she’ll want to keep within easy reach.

And any mom will tell you her bath and shower time is sacred, so anything to make it even more relaxing will be greatly appreciated.

A Subscription Box

You know what’s better than getting one gift on Mother’s Day? Getting a brand new gift in the mail every single month!

No matter what your mom is into, there are dozens of subscription boxes that you can order for her – and she’ll keep on getting them month after month.

Beauty boxes, wellness boxes, entertainment boxes, a subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving.

Is she a foodie? There is a subscription gift box for that. What about an eco-friendly green thumb mama? Yep, they’ve got those too. Is she a procedural addict? Don’t worry, she will LOVE this mystery subscription box.

A subscription box is a perfect gift, and if she really likes it, you can renew her subscription again at Christmas!

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

Whether you live at home, down the block or hundreds of miles away, moms always want to see their loved ones beautiful faces. And grandmothers want to see their grandkids all the time! With a digital picture frame, you can sync up with the whole family to send mom pictures.

It works with iPhones, Androids, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook and more, so you really have no more excuses for not sending mom pics.

Family Pebble Portrait

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift? The Family Pebble Portrait is the ultimate gift for the sentimental mom.

Handcrafted from pebbles, bits of wood, seashells and other natural materials, you can depict your entire family through tiny natural elements. She can hang it in the living room or prop it up on her desk so she can enjoy some family-inspired motivation while she works.

Personalized Cutting Board

Does mom like to cook? A personalized cutting board is a great gift! Made from solid walnut wood, this cutting board can be personalized with her first name, your family name or a special message.

The rustic look makes it perfect for chopping veggies or using it as a serving tray for charcuterie!

KitchenAid Mixer

Okay, so a KitchenAid Stand Mixer may be a bit of a splurge, but we’re not talking about the classic, colorful stand mixer that KitchenAid is famous for. We’re talking about a personalized one!

Add mom’s name or a special message, and she’ll think of you every single time she mixes up a batch of cookie dough or whips egg whites.

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Kiehl’s Restful Radiance Skincare Set

Help mom look and feel her absolute best with the Kiehl’s Restful Radiance Skincare Set.

This skincare combo includes Kiehl’s incredible Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well as Line Reducing Concentrate to improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Mom will look and feel radiant and rested, so she’ll be super confident and ready to take on the world when it’s time to go back outside.

Monogrammed Tote Bag

Your mom might have a million tote bags, but does she have one that has her own personal monogram? There is something for every type of mama, from open to zippered totes to beach totes and straw totes.

Their natural canvas tote is a best seller, and for a good reason. It will last you for years! Lands’ End totes can hold your water bottle, laptop, snacks, toys and anything else moms throw in their bags.

Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Mom might not have time to go to the spa right now, but she can create a spa experience in her very own shower with these Essential Oil Shower Steamers.

Colorful and pretty, this set includes twelve individual shower steamers. She can place them in the corner of the tub to enjoy various scents or even use them as body scrubs. In addition to their pretty looks and soothing scents, they’re made with all-natural, vegan ingredients. Win. Win. Win.

Winc Wine Delivery

Does your mom love to unwind at the end of the day with a glass of wine? Whether she’s into rose, merlot or pinot noir, the gift of Winc wine delivery is sure to be a Mother’s Day hit!

If you know mom’s palate and preferences, you can send her a selection of bottles right off the bat. If you’re not sure of her exact tastes, gift cards are available so she can select the exact varietals she likes. And you can never go wrong with the Mom Pour Wine Glass from Amazon.

Does your mom prefer an IPA to a chardonnay? There are lots of amazing beer subscription clubs out there too.

Agate Cheese Board

Agate Cheese Board

Whether your mom loves wine and cheese or just likes really pretty things, this Agate Cheese Board from Anthropologie is one of our favorite gifts of the year.

Made from natural agate stone in an organic, natural shape, this cheese board comes in various hues from amethyst to blue to rose quartz. Every piece is hand-hewn and includes natural variances, making every single one truly unique.

Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art 

If you want to make mom cry, this Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art will do it. This photo collage will help mom remember all of the special moments with her family. From birthdays to graduations to holidays and more. 

Fill this up with 30 of your favorite photos for mom to cherish. 

Handwritten Recipe Personalized Platter

Does mom have a favorite family recipe? Maybe you have been making your grandma’s sugar cookies every year since you can remember. 

Turn that handwritten recipe into a keepsake for mama with a personalized platter. This is another gift that you’ll need tissues close by when she opens it! This is not only a great way to preserve a recipe, but it also honors a loved one, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Ember Smart Mug 

Moms are always running around helping others, which means their coffee (or tea) is constantly lukewarm or cold when they remember to drink it. Keep mama happy with a warm drink.

The Ember Smart Mug is not your typical lame coffee mug gift. She can program her mug from an app on her phone to the perfect temperature, so it is ready for her whenever she finally sits down to drink it.

Love Lives Here Map Pillow

Does mom have kids scattered across the country? This Love Lives Here Map pillow will remind her she has love coming from every direction. You can add up to 8 different hearts to include the entire family. 

If you have family in Hawaii, Alaska or abroad, you can add that to the pillow as well. Remind mama she is loved even if you live hundreds of miles away!

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Size Perfume


What woman doesn’t want to smell like luxury? The answer is none. The Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Size Perfume is a pretty pink garden party in a bottle.

She can toss it in a handbag or a travel bag without having to worry about spills or leaks.

A Handmade Card

A card fits in everyone’s budget. And if you are really tight on cash, you can make a homemade card for Mother’s Day. This thoughtful gift will probably go into some keepsake box for your mom to look at over and over again for years to come.

This is a great tradition to start for Grandma too. Who knows, the yearly cards might turn into a wall art gallery to show off the grandkids.

What are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts?

With so many great gifts to choose from, finding the perfect Mother’s Day present is easy.

There’s not a pandemic on earth that could prevent us from showering our moms with love (and gifts) on Mother’s Day.

From personalized mother’s day gifts to last-minute mother’s day gifts, there is something every mother will be happy to receive on this gift guide. Regardless of your budget, if the gift comes from you, she’ll surely love it!

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The 21 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

  1. ‍Birthstone Necklace
  2. Thank You, Mom Candle
  3. 24/7 Nursing Bra
  4. Starling Loafers
  5. Bamboo Bath Caddy
  6. A Subscription Box
  7. Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame
  8. Family Pebble Portrait
  9. Personalized Cutting Board
  10. KitchenAid Mixer
  11. Kiehl’s Restful Radiance Skincare Set
  12. Monogrammed Tote Bag
  13. Essential Oil Shower Steamers
  14. Winc Wine Delivery
  15. Agate Cheese Board
  16. Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art 
  17. Handwritten Recipe Personalized Platter
  18. Ember Smart Mug
  19. Love Lives Here Map Pillow
  20. Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Size Perfume
  21. A Handmade Card

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