25 Dating Apps To Try If You Are In A Dating Slump [Guide]

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In a dating slump or dry spell? When you’ve already swiped through the most popular dating apps, scrolled through all your social media feeds looking for a viable candidate and asked all your friends if they know someone single and suitable and still come up empty, you may feel at the end of your rope. But don’t throw in the towel just yet — there are more dating apps than ever out there, all filled with eligible singles.

Looking for a hot hookup? You can find it. Wanting something more serious? Also out there. Maybe you just want a fun date where you both share a lot of the same interests? There’s an app for that.

Curious? Check out these 25 dating apps to try if you’re in a dating slump.

Best Dating Apps for Real Connections

So maybe you’re in a dating slump not because you can’t find a date, but because you feel like you can’t find a date where you actually connect. Maybe you’re looking for a real spark with someone, not just a mild interest that’s enough to justify a second date or even a one-night stand. If that’s the case, you may want to check out one of these three best dating apps for real connections.

1. Eharmony

Eharmony is a good place to start. This dating app and site recently received a makeover for younger and trendier branding that is sure to appeal to all demographics. Touted as the site that is most likely to lead to a happy relationship, Eharmony knows its stuff, using compatibility to pair you with a partner who’s most likely to be your perfect match.

Eharmony has consistently ranked as one of the absolute best dating apps out there for singles who are looking for REAL relationships. If you’re not looking for anything long-term, there are some great apps for casual relationships.

What makes eHarmony stand out are its results. No other app can really match them. According to their statistics, 71% of women and 69% of men meet their future spouse on their site within a year. That’s an incredible success rate!

If you want to look at the data, no other dating site is going to come close to this. When nearly 70% of members are finding their soulmate, they must be doing something right!

2. Zoe

Zoe is the best ranked dating app for queer women. Meet local females (there are nearly 4 million registered users) and feel safe as you do so, thanks to verified profiles. The app works similarly to most other dating apps, allowing you to swipe to like and match.

3. Bumble

Bumble is for women serious about starting a relationship that begins with “respect and equality.” Changing the dynamic of dating, the app relies on women to make the first move, not men, so you can weed out any potential bad seeds. (And if you like the dating version of the app, you might find you like the business and networking versions of Bumble, too!)

4. Silver Singles 

Silver Singles is for individuals looking to date that are over 50 years old.

Dating is fun and exciting at all ages, and if you’d like to stick to people your own age, this could be the app to try!

You take a personality test, build a profile and find your perfect match. Silver Singles will send you 3-7 matches per day until you meet your soulmate. Discover adventure, romance and have a little fun with other 50+ singles in your area


Best Dating Apps for Specific Hobbies

Can you never seem to agree on the best things to enjoy while on a date? Do you wish there was another person out there who loved your same super-specific hobby? Maybe you can find that special someone on a dating app made with specific hobbies and interests in mind.

5. Datefit

Datefit is for anyone interested in fitness. While at first glance, it may seem that the app is for gym rats only, don’t let that fool you. Anyone who likes a specific way to stay fit will find others who enjoy the same, from outdoor adventuring and kayaking to bodybuilding or even just healthy eating.

6. Dine

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, Dine is the dating app for you. Dine specializes in facilitating high-quality potential matches and then hooks you up with a potential partner over great food or drinks. Once you make a match, you have the option to suggest several days and times for a culinary experience.

7. Dig

Dog lovers are a special breed. If you prefer to do everything and anything with your furry friend in tow, you might find your special someone on Dig, the dating app for dog people. Find dog-loving singles near you and then suggest a date at a dog-friendly locale, from dog parks to dog-friendly bars.

8. Huggle

One of the easiest ways to connect with potential dates near you? By finding out who goes to the same places you frequent, that you may have somehow missed seeing in person. Huggle helps you discover and connect with people who go to places you frequently go to.

9. Align

Can’t go a day without reading your horoscope? Find your future lover in the stars, with Align, the dating app that’s entirely based on astrology and that pairs you with another believer near you.

Best Dating Apps for Sexy Hookups

Okay, but let’s be real. Sometimes when you’re in a dating slump, all you really need is a sexy hookup. If that’s what you’re feeling, then download one of these apps and get your fix, stat.

10. Kinkoo

If you have a very particular sexual preference (or maybe a lot of particular sexual preferences), then Kinkoo might be the place to go for you. The app pairs individuals who are into the BDSM lifestyle or who have particular fetishes. Whatever your kink, you’ll find someone who shares it on Kinkoo.

11. Tinder 

Tinder is definitely the OG dating app for hookups. While it may now be more suitable for finding actual dates versus just a bed buddy, you can still easily find those down for a hookup with just a few swipes.

12. OkC

OkC, aka OkCupid, is another oldie but a goodie in the world of dating apps and services. With one of the largest user bases out of all of the dating apps that are available, finding someone else who wants a sexy hookup is never hard…but don’t be surprised if you also find someone who’s ready for something more serious (if you are, too, of course!).

13. Feeld

Feeld is a dating app that connects you with other open-minded individuals in your area. It specializes in alternative sexual preferences, polyamory, threesomes, swinging and kinks.

Best Dating Apps for Specific Lifestyles

Maybe you’re in a dating slump because you’re having difficulty finding a date that shares some of your similar beliefs or your very specific lifestyle. If that’s the case, you might find one of these best dating apps to be a perfect match.


14. Loosid

More and more, sobriety is becoming a trendy thing. If you’re currently living the sober lifestyle, get on the Loosid app. You’ll find other singles who want to connect who aren’t going to ask you to a bar for a first date, or shame you for your drink order.

 15. Raya

Maybe your elite lifestyle means that you aren’t always interested in hanging out with us normal folk. If you consider yourself a socialite, celebrity or anyone in the entertainment biz, then Raya is the best dating app for you. The private, membership-based social network app requires potential members to get on a waitlist for approval. After that, membership costs a mere $10 per month. The app also includes a business networking feature for those in entertainment.

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16. The League

If Raya is made for those Hollywood elites on the West Coast, The League is the dating app for the upper echelon living on the East Coast.

Think Ivy League grads (maybe that’s where the name came from?) and those working in finance and other big money fields. The app is also membership-based with a waiting list. Member acceptance is based on factors such as your LinkedIn profile.

17. Catholic Match

Maybe you’re not so worried about your date’s finances as you are their faith. If that’s the case, Catholic Match, the faith-focused dating app and website, could be exactly what you need. The largest Catholic dating site in the world, Catholic Match has already helped thousands of Catholics find their spouses. Keep in mind, though; this app is not for those looking for a casual hookup. The end game here is marriage.

18. Christian Mingle

If you aren’t Catholic, but faith is still an important quality to have in common with your partner, then Christian Mingle might be the dating app for you. Join the 15 million Christian singles with like-minded interests and build a love that lasts. If you are looking for a relationship centered around god and love this is a powerful app!

Most Unique Dating Apps

Tried most or all of the above best dating apps and still haven’t found something that fits your needs? Are you still in that dating slump? Well, no worries. There are still more dating apps to come, including these unique dating apps that all offer something a little extra and unexpected.

19. Ship

Ship has been gaining traction and you may have heard of it — It’s a unique dating app that’s great for those who always rely on their mom, best friend, etc., for their advice on absolutely anything and everything, from first date outfits to career choices. Sound like you? Then you’ll like Ship, because this dating app allows the people you trust most in your life to pick your potential matches.

20. Wingman

The Wingman dating app is similar. It allows your best friends to write your profile — one of the hardest parts of signing up for a dating app, are we right? They can sing your praises, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about, and then you can find your true match by looking at not what they’re saying about themselves, but at what their friends are saying about them.

21. Happn

Do you ever pass someone on the street and wonder if they could be the one? Well, they could be, but you may never see them again unless you have Happn. The Happn dating app connects you with the people that you cross paths with every day. Whenever you pass someone who also has the app, their profile appears on your app, so you can easily find them, like them and connect.

22. Hater

Have you been called a hater? Hey, it’s not a bad thing! The Hater dating app allows you to meet people who hate the exact same stuff that you do. After all, sometimes you can be more passionate about the things you hate than the things you like, and sometimes it’s easier to bond over those things with another hater! Do you hate vegan food? Kim Jong-un? Ketchup on your hot dog? There are thousands of things to proudly hate.

23. Fourplay

Maybe you hate the thought of going on a date and having all that awkward small talk and the possibility of ending up alone with a creep. Well, with the Fourplay dating app, that reality is no more. Fourplay creates double dates for singles. No one-on-one dates are allowed. Four people must match and then, once everyone is matched, a group chat becomes available where you can make double date plans.

24. DoULike

DoULike is a dating app that’s rather reminiscent of dating services of yore. The very simple app offers alike or pass function for other user profiles. If you see a user profile you like, you can chat with them, but via email versus a DM. The app serves up information for you on other members who have viewed your profile, and, if you need a bit of help connecting with others, there’s an automated message drafting feature.

25. Elitemate

Elitemate is another very basic, very easy-to-use dating app that is unique just because it is so standard and basic. There are a lot of users, a search feature that allows you to see other members within the United States…and that’s about it. You’ll be matched to people the app and site thinks you’ll be interested in, and you can find a range of relationships, from just straight friendships to casual dates to long-term relationships.

Ready to End Your Dating Slump for Good?

These best dating apps will end your dating slump for good. With two dozen to choose from, there’s no excuse to not starting swiping your way through other eligible singles right now. Whether you want to meet the love of your life, someone with similar interests or just a sexy one-night stand, it’s as easy as downloading your next favorite dating app.

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