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Top 7 Reasons to Go On a Yoga Retreat

Have you ever considered going on a yoga retreat? Is attending one is the right fit for you? Here are the top reasons and benefits of attending a yoga retreat.
Health & Wellness

To Foam Roll or not to Foam Roll?

You’ve likely seen people rolling around on a cylindrical foam tool - aka foam rolling. We will share how to foam roll safely and effectively. 
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Gut Health 101

You may not be currently aware of what your gut is telling you and your body, but that’s all about to change. 
Health & Wellness

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is taking time to slow down, look inward, reflect & begin to bring intention into your daily life. Here are 3 ways to practice mindfulness at home.
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A Guide to Practicing Yoga at Home

You don’t have to go to a studio to have a yoga practice! You can get your yogi on right from home, and we’ve got our top tips to help you get started!
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Are You Growing a Phone Bone? How to Correct Your Posture in 2 Simple Steps

Millions of people are growing an extra bony structure in their skull due to phone use. Check out 2 simple solutions to correct your posture for good.
Health & Wellness

How to Start a Morning Meditation Routine

Meditation can be a game-changer for your productivity, mood, & more. Let’s break down what meditation is & how you can implement it into your morning routine.
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Stop Making this ONE Smoothie Mistake

Smoothies are one of the easiest snacks or meals. If you are smoothie lover, please stop making this 1 huge mistake that is robbing you of health benefits.