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6 Kettlebell Exercises to Improve Posture And Grow A Booty

If you aren’t on the kettlebell train yet, these exercises may change your mind! Here are 6 kettlebell exercises to improve posture and grow a booty.
Health & Wellness

Zero-Cost, Zero-Equipment At-Home Workouts

There are some fun and free ways to kick your own booty that require zero gym equipment at all. Get ready for a new way to get a sweat on under your roof.
Health & Wellness

9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Results in the Gym

Feel like you are doing all the right things to see results at the gym but are getting nowhere? We've got a list of the 9 reasons you're not seeing results.
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5 Meal Prepping Tips (That Make your Waistline and Wallet Happier)

Meal prepping can ensure you have healthy meals and snacks on hand throughout the week and prevents you from spending your hard-earned funds on takeout.
Health & Wellness

Top 7 Reasons to Go On a Yoga Retreat

Have you ever considered going on a yoga retreat? Is attending one is the right fit for you? Here are the top reasons and benefits of attending a yoga retreat.
Health & Wellness

To Foam Roll or not to Foam Roll?

You’ve likely seen people rolling around on a cylindrical foam tool - aka foam rolling. We will share how to foam roll safely and effectively. 
Health & Wellness

Gut Health 101

You may not be currently aware of what your gut is telling you and your body, but that’s all about to change. 
Health & Wellness

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is taking time to slow down, look inward, reflect & begin to bring intention into your daily life. Here are 3 ways to practice mindfulness at home.