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The Best Smart Scales For Your Personalized Fitness Success

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What is the Best Way to Track Weight Loss?

In today’s world, many people are trying to stay fit. We are trying to eat better, exercise and make good lifestyle choices to improve our quality of life. For many of us, the best way to find out how well we are improving is by stepping on the scale.

While some of us may dread knowing our actual weight, there is no other way to understand how we are doing with our weight loss goals. Today’s scale technology is making it a little less painful to track our fitness goals.

Smart scales allow you to track your fitness goals easily via Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

Many sync with your favorite fitness gadgets and apps to help you track calories burnt among other metrics, and perform regular check-ins. These are great for those that may have rewards systems with their insurance, or with apps that reward you for achieving your fitness goals.

What follows are a dozen of the best smart scales on the market. They have various features and cost ranges. However, they all have one thing in common…helping you to be healthy.


Eufy Smart Scale


The Eufy Smart Scale includes tons of great features that you will love. It is compatible with the Apple Fit app and Fitbit app, so both iOS and Android users can benefit from this great scale. It also has storage for sixteen different users, allowing multiple people in your home to use the scale by selecting their profile.

This smart scale is easy to navigate and measures several important health metrics. You can receive information on your weight, fat, water level, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), to name a few. It will then measure this data compared to the standards for your height and age. Each metric is flagged as normal, low or high. With all of this great data, you can adjust your fitness goals accordingly.

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Withings (Nokia) Body+


The Withings Body+ has a great design and presents information with an easy to use interface. The scale utilizes the Health Mate app to connect with your phone to store your health data. Your health data is recorded to allow you to look at your history to see what areas of your health routine are working and where you may need to make adjustments.

Lesley Reynolds, Co-Founder of The Harley Street Skin Clinic, shared, “As someone who is a devout fitness junky, the best smart scale I can recommend is the Withings Body+.” Lesley added, “[It] captures more details than just about any other scale and displays the data in an easy-to-understand app.”

Another great feature of the Withings Body+ is the pregnancy mode.

This feature is great for the expectant mother who wants to remain healthy while carrying their child. One feature of pregnancy mode is that it turns off impedance measurements that use a slight electric impulse to measure things such as fat, BMI, etc. This mode will give you health readings without raising any unwanted health concerns, which is important when wanting to ensure the health of both mother and child.

Withings Body


For those that may not want to spend the money on the Withings Body+, there is a cheaper alternative. The Withings Body is much cheaper, but the lower price means there are some features missing that the Body+ has. This scale is good if you simply want to track your weight using the Health Mate and Withings fitness tracker. It can also track your weigh-ins and show your weight trends.

Another great feature that many of the Withings products include is a weather tracker. This is great for those that are planning on working out in the outdoors. While this scale will not give you as much data as its more expensive brother, such as heart rate or air quality, it is still a great buy. If you want a cheaper scale with some great features, the Withings Body is a great pick for customers.

QardioBase 2


QardioBase 2 has a great, sleek design that many customers love. The round design of the scale gives it a unique aesthetic that you will love. A great selling point for this smart scale is that it is rechargeable and will last a year before needing to be recharged again. No need to worry about buying tons of batteries to keep your smart scale working. This scale also works great with third-party apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit and My Fitness apps. You can also use the dedicated Qardio app to set goals and map your progress.

The QardioBase 2 also has a pregnancy mode that can be adjusted to align with your due date. For those that get discouraged by seeing numbers on the scale, the smart-feedback mode displays a smiley-face when you are on track. One drawback of this scale is the speed in displaying your weight. In tests, it can take about 12 seconds to show your weight. While not a big issue, if you want instant feedback, this can be slightly frustrating.

JaxJox Smart Scale

If you are a user of JaxJox products already, this is a great smart scale for you. It works great with the JaxJox smart kettlebell, heart rate monitor, and fitness tracker. This scale also works well with the Apple Health app and the JaxJox Android fitness app. Its low price is also a great selling point for those on a budget. Even without the other JaxJox products, this smart scale is great for measuring body fat. The scale gives accurate measures of BMI and BMR data, which is important when tracking weight loss and health.

An essential measure that this scale and some of the other scales on our list measure is visceral fat. Research has shown that visceral fat is one of the fats that causes a lot of health issues. These include insulin resistance, high levels of bad cholesterol, and low levels of good cholesterol. Being able to track this type of fat is valuable for those that may be susceptible to these health issues, making this a perfect scale for those with these health risks.

Currently unavailable from Amazon, you can still buy it at Best Buy.

Fitbit Aria 2


The Fitbit Aria 2 has an interface that will be familiar to those that already use Fitbit products. While it does not have as many features as some of the other scales on this list, it still offers users plenty of useful data. Using your Fitbit app, you can track your weight, nutrition, activity, BMI, fat and sleep. The Fitbit device collects all of this data on one user-friendly dashboard. The friendly interface also includes a smiley-face when you are on a track that will also go to sleep when in standby mode. The scale allows for up to eight different users.

There is also a great feature for those that are athletes and bodybuilders. Lean mode adjusts the metrics to take into account their differing physiques compared to the average person. This is an important feature, as when a person puts on muscle mass, there may be a weight gain since muscle weighs more than fat.

 Fitbit Aria Air


Much like the Withings Body+ and Withings Body, Fitbit also offers a cheaper version of the Fitbit Aria. The Fitbit Aria Air is under $50 and is perfect for those Fitbit fans who do not want to spend as much for all the features of the Aria 2.

While the Aria 2 provides users with multiple fitness stats, the Aria Air only displays the user’s weight. This may be fine for many users, as their weight is their big concern. The scale also syncs automatically with Fitbit devices and apps, making it perfect for the Fitbit fan on a budget.

Escali Classic


The Escali Classic is great for those that want a smart bathroom scale without too many bells and whistles. It is accurate and user friendly making it simple to use the scale. The scale’s round design gives it a unique look and is made of impact-resistant tempered glass.

The scale includes a tap-on feature allowing for an easy start and use. A “hold” feature allows the scale to display readings after the user has stepped off the scale. The scale also features an automatic shut-off which preserves the life of the lithium batteries.


Withings Body Cardio


Another great scale form Withings is the Withings Body Cardio smart scale. The smart scale measures several useful metrics such as weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water, heart rate and bone mass. Users can track this data for a week, month, quarter, or year to track their progress. The scale also tracks the weather, helping you choose what to wear for the day if you are checking the scale first thing in the morning. The scale also features a rechargeable battery and capacity for up to eight users.

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The Body Cardio also has three unique settings; pregnancy, baby, and athlete. Pregnancy mode allows you to turn off specific metrics that may not be as accurate while you are carrying. Baby mode allows you to step on the scale with your baby and measure only their weight. Athlete mode measures people whose body type has more muscle mass than body fat and BMI.

Wyze Scale


The Wyze Scale, at only $20, is the best budget smart scale on the list. The display is basic but works well with the Apple Health and Fitbit apps. They Wyze Scale measures twelve metrics (weight, BMI, heart rate, muscle mass, body water percentage, and more). The Wyze scale also features a “safe mode” for pregnant users, similar to some other smart scale “pregnancy modes”.

One feature that this scale does lack is WiFi connectivity. This can be an issue as you will need your phone nearby to synch via Bluetooth. That being said, it is a minor drawback for a great scale for beginners. At the low price, this will save you the money you may want to spend on other fitness equipment.

RolliBot Rollifit F8


The RolliBot Rollifit is another lesser-known brand that offers a quality smart scale at a low cost. At only $30, this scale is compatible with most leading fitness apps and includes the RolliBot app, which will store your data. It is a smaller scale than most of the other scales on the list and appears not to have a display; until you step on it. Four bioimpedance sensors measure the metrics that are synced to your RolliBot app. The only metric that is displayed is your weight.

The Bluetooth only connection can be a bit frustrating for users. The app disconnects when not in use to save power, but then requires users to reconnect when using the scale. If this issue is a turn-off, this scale can still be great as a digital scale for the price.

Garmin Index


Best known for its GPS technology, Garmin has become another leader in the fitness device industry. The Garmin Index works great for those that already own a Garmin Fitness Tracker and easily syncs with the Garmin Connect app. The AA batteries will last up to nine months before needing to be replaced.

The Garmin Index measures such metrics as activity level, BMI, weight, as well as other data and measurements. The scale offers accurate charts to track your progress over a week, a month or a year.

Choosing the Best Smart Scale for You

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As we have seen, there are many great scales available to consumers.

Some work better with specific apps, have many different price ranges and multiple features. The important factor is finding a smart scale that fits your fitness goals and lifestyle. Do you want a scale that will give you multiple health metrics? Is connectivity important? Or, do you want a scale that will simply track your weight loss and won’t break the bank? Whatever your fitness needs, there is a smart scale for you.

Another factor to keep in mind is that weight is not a clear indicator of body fat percentage or BMI. While weight loss is an indicator of fitness, muscle gain can make it seem like you are putting on weight, and give you an unclear snapshot of your body composition.

Make sure to consult a health professional before beginning any weight loss program.

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The 12 Best Smart Scales:

  1. Eufy Smart Scale
  2. Withings Body+
  3. Withings Body
  4. QardioBase 2
  5. JaxJox Smart Scale
  6. Fitbit Aria 2
  7. Fitbit Aria Air
  8. Escali Classic
  9. Withings Body Cardio
  10. Wyze Scale
  11. RolliBot Rollifit F8
  12. Garmin Index

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