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Our 8 Favorite Meditation Apps [To Help You Get Your Zen On]

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For something that is supposed to leave you feeling calmer and more refreshed, meditation can feel frustrating at first. It’s common to wonder, “am I doing this right?” or assume that “meditation is not for me” because your brain doesn’t “shut off.”

One of the keys to reaping all of the amazing benefits that meditation offers is in creating a consistent practice. And one of the easiest ways to stay accountable and have access to a library of meditations at your fingertips is via an app.

Check out our 8 favorite meditation apps!


This app is branded as “your gym membership for your mind,” and we couldn’t agree more. This is one of the most well-known meditation apps out there and offers sleep sounds in addition to the vast array of guided meditations.

Cost: 7-day to 14-day free trial, then starts at $7.99/ month

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store

Insight Timer

It is rare to find an app that doesn’t offer a free trial, but to find a robust app with over 30,000 meditations that costs nothing? That is pretty epic.

Choose meditations based on your mood and log each practice. We love this feature because it sparks motivation to keep coming back to earn more of the in-app badges.

Cost: Free

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store


Calm continues to add new meditations every day. When you hop on the app, you can choose to do the Daily Calm or browse and find a meditation that supports you better. You also have the ability to track your practices and can even jump into a 7 or 21-day program for beginners.

Cost: 7-day free trial, then $70 annually

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store


Like the other apps, Buddhify offers a variety of meditations. What sets it apart is the opportunity to introduce mindfulness exercises into various daily situations – on a work break, when you can’t sleep when you’re walking when you’re with your friend. It has these specific options (and more) with exercises to match.

Cost: $4.99, plus in-app purchases

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store

Smiling Mind

Developed by psychologists and educators, Smiling Mind offers 10-minute meditations for the whole family. There are categories broken down by ages, starting at 7 years old. The app also offers specific programs for the classroom and work environment.

Cost: Free

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store


Inscape is an actual meditation studio in New York City, and the Inscape app is an extension of their offerings. It has a wide variety of meditations based on your mood, sleep and stress, but what sets this app apart from the others is the music. Their playlists are perfectly categorized by moments in life and they have options that speak to every demographic.

Cost: Free, plus in-app purchases

Try it Out: Apple App Store


When you open the Aura app, you are instantly asked how you feel. Based on that information, you gain access to various meditations. You also have the ability to track your moods and set reminders to breathe or practice mindfulness.

One thing that sets Aura apart is its option for mini meditations – as short as 30-seconds. Whether you’re an anxious flyer ready to take off or walking into your first date, these short anxiety busters are designed to ease your nerves.

Cost: Free, plus in-app purchases

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think asks you to check into your mood every time you open the app. Based on your choices, you are guided to specific meditations to best support you. You can access over 20 meditations for free and for a reasonable fee, gain access to everything.

Cost: 20 meditations for free, $10 monthly or $59 annually for a premium membership

Try it Out: Google Play or Apple App Store


It is so encouraging to see so many free and affordable ways to start or continue a mindfulness practice. Our mind is like any other muscle; it gets stronger with practice. Download the app or apps that speak most to you and get your zen on!

Our 8 favorite meditation apps:

  1. Headspace
  2. Insight Timer
  3. Calm
  4. Buddhify
  5. Smiling Mind
  6. Inscape
  7. Aura
  8. Stop, Breathe & Think

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