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35 Gifts For A Sweet Sixteen Year Old

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Your not-so-little girl is about to turn 16. Yes, this is a biggie in the teen world. It means learning to drive, testing limits and probably looking forward to college in a couple of years.

And, okay, we’ve all seen the over-the-top celebrations for a sweet sixteen on MTV. But let’s face it, not everyone can give their teenager a car. And the monster party? Not likely to happen in these times either.

Still, turning 16 is an important rite of passage. That’s why a thoughtful gift to acknowledge where she’s been and where she’s headed may be more important now than ever.

Of course, the intimidation factor when shopping for a teen is pretty high. Trends are constantly changing, and she’s not the little girl she used to be, which makes the level of difficulty in finding a present pretty high, to say the least.

To take the pressure off, we’ve done our research and gathered a collection of on-trend gifts for this important birthday. You’ll find ideas in every price range and across various categories like beauty, fashion, tech and decor.

Without further ado, here are 35 ways to tell your sweet sixteen how much you love her with swag fit for a teen.

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For The Beauty Queen In Her…

You already think she’s beautiful, but she’s probably right in the middle of a major exploration around her looks. These gifts will help her take care of her skin, pamper herself and experiment with the face she wants to show to the world.

Lighted Makeup Mirror

Chances are your 16-year-old loves makeup. This pretty rose gold vanity mirror is designed with adjustable, natural-looking light and also has 2 magnifying mirrors on the side.

Now when she’s trying to get that eyeliner just perfect, she won’t have to fight for mirror space in the bathroom!

Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss may be the most quintessential beauty item for any teenager. And you can’t go wrong with a set from Rhiana’s popular makeup brand, Fenty.

Enriched with shea butter and cruelty-free, they’ll make your sweet 16 want to kiss you.

Let’s Get Sheet Faced Mask Pack

If your 16-year old likes to study their pores in the mirror, give them something to nourish, tone and hydrate their skin.

This set comes with 14 different masks and a cute headband to keep those flyaways out of their face. It’s everything they need to get totally sheet-faced!

Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set

She may be old enough to wear makeup, but she still has a sense of whimsy. In that case, she’ll love these cute makeup brushes in rose gold with a mermaid tail handle.

Professional and princessy at the same time.

Da Bomb Bath Bomb Set

It’s hard to go wrong with a bath bomb, and this popular brand (started by a pair of sisters when they were in middle school) comes with a little surprise inside.

Trust us… it will be love at first fizz!

Turbie Twist Towel Wrap

These microfibre towels help hair to dry faster and prevent frizz because they’re easier on tresses. Now your teen can spend less time blow drying and more time flipping her hair

Lemonhead Spacepaste

This super trendy eyeshadow has been dubbed the “caviar of glitter” by makeup artists and beauty editors. It comes in 17 intergalactic shades, and there’s no glue required.

Now she can experiment all she wants without making a big, glittery mess.

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Room Decor….

Her bedroom is where she sleeps, dreams, gossips, studies and retreats from the world when it all seems like a little too much. Help her turn it into the haven she deserves with these home decor items fit for a sweet sixteen.

Hanging Canopy

Yes, your sweet 16 is growing up. But she’ll still probably like the idea of a bed canopy. Only now, instead of feeling like a princess, she’ll feel more like a queen.

Led String Lights for Photos

Fairy string lights give any room a boost. And being able to add your favorite photos to the mix makes these even better. It will be all her best moments up in lights.

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Maybe she doesn’t hug her teddy bear anymore, but it’s always nice to have a cozy blanket to wrap yourself up in after a hard day in the teen world.

Moon and Star Dreamcatcher

She’s a little less rock and roll, a little more boho. This lovely dream catcher will light up her nights and is said to be a talisman to protect sleepers.

Here’s hoping her best dreams come true!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Help lower that teen angst with this beautiful aroma diffuser made from bamboo and hand-blown opal glass. Now her room will feel even more like a haven.

Boy Smells Les Candle

A nice candle will give her bedroom a bit of atmosphere.

With hints of black currant, peach blossom and jasmine rice, this popular one from Boy Smells is described as a “non-binary, cross-culture, olfactive exploration.”

It doesn’t get more modern than that!

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Techie Gifts…

She’s a teen that lives for tech. These gifts will help her to live her best life with the latest and greatest gadgets.

Wireless Smartphone Mini Printer

If she loves photography or just snapping selfies, help her turn them into physical photos with this mini printer.

Now she can put all her pics and favorite moments on display!

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Maybe she’s a blossoming musician or a YouTuber. Help her amp up her game with this USB microphone with broadcast-quality sound. She’ll be feeling like a pro in no time!

Mini Projector

Sure, she can watch a movie on her computer. But when she’s having a sleepover, a projector will make it feel more like a genuine movie night.

Just add the popcorn, and she’s set!

GoPro Camera

Maybe your little girl is the adventurous type. In that case, she’ll need a camera that can keep up with her.

This GoPro is rugged, waterproof and will help her to capture all her daring feats. It also works for regular old selfies.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

These days, your teenager may still be taking classes online. Help her to focus with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

They also come in handy outside of class when she just wants to tune out the world (and, yes, sometimes that’s you).

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JBL Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

She’s all about her jams. Help her take them wherever she roams with this clip-on, waterproof speaker. Life seems better with your favorite soundtracks.

Selfie Ring Light

Whether she’s an aspiring influencer or just really obsessed with selfies, this ring light will definitely come in handy.

With 3 color modes and a 1 to 100% dimmer, she’ll always be sure to find her best light!

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Bling and Things….

If she likes a little sparkle, these jewelry and accessory finds will definitely brighten her world.

Name Necklace

A name necklace is always a sweet, personal gift. And this one is available in gold, rose gold, white gold and silver. It’s also perfect for layering with her other bling!

Crawler Earrings

We love the look of these delicate crawler earrings. Classy and yet ever so slightly edgy. The perfect way to rock her earlobes.

Diamond Choker

A diamond choker will never go out of style.

Available in gold and white gold, it’s perfect for when she wants just a hint of sparkle. She may never take it off!

Crescent Moon Necklace

This delicate crescent moon comes in gold, rose gold and silver. Pair it with a choker, and you’ll surely be a star in her eyes.

Birthstone Ring

We love this delicate ring that can be personalized with your sweet 16’s initial and birthstone. It’s perfect for the not-so-little girl who has you wrapped around her finger.

Sweet 16 Keychain

Even if you don’t buy her a car, chances are she’ll be taking driving lessons and borrowing yours soon.

This sweet 16 keychain is a cute way of acknowledging this important rite of passage and can be personalized with her name and a quote.

Michael Kors Watch

She’s glitzy and not afraid to show it. This eye-catching watch from Michael Kors will make her feel like a grown-up… glamorous, yet still very girly.

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Fashion and Accessories…

Clothes and accessories may be the hardest thing to buy when it comes to your sweet sixteen. The trick is finding those modern classics that are almost universally loved. Here are some fashion finds that are sure to hit the mark.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

A pair of classic aviators will look good on just about any face and are sure to make her feel like a star on her big birthday.

Madewell Leather Tote

This wildly popular bag is a modern classic and has plenty of room for her phone, keys, lipgloss and any other 16-year-old essentials that she likes to tote around.

Vegan Cross Body Bag

Then again, maybe she’s a vegan. In that case, she’ll appreciate this cruelty-free cross-body bag from Matt & Nat. It will show her you care about her and the world she lives in.

Marten’s Originals

A pair of Dr. Marten’s never go out of style and will give her a little bit of edge whether she’s wearing a pair of jeans or a super feminine dress.

Herschel City Backpack

This smart-looking backpack is as cute as a purse but more convenient when she wants to be hands-free but still in style.

Pangaia Hoodie

You may not think that a hoodie is anything special, but it is when it comes from the popular brand Pangaia.

Super soft and made from recycled cotton, it’s coziness with a conscience. She’ll definitely want to give you a big hug.

Vegan Leather Jacket

In case you haven’t heard, a vegan leather jacket is pretty much a wardrobe staple these days. And this one from Free People is totally on-trend (not to mention well priced).

Edgy but cruelty-free, your sweet sixteen will look a lot tougher than she is.

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And Let’s Not Forget A Little Something Sentimental…The Tribute Video

Yes, swag is nice and all. But sometimes, the best way to acknowledge how much you love her and the woman she’s becoming is something a little more heartfelt. And a tribute video can definitely help you express how much she means to you, her family and friends.

A great way to start is by gathering your favorite photos of her. Then, you can combine them with video clips from her friends and family who want to help her celebrate her big day. Put them together with a soundtrack of her favorite songs, and you have a keepsake that she can treasure for life.

Treat Her Like A Queen

We hope these ideas will help you navigate the tricky business of finding a gift for your sweet sixteen. When it comes to finding her way forward in life, it’s love and support that counts the most… And if you throw in a killer present, well, that doesn’t hurt either!

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35 Great Gifts For Her Sweet 16:

  1. Lighted Makeup Mirror
  2. Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss
  3. Let’s Get Sheet Faced Mask Pack
  4. Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set
  5. Da Bomb Bath Bomb Set
  6. Turbie Twist Towel Wrap
  7. Lemonhead Spacepaste
  8. Hanging Canopy
  9. Led String Lights for Photos
  10. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket
  11. Moon and Star Dreamcatcher
  12. Essential Oil Diffuser
  13. Boy Smells Les Candle
  14. Wireless Smartphone Mini Printer
  15. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  16. Mini Projector
  17. GoPro Camera
  18. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
  19. JBL Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  20. Selfie Ring Light
  21. Name Necklace
  22. Crawler Earrings
  23. Diamond Choker
  24. Crescent Moon Necklace
  25. Birthstone Ring
  26. Sweet 16 Keychain
  27. Michael Kors Watch
  28. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
  29. Madewell Leather Tote
  30. Vegan Cross Body Bag
  31. Marten’s Originals
  32. Herschel City Backpack
  33. Pangaia Hoodie
  34. Vegan Leather Jacket
  35. A Tribute Video

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