Where You Can Buy Succulents Online [And Why Shop Virtually]

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that succulents are pretty big right now. And it’s easy to see why. They are low maintenance, can live for basically forever and are a welcome accent to almost any design theme. Plus, when compared to some of the other house plant varieties, succulents are relatively inexpensive.

If you are looking to add some warm and prickly succulents to your home but can’t get out to your local nursery, here are the best places to buy them from the comfort of your home.

Live Succulents

Even if your thumb is a bit on the brown side, you may find that you can keep succulent plants alive. You can choose from planting a seedling or purchasing an established baby plant.

If it’s a baby plant you want, here are some staff favorites that are sure to bring a little sunshine into your home at a price that won’t break the bank.

Portulaca Molokiniensis Maraca – $6.99

Don’t be fooled by their intricate appearance. These beauties don’t require extreme measures of care. These fast-growing plants look great on their own or as an addition to your own personal succulent garden.

Echeveria Pink Tips – $9.99

This baby echeveria pink tip is a little burst of sunshine on any cloudy day. At just 2 inches, this colorful succulent arrives happy and settled until you are ready to repot it.

These beautiful succulents make excellent centerpieces when planted together.

Set of Three Mini Rosettes – $19.95

These mini rosettes are so adorable that you may find a set of three just isn’t enough. These succulents are great for terrariums, mini fairy gardens, wedding favors or as desk companions.

Pink Moonstone – $10.00

Not all succulent varieties are green. In fact, the best ones aren’t. This baby pink moonstone is approximately 2 inches tall and is ready to be added to your established succulent garden or in a container by itself.

Air Plants – $2.95

Air Plants fit in your hand and are easy to move or even hang in the air– hence the name. But don’t be fooled by the petite size. Air plants require the same kind of care as the more traditional succulents you’ve seen. You can also get a set of air plants from Wayfair starting at $41.99.

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Monthly Subscription Boxes

Succulents Monthly

If succulents aren’t new for your household, you may be ready for a monthly subscription box. And let’s be real, 2020 has been a wild ride. Even if you are new to succulents, who couldn’t use a little box of happiness delivered to your door each month?

This Succulents Studio box will cost you a mere $10 each month and is great for beginners or if your budget is tight. It includes two baby succulents and a guide to get to know your new plants.

For a more comprehensive approach, a Succulents Monthly box for $17.41/month will send you a succulent to love and set you up with all you need to keep your little friend feeling good. With intentionally paired soil and a container that is equal parts classy and functional, you can’t go wrong with this subscription box.

And for the succulent enthusiast, the Succulent Source subscription is designed to introduce you to succulent varieties you may not have been acquainted with. This $27 box includes 5 handpicked succulents with a no-repeat promise.

Give Your Plant a Home

Now that you have your succulent, it’s time to find it a home. Regardless of the type of plant you have and your preferred watering method, you can find some great options to match your home decor.

Check out our 9 favorite succulent pots and planters you can buy online:

Caring For Your Succulent

Succulents require three basic things: sunlight, water and a suitable planting medium.

Contrary to popular beliefs, your succulent needs water. While it’s true that succulents don’t require as much water as other indoor houseplants, they still require regular watering with ample time for the soil to dry completely in between.

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Because succulents love the soak-and-dry method, it is crucial for your container to allow for ample drainage. Glass terrariums look great, but can be tricky to arrange in a way that prevents water build-up.

But if glass terrariums are your thing, you still have options. Plant misters are an excellent way to give your succulent the water it needs without worrying about water build-up. However, misters aren’t recommended for long-term care and growth of your plant. And, your plant still needs a few days to dry out before your next misting.

Faux Succulents

If you’ve done all the things but still can’t keep your succulent alive… that’s okay. You can save yourself the trouble and stress of caring for one more thing by opting for a fake one. These are so realistic that no one will be able to tell anyway. And because they are readily available in most stores, your options are pretty endless.

This succulent garden bowl has been arranged and is ready to stage in any room.

For a more earthy look, you can opt for a succulent garden in a stone log.

You can choose a flashy string of pearls arrangement or go for the classic lone succulent. You can even get a nice hanging pot with succulent included for a look as effortless as it is charming.

If it’s a succulent garden you want, then this pack of 14 fake succulents is for you. Ready to be potted in the container of your choice, they are fully customizable for whatever your DIY vision.

Cactus-Themed Gifts [For you or your friends]

We love succulents so much that we’ve included ways to share these loveable lumps with the people in your life. Or, you know, as a way to treat yourself.

These succulent throw pillows from Uncommon Goods are as good as the real thing when it comes to adding some charm to your space.

For gifts that are as endearing as they are practical, choose from these succulent candles or a cactus ring holder to keep your jewelry in one place.

Or, for the friend who could use a little mental stimulation during quarantine, a vintage puzzle is the perfect pick-me-up.

And because it’s 2020, what shopping guide would be complete without a mention to a face mask? Nothing says “Keep Your Distance” like a cactus on your face.


Succulents are a great addition to just about any space. And, their compact size and easy watering requirements make them a dream to ship. So whether you opt for a live plant, a fake one or a monthly subscription, you can be sure of one thing – there are no bad choices in the world of succulents.

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